Zanier Heat GTX Heated Gloves Review

Product: Zanier Heat GTX

Our Rating: 4.9/5

Overview: If you’re in the market for a top of the line heated glove, the Zanier Heat GTX is a glove that you must consider. This is a product that you can wear in the coldest weather possible and still be nice and toasty.

Some features you’re going to love include:

  • 3 heat settings (high, medium, and low)
  • Long battery life (up to 10 hours)
  • Water resistant
  • 4 different rechargeable batteries

And more!

This glove isn’t cheap, though, and is one of the most expensive heated gloves on the market. If you want to see how much this product will cost you, click below:

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Here’s a video that goes over everything about the Heat GTX:

As you can see there’s a million reasons too love this glove!

Four Layer Construction

Modern winter gloves usually have multiple layers built in to improve overall thermal performance and protection against the elements. The Zanier Heat GTX has a four-layer system, based on diverse materials. They have used one material for the outer shell layer, with a special liner for the palms, and a waterproof membrane inside. The four main materials used in the Heat GTX are:

  • 4-way stretch polyester
  • Gore-tex membrane
  • Goatskin Leather
  • Zanier LOFT liner

The main focus of the design is on warmth, waterproofing, breathability, and comfort. The use of multiple complementary textiles and materials allow this glove to achieve all those objectives while remaining quite sturdy and durable.

Soft Outer Shell

These black gloves have a soft outer shell made from stretchable fabric. It is an advanced spandex material, made primarily from polyester. Since it is a fabric material, you get more breathability and comfort with these gloves.

Besides the use of polyester ensures that the gloves do not absorb too much water. The stuff is somewhat water resistant and offers better protection than natural fabrics like cotton. It does not readily absorb moisture.

But the primary focus of the shell is not to protect your hands against moisture. The next layer handles that. The outer shell instead provides a soft and stretchable exoskeleton to the glove. It helps deliver a superior snug fit to your hands.

Waterproof Gore-Tex Membrane

Since these gloves do not have a hard outer shell, waterproofing duties have to be handled by a middle layer membrane. The material of choice here is, of course, Gore-tex. This synthetic fabric is ubiquitous in outdoor and sportswear.

The fabric has a pretty unique ability: it prevents water from passing through while remaining permeable for air and water vapor. This has two significant implications for your hand:

  • Any water that seeps in from the outer layer will not reach your skin.
  • The gloves do not feel clammy, as the membrane allows air and water vapor to escape from inside.

Flexible Goatskin Leather Palm

Any heated gloves designed for activities like skiing should provide maximum grip for safety reasons. And they should also be durable enough to handle daily wear and tear. Synthetic materials have come a long way in the last 100 years, but in situations like these, good old leather still comes out on top as the winner.

The palm area in these Heat GTX gloves is lined with 100% natural goatskin leather. The leather lining extends across the fingers as well. Goat leather is superior to ordinary cow leather, thanks to superior flexibility, breathability, and softness.

Ordinary leather does not fare too well with constant exposure to moisture. But the goatskin in these gloves has been treated with Scotchgard™, which creates a water-repellent protective layer across the surface.

Soft Inner Liner

For inner lining in these gloves, Zanier has opted for some in-house technology. They use an ultra soft synthetic material called ZA Loft. This is a soft insulating material that keeps all the warmth close to your skin. It feels soft and plush like the down used in pillows.

Three-Level Heating System

In-built heating elements are what sets this glove apart. Adjustable settings are the highlight of the heating system in these Zanier gloves. There are three different temperature settings to choose from. They are:

  • Setting 1 – Low – 99F/37C
  • Setting 2 – Mid – 113F/45C
  • Setting 3 – High – 144F/62C

The temperature range here covers pretty much the whole gamut of Alpine temperatures one could experience out in the winters. Once you match the temperature setting to the ambient temperature, you will not feel either hot or cold in these gloves.

You might think that is a bad thing in a heated glove, but it is not. These gloves are not designed to let you feel the heat. Instead, they aim to ward off the cold and keep your fingers and palm warm.

