Outdoor Research Capstone Review

Company: Outdoor Research

Our Rating: 4.9/5

Overview: If you’re looking for one of the best heated gloves on the market, the Outdoor Research Capstone is a product you should consider. This glove can stand up to the coldest weather possible and keep your hands nice and toasty.

Everything about this glove is high quality including the materials used, design, battery, heating system, insulation and more.

The main downside is its pretty expensive and probably is more than most people will want to spend. If money isn’t an issue, however, I would think about the Capstone. It really will amaze you with its performance.

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Here’s a video that goes over all the wonderful features of this glove:

Now you know why I love the Capstone so much!

Military-Grade Build Quality

Outdoor Research is a company that has been in the business of making these thermal gloves for over 35 years. Their regular customers include the US Army Special Ops Command. And looking at these Capstone gloves, you can easily see why the army chose them.

These are incredibly rugged gloves. The molded EVA foam covering on the knuckles add to the visual impact. The fingers also have some striped hard lining on them that further add to the durability of the exterior.

Multi-material Construction

These are state of the art gloves made from a combination of advanced synthetic and durable all-natural materials. The fabric is a stretchable combination of 90% nylon and 10% spandex. The gloves have Gore-tex inserts, along with multiple polyester-based insulation materials for maximum thermal performance. A high-quality goat leather lining completes the package.

Quick Drying & Quick Wicking

The problem when designing winter gloves is twofold:

  • If you use a breathable fabric, you have to deal with moisture seeping in.
  • And if you don’t, you end up with wet and sweaty palms.

Both are almost equally unpleasant and unsafe. But thanks to the multi-material construction, these Capstone gloves remain water resistant and breathable. When they do get wet, the gloves don’t stay soggy. The breathable materials ensure that all moisture is wicked away from the skin.

Durable Nylon-Spandex Outer Shell

The outer shell of these gloves is made from stretchable nylon fabric, reinforced with EVA foam pads on the knuckles. The material is highly weather-resistant, thanks to the multi-layer laminated twill treatment. Nylon is an excellent choice here since it is more water resistant than other natural and synthetic fibers like cotton and polyester. And since this is a woven fabric, you still get breathable performance.

Gore-tex Inserts

This has fast become an industry standard when it comes to high-performance cold weather garments. Gore-tex is a patented technology that creates a membrane that does two diametrically opposite things at the same time:

  • It prevents water from seeping through
  • While still being permeable enough for air and water vapor

This kind of performance is crucial for winter gear. If water seeps through, your body risks being exposed to dangerously low temperatures. And if air and vapor from the skin are not allowed to waft through to the outside, it leads to sweat build-up which is again dangerous.

With Gore-tex inserts, your hands have a better chance of staying dry and warm, but NOT sweaty in these heated gloves.

Two Types Of Insulation: Primaloft & Enduraloft

Most gloves bother to provide only one type of insulation inside. The Capstone has gone the extra mile, offering different kinds of insulation to different parts of the glove.

The body of the glove is insulated using Primaloft, which is a high-quality product made from polyesters microfibers. It is known for its moisture-wicking abilities, breathability, and excellent wind and waterproofing.

Enduraloft is also quite similar to Primaloft but comes with the added ability to retain its shape even when exposed to constant pressure. The palm area of the glove is one spot where the insulation material will frequently be pressed down. The Enduraloft ensures that this area remains light and fluffy even with constant use.

Both materials are incredibly light and soft. Though these Outdoor Research gloves look tough on the outside, they stay really soft and mellow on the inside!

Durable Goat Leather Palm

The palm is the only area where you find an all-natural material in this glove. The rest are all cutting-edge modern synthetics. The leather here is 100% natural goatskin leather. It has superior physical properties in comparison to regular leather. It has excellent water resistance and is supple and flexible as well.

The grip you get in these gloves is excellent. The textured finish on the leather surface contributes to the sure grip you can achieve while wearing these gloves in winter. The main aim of Outdoor Research was to create a pair of heated gloves ideal for skiing and skateboarding, and they have succeeded in creating the right kind of grip for both these activities.

