Milwaukee M12 Heated Hoodie Review

Product: Milwaukee Hoodie M12

Our Rating: 4.9/5

Overview: This is a very effective heated hoodie that heats up extremely quickly as well as it retains the heat generated inside thanks to the waffle weave thermal lining. It is perfect for anyone that works outside doing a variety of jobs for long periods of time. This hoodie comes with three different heat settings that will stand up to the harsh cold winter months.

Some top features include:

  • Quick heating function heats the hoodie right away when turned on
  • Three easy to use heat settings
  • Heats up both the chest and back area
  • Works for six hours on a fully charged battery pack
  • It can be purchase in eight different sizing options

And more.

This is truly one of the best heated hoodies on the market, and it actually made our list at number two. There are many reasons why we love this heated hoodie, and we are going to dive right into everything about the Milwaukee M12 hoodie.

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Fabric is very important in anything that is going to be worn on your body. The outside material is made up of a cotton and polyester blend. To be more specific, it is a 53% cotton and 47% polyester blend, and because this hoodie has both fabrics, you will not have to worry about it shrinking when it is washed.

The inside of the hoodie is made with the exact same materials, except this time, it is 60% cotton and 40% polyester. The inside has this very cool feature called the waffle weave, where the fabric is constructed in such a way that it actually traps and keeps the heat generated inside the hoodie.

Polyester has some great benefits such as quick-drying when it’s wet, it’s resistant to mildew, non-shrinking, and long lasting. Cotton is a naturally made fabric, and it helps with breathability, feels very soft and comfortable, and is naturally moisture wicking.

Waffle Weave Lining

Basically, the waffle weave lining traps in the heat that is generated in the hoodie as well as from your body and keeps it inside the hoodie. Compared to a standard hoodie, the waffle weave improves the overall comfort level. Since it is layered, it keeps you much warmer than your traditional sweatshirt or hoodie.

How to Use the Milwaukee Hoodie M12

This hoodie has carbon fiber heating wires weaved throughout the chest and back area of the hoodie. The wires are hidden behind layers of fabric, so you will not be able to see them. The wires are then powered by a red lithium battery that will work for six hours when it is fully charged.

To get the heated hoodie to work you will need to connect the battery to the wires that are located in the pocket. To turn the hoodie on, you will see a small LED square, and that is how you turn it on. The hoodie, just like a heated jacket, will automatically turn on the highest setting. If you do not want the hoodie to be on high, you can push it again to get to the medium setting and again to go to the low setting.

Once you have it on the setting that you desire, you will be all set to go, and you can use the heated hoodie. Milwaukee offers three different colors to choose from, such as black, red, and gray. There are also eight different sizing options to choose from, which is amazing because not all brands offer this many sizing options.

Lithium Battery

The battery is one of the most important parts because this is how the hoodie will be powered to heat it up. You will get a red 3.0 lithium-ion battery and a charger included with the purchase of your hoodie.

When the battery is fully charged, it can last up to six hours of run time on the lowest heat setting. The higher the heat setting, the more power the battery will use, and it will not last as long. The good thing is the battery is rechargeable, so when you do run out, you can connect it to the charger that works rather quickly to charge it.

The battery will be stored on the left side pocket. The battery only weighs slightly less than seven ounces, which means it will not feel bulky in your pocket. You can see the battery slightly when wearing the hoodie. The pocket is big enough if you have an extra Milwaukee battery, you can bring that along with you.

Adjustable Heat Settings

All heated products have different heat settings. This is a great feature because you can really customize the heat setting to the appropriate amount of heat that you are comfortable with. The Milwaukee M12 Hoodie has three different heat settings starting with low, medium, and high.

The lowest setting will last six hours. As you go higher up the heat setting, the battery will not last as long. The medium setting will last around four hours. The highest setting will only last two and a half hours. Another great idea if you plan on using the heating element a lot, then I suggest picking up an extra battery that you can keep with you and use when the current one is out of juice.

LED Temperature Controller

On the front of the hoodie, you will notice a small rectangle. This is actually the temperature controller and also the on and off switch. To turn on the hoodie, hold the button down for two seconds. This will power on the jacket; you will do the same thing to power down the jacket.

This is also the button that controls the different heat settings. Again, if you did not read the above section, let me tell you again that there are three different heat settings. Each heat setting will illuminate a different LED color.

Heating Zones

The Milwaukee M12 heated hoodie has two different heating zones. One is located on the chest, and the other is located on the back. There are no heating elements in the arms, but the heats that is made and generated in the chest and back will travel to the arms.

The ribbed cuffs of the arms and around the hoodie’s bottom edge help trap in the heat very nicely. When you combine that with the thermal waffle weave layers, you have a very warm pocket of heat that will keep you warm and toasty for many hours.


With all products that people wear, they eventually get dirty and will need to be cleaned properly. So just how do you clean a heated product with wires running through it?

Many people ask that question, and it is actually something you shouldn’t stress about. The wires are coated and safe inside the thick fibers of the hoodie. They should not get ruined from the water exposure when you wash it.

The most important thing to remember is to remove the battery from the hoodie before you put it into the washing machine. If the battery gets wet in the washing machine, it will get ruined, so it is very important to remove that beforehand.

This heated hoodie can be put into the dryer. It is said by the Milwaukee company that it is safe to machine wash as well as dry the hoodie. Some brands cannot be put in the dryer, but you can rest easy knowing you can.

Who Can Wear This Hoodie?

This is a unisex hoodie that can be used by both men and women. You will have to look at the eight different sizing options and check the specs on each size to see which one will fit you. You will typically have to stay true to your size.

There are also three different color options to choose from, which is nice. You can choose from black, grey, or red. Each one is designed the same the only difference will be the color of the fabric.


The Milwaukee brand is a very reputable brand that is trusted by so many people. They have high quality products, especially their heated products that include the Milwaukee M12 Heated Hoodie. We love this hoodie because it can be used with the heating element as well as without it.

We love the material that the hoodie is made of and that it will not shrink when it is washed. We also love the thermal layers that keeps in all the heat generated inside to keep you warmer longer.

The battery lasts a long time, and it charges quickly so you can keep recharging it over and over again. Both men and women can use this fantastic hoodie, and it can be washed in the washing machine and dried in the dryer.

This is the perfect high-quality hoodie that can be used all year long with and without the heater. I hope my Milwaukee M12 Heated Hoodie Review helped you make your decision if this is the right heated hoodie for you. It can be used in a variety of different temperatures and even weather climates. Let us know how you like or love the Milwaukee M12 Heated Hoodie.

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