Volt Heated Socks Review

Product: Volt heated socks

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Overview: Volt is a company that makes a lot of different heated clothing and one of their most popular is their heated socks. This product is very dependable and is one that can work for a lot of different people and work in a lot of different situations.

Some of the top features of this sock are:

  • 4 different heat settings
  • Stretch materials that are good for movement
  • Durable
  • Comes with a remote to change heat settings
  • 10 hours of heat on lowest heat setting

And more.

There are some heated socks that cost over $300 but that’s not the case with this one. To see how much it’s going to cost you, click below:

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Here’s a video that goes over some of the top features of this product:

As you can see there’s a lot to like here!

Let’s go over even more of the features now.

Micropolyester & Spandex Construction

The fabric used in the Volt 3V heated socks is a combination of two high-performance synthetic fibers, namely polyester, and spandex. The microfiber polyester yarn is the main ingredient here that guarantees that cozy and plush feel with these socks. They are incredibly soft and offer decent warm and protection on their own.

The Spandex bit, on the other hand, ensures a snug fit, from the ankles all the way to the feet. This stretchable fiber is made from polyester which has been converted into a stretchy material called polyurethane. PU is exceptionally durable and superior to natural rubber in many ways.

Moisture Wicking Ability

Sweating can be hazardous to your body temperature in winters, we all know that. And in summers, it causes discomfort. This is why clothes designed for active and outdoor wear tend to have moisture wicking as a standard feature. In heated garments intended for use in winters, this feature is very essential.

When the heating system is at work, your body will get warm and eventually start to perspire. This moisture should be removed from the skin as quickly as possible, to keep your body part warm. Moisture-wicking fabrics have the ability to absorb moisture and take it away from the surface rapidly.

Polyester is a favored contender for this job. And since these socks are made from 100% polyester, all the moisture is efficiently removed from the inner layer and left to evaporate at the external layers. You will not end up feeling cold and clammy in these Volt 3 socks.

Extra Thin

Usually, when we picture warm socks in our heads, we imagine thick woolen varieties. But due to the presence of electric heating systems, these Volt 3 socks can afford to trim the amount of fabric involved. The socks look surprisingly thin, almost disconcertingly so. But they are very easy to put on and do not affect your mobility in any way.

And microfiber polyester is a competent insulating material. The fibers will trap tiny pockets of air inside, which helps retain heat within these socks. This helps them stay warm despite the thinner design.

Knee Length Sock Liners

In fact, many users face issues when they replace their regular socks with the Volt 3 system. But as per manufacturer guidelines, these are designed to be sock liners, meaning, you have to wear them on top of your regular socks. That is why they have such an ultra-thin construction.

For best results, you should combine these sock liners with regular socks that are on the thinner side. Very thick socks might hamper the heat transfer from the elements to your feet. They might also make it more robust to get a comfortable fit unless you plan to buy these socks several sizes larger than your regular size.

Bear in mind that you might be able to get satisfactory performance out of these socks if worn on their own, but that is not part of their stated performance parameters. Also, remember that they cannot tolerate moisture in any capacity. So avoid getting them wet at all costs to prevent malfunction.

Compact, Effective Heating System

The heating duties are handled by an electronic device powered by portable lithium batteries. The heating elements are located in the front portion of the soles of these socks. Since the socks have a thin construction, the heating elements are also designed to stay flat and compact on your soles. They do not cause any discomfort when worn. There are no protrusions or bumps anywhere on the feet area.

The elements deliver heat evenly to all parts of the feet. The toes are the areas that are most susceptible to heat loss in winters. Though these heating elements do not extend to the heel area, the heat transfer is efficient enough to deliver warmth to the entire foot. These socks focus on providing maximum warmth to those vulnerable areas when worn.

Microprocessor-based System

These Volt 3 socks have an intelligent control system to handle the heat management. You have the option to customize the temperature levels to adapt to the varying climate and outdoor conditions. The microprocessor is located on the batteries and handles the system with the utmost smoothness and quick response times.