Twin Inner Layers

The Capstone is one of the few gloves in which we can see a clear modular approach across all the different layers. In other top-of-the-line gloves, you will get multi-material construction. But only in the outermost layer will you see a difference in the type of materials used on the palm and top of the hand.

But in Capstone, the dual treatment extends beyond the top layer. The insulation, as we already noted, has different materials for both ends. The inner linings also continue this trend. The palm lining is luxurious Moonlite pile fleece. On the top of your hand, the gloves feature a lining of tricot fabric. Tricot is a run-resistant knit fabric often used on swimwear and gloves.

AltiHeat Technology

AltiHeat is the brand name of the proprietary heating glove technology developed by Outdoor Research. This is a lightweight, battery-powered heating system. The heating elements are strategically placed across the glove and provide heat to the fingers as well as the rest of the hand.

Thanks to the superior insulation on this glove, you don’t have to keep the heating system on at all times. In some instances, a quick burst of high heat for a couple of minutes is enough to keep your fingers warm for a long time.

Customizable Settings With LED Controls

There are three different temperature settings available on these gloves: high, medium, and low. These settings are triggered using a single button on the top of the glove, near the cuff. The square button is rubberized for durability and has glowing LEDs.

These are color changing lights that glow in red, yellow, or green shades, depending on the heat setting you have enabled. They stay reasonably bright and visible both is clear daylight and low light conditions. They look particularly cool at night and can be used for bike/motorcycle rides.

Flexible Battery Settings

The AltiHeat system uses Li-ion batteries. Each glove can be powered using a pair of these Li-ion cells. But the great thing here is that you can even equip the gloves using a single battery. This is useful if you find the weight of glove to be distracting.

Keep in mind that this glove weighs only 12oz, and nearly half of that is the weight of the batteries. If you remove one, you can bring the glove weight under 10oz. You can still get the system to provide the same level of heat, but the runtime will be halved.

The batteries are stored in a small compartment near the cuffs. The compartment is designed to be completely waterproof. It is sealed and secured using high-quality zippers. The company does provide a high-quality charger with these gloves. It is capable of charging all four batteries simultaneously.

Long Battery Runtime

On the lowest setting, these gloves will deliver over 8 hours of continuous heating. Bear in mind that this is with both the batteries inside. At the medium setting, the duration is reduced to around five hours. At the toasty high setting, you will be lucky if you are able to get more than 150 minutes of runtime.

On the whole, the battery performance is strictly on par with the best heated gloves on the market. And thanks to the excellent insulation, these Capstone gloves can stay warm without the heating system for a considerable period.

Highly Functional Design Features

The Capstone gloves come with a host of well thought out features that add to the overall functionality and convenience.

For instance, the leather on the fingertips is specially designed and treated to be touchscreen friendly. If you want to check your Instagram or take a selfie while out on the snow, these are perfect gloves.

The removable leash will come in real handy when you want to keep your gloves together for storage. These are premium gloves with a high asking price. You wouldn’t want to lose one in transit now, would you!

And you can keep your nose dry in a cinch, thanks to the conveniently positioned nose-wipe section on the thumbs.

The wrist part of the glove is covered by a gauntlet-like design. It’s called Supercinch, and you can keep it as tight or as loose as you want. The clips on top keep it tight, just the way you prefer.

The gauntlets offer quite a lot of wind protection and warmth to the wrist area, but they are not flared enough to cover thick full sleeves.

Unisex Design

These are heavy duty gloves that can be worn by both men and women. There is only one color option – all black. The gloves have minimal branding and logo placement, with OR discreetly etched or printed on two locations.

These unisex gloves are available in five different sizes, ranging from Extra Small to Extra Large. The weight of a Large size glove is around 12oz when both batteries are installed. The weight without the batteries is about 6oz.

You’ll Really Love These Gloves!

There’s many heated gloves available but few that can match the Outdoor Research Capstone. This glove is so high performing and powerful it really is in a class of its own.

It doesn’t matter if you’re exploring a frozen tundra, hiking to the top of a mountain in a snowstorm or skiing in very cold weather, the Capstone will handle anything.

It is expensive, however, and if you’d like to see how much it’s going to cost you, click the link below:

I guess there’s only one question left to ask..

..Are you ready to have toasty fingers this winter?

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