Outdoor Research Stormtracker Heated Gloves Review

Product: Outdoor Research Stormtracker Heated Gloves

Our Rating: 4.9/5

Overview: If you’re in the market for a heated glove, you should definitely consider these. The Stormtracker’s are one of the top heated gloves on the market and come from a very reputable company, Outdoor Research.

This product comes with a ton of great features including:

  • 3 different heat settings (high, medium, low)
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Leather palm improves durability
  • Breathable materials prevent sweat build up

And more!

This glove is perfect for a number activities including skiing, hiking, and more. Because this product is such quality it is a little expensive. If you want to see how much it costs, click the link below:

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As you can the Stormtracker is amazing!

Goatskin leather palm for durability and dexterity

These gloves make use of a leather palm material – flexible goat leather at the palms like most high end gloves which gives the best balance of durability and dexterity. These are mainly designed for commuting, skiing and snowboarding.

It can also be used for come moderate climbing applications too. Having fun in cold conditions has never been easier! These gloves are a definitive solution for individuals who like extreme sports and want impressive gear to back them up.

Moisture wicking liner for warm days

It uses a very nice polyester material that is quite similar to what is used for many fleece jackets and does a good job at wicking moisture on warmer days when your hands start to get a bit sweaty. While with most gloves, sweaty palms are an issue, the makers of Outdoor Research Stormtracker Heated Gloves have focused on this aspect in a holistic manner.

Because of its inherent ability to suck in the moisture, the user is able to continue wearing these for longer periods without having to remove them more often. It save time and also enhances the grip. It is most practical for the climbers who cannot compromise on this aspect.

The impressive polyester tricot liner that wicks moisture on the inside to keep your warm as well as soak sweat is an inventive approach to glove manufacturing.

Lifetime warranty with no conditions

Apart from a carrying case, these gloves come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, which means you basically have infinite warranty covering all kinds of manufacturer’s defects. It is not always that you have such an offer from a reputed brand. It lends the buyer a cushion just in case of future defects that often tends to crop up on most products after purchase.

Advanced PrimaLoft synthetic material for ruggedness

These gloves are insulated with PrimaLoft synthetic material that is water resistant and best suited for outdoor adventures. Originally developed for the US Army as a synthetic alternative, PrimaLoft synthetic has been at the forefront of insulation and fabric technologies.

This wonder material is becoming an indispensable part of leading outerwear brands due to its light weight coupled with its warming ability. It is therefore used regularly to craft pieces for multiple cloth brands encompassing almost every outdoor activity.

Windstopper softshell – the wonder fabric

The special windstopper fabrics with 94% nylon make use of an extremely light and thin membrane to prevent wind from the outside to enter the interior part while at the same time effectively permitting the inner moisture to get away.

Such a feature enables to keep your body comfortable while out in the cold besides keeping the inner layers dehydrated and crisp. The wind proof soft shell material makes them very comfortable and gives more dexterity compared to other gloves in its category.

Soft shell material on the top of your hand is a welcome innovation as it is this part of the hand that is often ignored. When the rain is beating down hard, it is the top of your hand that needs protection and it is exactly what the manufacturers have practically imagined.

This feature will be cherished by the biker community in cold regions only too well. These windproof gloves are the perfect ones for low temperature conditions, providing robust protection from wind. So if you are a rider who has to travel in a lot of windy and cold conditions, these heated gloves are a valuable companion.

Breathable pores to keep you dry and comfy

Even during winters, riders experience the build-up of moisture of in the course of their ride. While very large pores would lend more passage to the wind, it is important to have the right sized pores to maintain the right amount of moisture while being insulated at the same time.

For those who sweat profusely in their hands, such a mechanism is essential to keep the hands airy and dry. Gore-Tex materials used in these gloves, is one of the most waterproof and breathable materials out there.

