Lenz Heat Sock 1.0 Review: Are They Worth It?

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Overview: If you’re looking for a top of the line heated sock, you’ll want to consider the Lenz Heat Sock 1.0. This product is one of the most well known on the market and comes with a ton of features.

Some of these features include:

  • Multiple heat settings (High, medium and low)
  • Can be controlled through free smartphone app
  • Durable and functional

And more!

This sock is perfect for people expecting to face sub-zero temperatures and is loved by skiers, snowboarders, hikers, hunters and more.

It is expensive, however, and if you’d like to see how much they’ll cost, click below:

Bluetooth Connectivity

Here’s a video that goes over the app you get when you purchase this product:

Bluetooth overview:

Smartphones seem to have caused a revolution in everything. In today’s world, virtually anything is controlled digitally by the use of phone applications. This makes work much easier and increases the effectiveness of an activity by saving time that would have otherwise been consumed using manual control methods.

Although these socks can be adjusted through a manual method, they are fitted with Bluetooth enabled features that are compatible with smartphones. The Lenz heated socks have a fantastic phone application that you can use to control the heat settings without necessarily doing it manually on the socks. This application is available on both the iOS and the android phones and is user-friendly.

This revolutionary feature harnesses the power of Bluetooth to maximize usability and simplify the workability of the product for every user. This specific attribute is extremely useful during intensive outdoor activities that involve a lot of movement. It’s also great for use where people need to put on lots of clothing . Additionally, it will save you the trouble of reaching out for your socks to adjust the temperature.

Through a click on your Smartphone, you can adjust the heat to your desired temperature. Apart from saving time, this feature makes it easy to use the Lenz heated socks.

3- level heat settings

The Lenz heat socks 1.0 is the true definition of diversity. With them, you are not limited to one temperature level. They come in three varied heat-level settings that can be controlled using phone applications or by adjusting the battery manually. You could set it to high, medium or low heat.

This means that they are suitable for a variety of outdoor activities whether it is during the winter or the warmer seasons.

During the extremely cold situations, you have the option of setting the temperature in the socks at a high heat level. In the summer season, you obviously do not need too much heat, since the surrounding area is warmer. You can, therefore, adjust the temperatures to medium or low heat levels. This feature is very crucial as it gives you comfort and provides you with the freedom to control how you want the feet to feel.

Ergonomically designed

This pair of socks is designed to ensure comfort and effectiveness. It fits just as the regular pairs of socks with no major features that could cause discomfort to your feet. The lithium packs have a thin design that makes them align so well with the socks that they are hardly noticeable.

Your shoes or boots will not bulge while wearing these socks. Contrary to other brands of heated socks, the Lenz heat sock 1.0 does not feel bulky. They are designed to provide the ultimate pleasurable moments by making sure that they fit naturally, hence giving you uninterrupted warmth all day.

The unnoticeable lithium fittings make them the best in the market. If you want to keep your feet warm by wearing ergonomically designed heated socks, this brand is the best for you. The simplicity and effortless efficacy in their design makes them a perfect choice.

Moisture-wicking, antibacterial and odor resistant material

The Lenz Heated socks are made from polyester, elastane, polypropylene and merino wool. This powerful combination of materials produces high-end socks that are strong enough and capable of lasting long. The material combination feels natural and comfortable just as the rest of the socks brands in the market.

The merino wool ensures that your feet are dry and safe from the moisture that may cause bacterial infections to your feet. Furthermore, it can take in a considerable amount of moisture and still feel dry. This ability makes sure that your feet are dry and comfortable all the time.

The moisture retaining ability of merino wool absorbs odors caused by prolonged hours of wearing shoes. This means that your feet are kept fresh at all times.

Washing machine safe

Washing the Lenz heated socks is very easy. Wash them using a washing machine at 30 degrees Celsius. Make sure that the temperatures are not too hot while cleaning them as this might damage the fabric. Hang them out to dry and do not use the dryer, because it may damage the socks due to its high heat waves.

To ensure that they last longer, avoid exposing them to extreme heat and wash them inside the provided washing bag

The Lenz heated socks are easy to maintain because they do not require much special attention during cleaning. They are just like regular socks. This means that you can use them as often as required without worrying about the cleaning procedure.

The battery

The Lenz heated socks come with two lithium rcB rechargeable batteries. Depending on your chosen heat settings, these batteries can last up to fourteen hours without needing a recharge. When set at the highest heat levels, the batteries may last an average of between eight to ten hours. The great thing about these batteries is that they are easily detachable and rechargeable.

This makes sure that there is constant warmth even in the extremely cold seasons.

If need be, you can purchase an extra pair of the batteries that you can use interchangeably. The batteries are durable and easy to use. Note that,batteries are the most important feature in these heated socks.

This is because they are the source of heat. It is, therefore, paramount that the batteries are high quality and durable in order to sustain the usability of the socks.

The universal charger

The batteries have a universal charging system. With the current increased diversity in gadgets, it is always a relief to find a universal feature on a product. The Lenz heated socks come with a universal USB cable. This means that you can recharge the Batteries easily.

You do not need to have a specialized charger for this.In cases of prolonged outdoor events, you do not need to carry multiple cables to charge the batteries. A universal USB cable is enough. All you need is to do is detach the batteries from the socks and connect them to a power source using the cable.

Once they are fully recharged, you mount them back on the socks. It is worthy to note that you should never charge the batteries while wearing the socks always detach them and charge them separately.

Padding on the shin bone

Besides ensuring that your feet are warm, the Lenz heated socks are padded with a soft yet steady material to ensure the safety of your feet. Whether you are skiing, ice skating or snowboarding, the padding feature will make sure that your legs are protected from injury in case of a fall.

Additionally, padding increases the warmth provided by the socks. This makes sure that your feet are comfortable and that the heat is well regulated by reducing interference with the external environment.

The variety of sizes

The socks are available in different sizes, depending on your preference. They range from extra large to extra small. This means that you are at liberty to choose from the range of sizes available. Always ensure that you buy the best fit for your legs.

Too small or too large sizes can deny you the chance of enjoying the comfort that comes with the Lenz heated socks. The right fit gives you optimized benefits and you are able to avoid frustrations during your activities.

They are unisex

Lenz heated socks fit all universally and. They are not gender-sensitive. This feature, therefore, saves you the trouble of ordering a gender-specific pair and saves you the agony of purchasing a pair that belongs to the opposite gender.

Since, now that that is out of the way, you can do your shopping comfortably without having to worry about the type of socks you are about to buy.

You Will Love These Socks!

Lenz makes some of the most high end winter gear on earth and you’ll see this if you decide on their Lenz Heat Sock 1.0. This product is made to face the worst of the worst and will keep your toes warm no matter what the temperature is.

The biggest downside with this product is they are very expensive and are one of the most expensive heated socks on the market. To see how much they’ll cost, click below:

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How does it feel knowing you never have to have cold feet again?

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