Compact Battery Packs

In the past, heated winter garments were literally weighed down by the size of the batteries required to power the system for any meaningful duration. But the evolution of high capacity lithium-ion batteries has become a game changer here. These Volt 3 socks come with a pair of 2000mAh batteries, code-named VB320RC. These 3.7-volt rechargeable batteries have enough juice in them to last an entire day.

Optimized Sock Design

Those battery packs weigh just 2 ounces each. But even that is enough to cause potential sagging of these socks. This could happen since the battery packs are placed inside pockets located on the side of the socks, at ankle level.

The socks have an intelligent system in place to prevent any sagging or discomfort. The top of socks has a loop and closure system based on rugged nylon strings. These offer a comfortable fit and prevent any sagging even when doing physically active stuff.

Remote Controls

When designing heated outerwear like gloves and boots, you can quickly place the temperature control buttons somewhere on the outside of these garments. But this is not a practical option when it comes to innerwear like socks. But the Volt 3 system uses remote controls to circumvent this block.

So you don’t have to pull up your pants or remove the boots regularly every time you need to change the temperature setting in these socks. This is a very well-thought-out design feature indeed. The remote control performance is entirely satisfactory as well.

It looks like a smart key fob and has on/off buttons. The hooking system on the remote allows you to secure it to your clothing, or even to your main keychain or something similar that you carry all the time.

Multiple Heat Settings

In order to talk about the battery performance, we first have to outline the temperature settings available on these socks. The battery performance will depend on the heat setting. There are four different settings offered on these socks. They include:

  • Low – 25% Power Setting
  • Medium/Low – 50% Power Setting
  • Medium/High – 75% Power Setting
  • High – 100% Power

The temperatures offered do cover a wide range of winter conditions. These socks can provide satisfactory warmth even in freezing weather, but the battery performance will suffer, as explained in the next section.

Long Lasting Batteries (With Optional Extras)

The 2000 mAh batteries on the Volt 3 socks offer whole day performance on the lower settings. The runtimes go somewhat like this:

  • 10 hours on the Lowest Setting
  • Around 6 hours on the Medium Low
  • Approximately 4.5 hours on Medium-High
  • 3 hours tops on the highest setting

The battery performance is roughly on par with other heated garments on the market. And in case you need to add some hours to the system, there is an option to buy an even bigger 5000 mAh battery pack.

This will stretch the runtime on these socks to well over 20 hours on the lowest setting. You can expect it to last almost an entire day on the highest setting as well. You will have to carry the extra weight of the batteries, but that might be worth it if you have to sit through frigid winter temps for a long time.

The 5000mAh batteries are sold separately, but the Volt 3 system does come with extra straps to house the larger cells in case you do end up buying them. This is an excellent feature.

Dual Charger System

The charging system provided along with the Volt 3 follows the established design in this segment. Gloves and socks come in pairs, so at the end of the day, you have to deal with a couple of spent Li-ion batteries. Charging them one at a time is just too much work. So most manufacturers provide handy double chargers along with their products.

And Volt is no exception to this general trend. Their socks come with dual chargers, with separate LED indicators. You can connect both battery packs simultaneously, and have them ready overnight.

Multiple Color & Size Options

The colors are purely for aesthetics and should not figure prominently when it comes to making a purchase decision here. That being said, the Volt 3 socks are available in three different colors, black, grey, and a multicolored option. Black and grey are the most common variants available, and we do not have much info on the colorful variant.

As far as size options are concerned, these socks should be available in sizes that fit both men and women. There are five options in total. These include Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large. If you are in between sizes, you should pick the larger size option for maximum comfort.

This Sock Can Work For You

One of the great things about the Volt Heated sock is they are very versatile. You can wear them if you’re skiing, hunting, hiking, cycling, and much more.

They are well made and pretty affordable too when compared to other high end heated socks. To look at the price of this product, check below for the best price:

Also, there’s even more socks to choose from. If you want to see my top picks, click the link below:

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