Ororo Heated Jacket Review: Men and Women

Product: Ororo Heated Jacket

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Overview: This Ororo heated jacket is one of my favorite pieces of heated clothing for a lot of different reasons. One thing I love about this jacket is it is very versatile and can be worn during many activities (skiing, hunting, hiking, and everyday life).

Some top features are:

  • Multiple heat settings so you get perfect warmth
  • All around heating
  • 8 hours of warmth
  • USB port to charge your phone

And more.

I wouldn’t exactly call this jacket the best heated jacket on the market but it’s definitely one of the best values. I say this because this product won’t break the bank and costs half as much as some of the more expensive jackets available.

Video Overview

Here’s a video that goes over this jacket in more detail:

As you can see this is a high quality jacket!

Can Be Worn In All Seasons

Though this is a jacket with a built-in heating system to ward off the cold in winters, it is flexible enough to be worn all through the year. The material is soft and comfortable enough for spring and summer wear. You can opt to keep the heating system switched off! With water and wind-proof construction, you can even wear it during the rains and in the windy fall season.

And thanks to the high-performance heating elements, the jacket will keep you warm in freezing winters as well. Unlike many other heavy fleece jackets, the Ororo is light and flexible enough to be worn in pretty much any time of the year.

Stylish and Functional Design

This is a very hardy jacket perfect for outdoor adventures. You can easily use this jacket for strenuous activities like hiking, mountain climbing, and other outdoor stuff. The soft shell exterior is both water and windproof. It gives adequate protection against the elements, keeping you warm and dry inside. There is an optional detachable hood to protect your head from the chill and rains.

And despite all these advanced features, the jacket does manage to look very striking and stylish. It does not seem or feel very bulky, nor does it hide your body shape. It is neatly tailored and provides a snug fit for your torso. It is available in striking black and blue shades.

Multilayer Polyester Construction

The fabric used to craft this jacket is 100% polyester. This is a very versatile synthetic fiber that can be spun in different ways to create varied types of fabrics. The Ororo jacket has a multilayer design, with two separate polyester fabrics joined together for extra protection.

For maximum protection from rains, a hardshell exterior is an ideal choice. But such a design sacrifices breathability and comfort in warmer temperatures. Since the Ororo jacket was designed with year-round use in mind, soft shell polyester was the only real choice.

This exterior offers mild to moderate water and wind protection. Yet at the same time, it is breathable enough to let air and water vapor escape from your body. This allows for the evaporation of sweat, leaving you dry and comfortable even when doing stuff like climbing and hiking.

That soft shell exterior needs to be covered with something plush and cozy. This is where the fleece lining really shines in this jacket. It is an ideal material to trap air molecules and heat close to your skin. This will offer superior heat retention for those cold winter days.

Multiple Heat Zones

There is a lot of real estate to cover inside a jacket, especially one with an electronic heating system inside. The heating elements should be able to provide warmth uniformly across your upper body, both the front and back. This is where a multi-zone architecture becomes essential.

Basically, there are three separate heating elements inside this jacket. The biggest covers the entire upper mid-back region. The other two are located on either side of the zippers, covering both flaps over your chest.

The heating elements are made from safe carbon fiber. It is a much better choice than metal, as it is lighter, thinner, and more flexible. You also don’t have to worry about many wires and foils sticking out of your jacket.

The three heating elements are strategically placed to cover maximum area of your upper body. In winters, cold is most acutely felt in the back, and in the chest area. This jacket covers all the core regions adequately. And thanks to the insulation provided by polyester fleece, the heat is also spread out to the rest of the jacket.

Adjustable Heat Settings

This Ororo jacket comes with a flexible heating system that saves power and provides long-lasting performance. You can adjust the temperature settings to suit the weather conditions. There are three main temperature settings, and one “warm-up” mode, which is sort of like a “pre-heat” setting.

You can set the jacket to the “Warm Up” mode before you head out to get the heating elements up and running. If that heat setting is not warm enough, you can gradually crank up the heat setting until you hit the comfort zone. The three heat settings are:

  • Low – 100 F
  • Medium – 113 F
  • High – 131 F

The jacket will provide enough warmth to keep you comfortable even in sub-10 degree temperatures.

All Day Battery Life

The entire system is powered by a compact Lithium-ion battery pack with day-long runtime capacity. The battery pack is stored inside a discreet pocket in the bottom left corner of the jacket. The standard battery pack weighs around 7 ounces and has a rated capacity of 4400 mAh. It does not feel too bulky or uncomfortable even when you are active.

The battery longevity will vary depending on the temperature settings you select. Here are some ballpark estimates for the three different parameters:

  • On the Low setting, it should be able to keep the coat warm for up to 12 hours, and at least 10 hours.
  • On Medium, the battery life is reduced to between 6-7 hours, and closer to the six-hour mark.
  • On the High setting, this jacket can stay powered for a maximum of 4 hours, but you will probably get around three hours in real-world usage.

Charging duties for the 7.4 CE rated battery pack is handled by a standard charger provided along with the pack. The charger has a compatible input voltage range of between 100-240 volts so that it can be used in both US and European charging ports.

The battery pack does take a while to get fully charged. You will have to leave it overnight on the charger, for at least 8 hours, to get the maximum runtime from this jacket. You may want to buy some extra battery packs to avoid being left in the cold because you forgot to charge the battery! Ororo does sell those as separate accessories.

Discreet LED-Based Controls

The controls for the heating system is placed in an exquisite manner, on the left lapel of the jacket, close to the zipper. The buttons are discreetly placed on the Ororo logo badging. The system has LEDs that let you know the exact temperature setting you have activated, using color codes.

The system is straightforward and intuitive. Just hold the button to power it on. Then use a single press to select the settings. It will blink Red for the High setting, White for Medium, and Blue for the Low temperatures. To turn off the heating elements, all you have to do is long press the button again. It is quick, and easily accessed as well.

Easy Cleaning

The Ororo jackets do not require any special care or maintenance. All you need to worry about is removing the battery pack from the jacket before adding it to your laundry pile. The jacket can be hand washed with any regular detergent. And it is also compatible with all washing machines. You will have to use a laundry bag, and only wash the jacket in cold water. Obviously, no wringing is allowed, due to the carbon fiber heating elements inside! So pay particular attention to that.

Available For Men, Women, and Teens

The Ororo jackets are available for users of all ages and genders. There are separate jackets for both men and women. And though these are not strictly unisex jackets, they can be comfortably worn by both sexes, as long as you dial in on your correct size. The jackets come in four main sizes, Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large in the men’s version. The ladies version is available in Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.

TSA Friendly

Despite containing heating elements and battery packs, this jacket is compliant with TSA regulations regarding items that you can bring on board your flight. So if you plan to travel for a skiing holiday or something, you don’t have to worry about carrying this jacket along for your trip!

Phone Charging Port

One big plus on this Ororo jacket is the presence of a USB charging port on the battery. You can use the battery pack like as an emergency charging port for your smartphone. This could be a lifesaver if you are stuck somewhere remote and don’t have enough juice in your phone battery to place a call. The 4400mAh battery pack should be enough to give a short boost to your phone batteries.

Numerous Style Options

The jacket with detachable hood is just one among several heated garments on offer from this brand. Other options include hoodies, down vests, and inner vests.

  • The one with detachable hood is ideal if you want maximum wind and water protection.
  • The hoodie is a unisex design and ideal for a more casual look.
  • For maximum heating, the down vest is perfect, as it has an extra heating panel around the neck.
  • And if you want to wear something inside your favorite bomber jacket or coat, the Ororo inner vest is what you need.

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