Rechargeable battery that adds to its longevity

It comes integrated with a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery and an adapter for charging. The battery needs to be charged to 100% capacity before using the gloves for the first time. Depending on the region you come from, the adapters can are designed so as to suit the associated voltage reading.

Integrated AltiHeat element – 3 heat settings with a single push button

Depending on the need of the rider, the gloves come with a single button that can adjust the heat settings to 3 modes. This push button at the top of the wrist enables you to choose your heat settings. It also is the on/off button that should be initially long pressed for a couple of seconds until you see the red light come on.

On this red setting which is also the highest setting, the battery backup will last for about two and a half hours. If you press the button again, the next setting highlighted by yellow color glows, which is the medium setting that would last for about five hours.

On pushing it again, you get the green color setting which is the lowest setting and the same would last longer – for about eight hours. To turn the entire thing off, you have to press the button longer for about a couple of seconds until the light goes off.

If you are planning to spend long days in the back country and you know you are going to need the gloves to stay at the highest setting i.e., red, it would be best purchase extra battery separately and that way you can change them out and keep it on the high setting. SO it is critical to take into consideration the time frame involved before taking the gloves into back country.

Compact and practical

With 60 gm insulation, the entire glove has wind proof, wind stopper material that is also water resistant. The battery pack goes right at the wrist so it doesn’t get in the way of the hand. These unisex gloves that are adjustable near the wrist are designed to fit hands of all sizes. The provision of a locking zipper in the gusseted cuff makes sure that the heat remains trapped inside.

An overlay of some very durable materials

If you are among those hardy souls who get thrilled at every opportunity to go out when the snow is pounding, then the Outdoor Research Stormtracker Heated Glove is a necessary companion. It is capable of being used for winter cycling, extreme conditions as well as for travel and casual wear.

A proficient AltiHeat battery-powered heating system

The AltiHeat battery-powered heating system keep the gloves super warm for sub-zero temperatures and give you the option of three heat settings. Most of us know the perils of commuting on a motor bike in winter – chilled hands.

Irrespective of the most expensive gloves in use, riders never stop complaining about the bypassing cold inside their gloves. This particular pair of gloves is designed to keep your hands toasty in bitter cold. Most of the users who have used it in extreme conditions swear by its ability to sustain warmth and quite unsurprisingly, these are highly recommended.

They manage to keep your fingers warm enough to avert a frozen state, thanks to the long zippered gauntlet. The locking zipper at the wrist comes very handy to keep the gloves in place and also to prevent the cold from entering the interior of the gloves.

Minute detailing leads to more effectiveness

There is also a very handy glove clip attachment to attach the other glove. Overall, the product is made more attractive by its definition and contemporary design. The look is stunning and because it comes in only black, it adds to its charm. With its versatile technology, it can withstand punishment under extreme conditions.

Even after getting drenched, the quick drying of the gloves is remarkable. The long zippered gauntlet is amazingly steady even when used to grip heavy objects. This in turn gives incredible maneuverability to the user.

The medium and high settings are good enough to prevent the numbness of the hands and are definitely a must-buy for those intending to have wintertime pursuits. Working on ropes and anchors also becomes easier with these gloves on as is evident from the reviews posted by users.

Putting these on would surely enhance your capabilities to last longer in tough conditions. Because in any winter outdoor activity, the key is to stay warm, these gloves with the ability to generate heat on its own while providing protection from the wind and snow, is recommended for anyone with such needs.

Even for the casual walker, these are essential as normal gloves would simply fall short of their ability to keep you warm. At the price that it comes coupled with its infinite warranty, it’s a steal deal for anyone. Tested under some of the toughest conditions, these are the next-generation gloves that have carved a niche for them.

These Gloves Are High Quality!

If you expect to face cold conditions this winter and want a little extra protection, the Stormtracker’s will be good for you. This product will work no matter how cold it is and leave your hands nice and toasty.

You get several heat settings so you’re always comfortable too.

If you want to check the price of this glove click below:

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