Heating Elements On Fingers

Many are the so-called heating gloves that do a great job of providing warmth to the palm area while totally ignoring the fingers. If you are a seasoned winter sports enthusiast, you probably know that this is the one area that bears the brunt of the cold.

The positioning of the heating elements is crucial in this regard. The Zanier gloves use incredibly lightweight and compact textile heating elements. They are small enough to fit inside the individual fingers of the glove.

So the Heat GTX has five separate heating elements in each glove, located above the nail region of each finger. They provide much-needed warmth to the fingertips, at the outer portion that is most open to the wind.

LED Control System

Changing the temperature settings of these gloves on the fly is quite easy. You don’t have to remove them to change the setting. These gloves use “+” and “-” buttons to control the temperature settings. The switch is located conveniently on the outer/upper section of the hand. It can be easily reached with your other gloved hand.

And the ease of use is further enhanced by the LED indicators on the button. The glove has a multicolor LED shaped like a flame on the button. It glows yellow when the heat is set to low, orange when medium, and red when it is in the high setting. This entirely removes the element of guesswork from the controls.

Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

Gone are the days when you had to lug around heavy-duty D-cell batteries around if you wanted to use a pair of heated gloves. The Li-ion batteries used in the Heat GTX are incredibly compact and lightweight at just 60g each. Thanks to their low weight, they are stored on the gloves themselves.

The storage compartment is located in a waterproof pocket on the cuff of the glove. You have the option to remove and replace the battery when it runs out of power. Each glove needs a pair of these batteries to run. A total of four cells are provided along with your purchase. The batteries are arranged into a pair of battery packs, with one for each glove.

Long And Flexible Runtimes

Since these gloves have variable temperature settings, the battery life is also quite varied. It is entirely dependant on the configuration you use. On the lowest setting, you can easily get above 8 hours of continuous use, touching almost 10 hours at times.

In the medium setting, which most of us will end up using in snowy conditions, the gloves return a very respectable 5 hours of use. If you can mix it up with the low setting, you can easily get these gloves to last an entire day out in the snow. Thanks to the superior insulation used in these gloves, you don’t have to keep them running at all times.

The highest temperature setting is properly hot, and it will drain those batteries in under two and a half hours. But if the weather asks you to raise the glove temps that high, you probably shouldn’t spend more than two hours in such conditions in the first place!

Global Charger

Zanier is an Austrian company, so they have the European charging system as standard over there. But the global charger they have provided with this glove will work on either side of the Atlantic. It comes with both US 110v and EU 230v adapters for this purpose.

This charger can be used to charge both battery packs simultaneously. But there is no fast charging option. You will have to leave them overnight to get a full charge. This should not be an issue as these batteries can hold the charge for an entire day out in the snow. Plus, you also have the option of buying extra battery packs (for exceptionally cold weather).

Cuffs With Wrist Straps

The cuffs on these gloves are moderately flared. On the thinner coats and jacket sleeves, they should provide decent coverage at the wrists. The gloves do have an adjustable strap at the wrist region. This helps provide superior stability and a comfortable fit for any hand size.

Water & Shock Proof heating System

The heating elements and the battery power system in these gloves have been designed at Zanier’s home Alpine testing grounds. They will not break down due to moisture damage, thanks to the waterproof design. And even if these gloves take a hit or fall, the design is robust enough to absorb the shock and keep functioning as usual.

Two Color Options

Black is the standard color option available for the Zanier Heat GTX. But there is also an optional Black-Grey combo version available in some stores. In this variant, the grey portion is mainly on the outer shell.

Numerous Sizes

The Heat GTX gloves are available for men, women, and children. There are five different size categories, with at least four sizes in each. The categories are Kids, Junior, Ladies, Men, and Unisex. The sizes range from Extra Small (XS) to Extra Large (XL) in the Ladies and Junior categories. The rest also get a Double XL size.

Sizing on European brands tend to run small here in the US. When in doubt, always go up a size, and never ever downsize for the best results!

You Will Love This Glove!

The Zanier Heat GTX proves you don’t need to suffer from cold hands this winter. This product is one of the highest quality heated gloves on the market and is one that delivers in every way possible.

If you want to check out sizing and price, click the link below:

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Do you feel confident you will be completely warm this winter?

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