K2 Spyne 120 Heat Ski Boot Review

Product: K2 Spyne 120 Heat

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

If you’re looking for a boot to keep you warm and you have advanced skills, the K2 Spyne 120 Heat is a good option. This product has a build in heater that ensurers you’re feet are always toasty and has the stiffness skilled skiers desire.

The boots really look amazing too:

Some of the features that make the K2 Spyne 120 stand out from the rest include:

  • It has a 120 flex rating. If you are a beginner at skiing, this boot is not for you as it can be too stiff and some intermediaries often have problems using it. A 120 flex has been designed to be thick with the advanced skier in mind, as it will ensure that one can enjoy comfort when skiing at high speeds on different areas of the mountain.
  • Your K2 Spyne 120 heat ski boots will come with a mid-grip sole with pads. The boot’s sole has been made from a double injected thermoplastic urethane at the center of it to improve the sole’s traction and grip if you are skiing on the snowmobiles or walking on rocks.
  • Features a 100mm last. The boots are designed to ensure that skiers with average wide feet cab use the boots without them experiencing any form of encircling pressure on their feet while skiing. The 100 mm last is very versatile, and this makes it ideal for advanced leisure skiers and also professional ones who might have broader or narrower than average feet.
  • You can expect the K2 Spyne 120 heat ski boot to come with a precision LuxFitPro Liner. The liner in the boots is made of moldable heat foam on the strategic areas where your feet come into contact with the shoes. The traditional foam has been used on the cuff area to give you more control while skiing and allows for the optimization in the transfer of power between the boot’s shell and the foam liner. The Asymmetric Tongues that is heat-moldable is designed to ensure that the user of the shoes gets comfort and enhanced performance that is necessary for minimizing shin bang, and ensures precision and smooth flex initiation during skiing. You will get a Power Collar, and wedge with the K2 Spyne 120 heat ski boot that will offer you a varying forward lean and supports the upper cuff that you will need when you want to charge hard.
  • They feature an Energy Interlock System. The K2 Spyne 120 heat ski boots have an integrated energy interlock system. This is a technology that does not require charging and helps in locking the cuff and shell to allow the move to and fro. The energy interlock system is the basic technology in the design of the boots and responsible for their power and durability making them ideal for skiing in different mountains and free ride skiing. The technology makes the boots ideal for skiing in different skiing conditions and terrains. When using the boots, they are designed in such a way that if they flex forward, the Interlock system stretches and this generates energy resulting in lower stress on the boot material and providing the skier a smoother and efficient transfer of load. The creation of energy and reduced stress will allow for more natural flex and dynamic performance of the boots when skiing in different conditions.
  • K2 Spyne 120 heat ski boots are designed with double canting. These skiing boots have two bolts that you can adjust with one fixed on each side of the ankle. If you have been having issues with leg/knee alignment with your current boots, you need to try the K2 Spyne 120 heat ski boots that allow you to use the adjustable bolts to align your knee/leg. The double canting in the shoes will keep boots’ skis remain flat on the ground if you are knock-kneed or bow-legged.
  • The K2 Spyne 120 heat ski boot has a PowerCinch Strap. You will get a 40 mm PowerClinch strap if you buy these boots. The belt is designed to use a locking cam to easily hold down the strap nicely and tightly around the skier’s shin. You can expect the PowerCinch to function as similar to the Booster Strap as it will help you reduce shin bang while improving the comfort and performance of the skiing boots.
  • K2 Spyne 120 heat ski boots features a power wedge spoiler. These skiing boots have a power wedge spoiler that is designed to allow skiers with different calf shapes to use it by adjusting its forward lean angle. You can expect the power wedge spoiler of this boots to have the capacity to increase the boots’ forward lean angle by 2 degrees from 12 degrees to 14 degrees.
  • You will be able to replace the K2 Spyne 120 heat ski boots’ toe and heel pads. If you do not live in a ski in or ski out condos, these skiing boots is a must-have for you. If you have more often had to replace your skiing boots just because the soles are worn out, you have an option with the K2 Spyne 120 heat ski boots. You can be able to order for a new set of threads for your skiing boots if you feel that the current sole is worn out and does not provide you with the desired traction and grip.
  • It has an integrated Powerfuse Spyne Technology. You can expect the K2 Spyne 120 heat ski boot to have a rear co-injected shape design that will increase the power and strength to the Energy Interlock. The PowerFuse Spyne will maximize front and back efficiency and the horizontal stiffness to give you consistent performance and irritability when skiing in different terrains. The manufacturer of the K2 Spyne 120 heat ski boots has ensured that the Powerfuse Spyne Technology has been maximized to provide optimization on the materials on the shell and cuff while minimizing the excess vibrations that result from skiing in rough terrains.
  • The boots feature micro-adjustable aluminum buckles. Another feature that makes the K2 Spyne 120 heat ski boots user-friendly is the aluminum buckles that you can adjust easily to suit your size. The manufacturer has integrated the aluminum buckles that can be canged easily to a user’s desired size if they find the default size too large or too small for their feet.
  • K2 Spyne 120 heat ski boots provide for a tongue pull. The shoes are designed with a loop of fabric located on top of their tongue for easy putting on or removing. You will only need to pull the loop of fabric forward and to the side to ensure that your boots fit well.
  • You get a USB chargeable thermic heater with the K2 Spyne 120 heat ski boots. When skiing, the temperatures can get too low, and you start feeling that your feet could be freezing and these boots have a feature to address this. You will be able to recharge the light lithium ions that power the thermic heater with the micro-USB port and once fully charged the thermic heaters can last you up to 19 hours of continuous use. The boots have a thermic heater that you can charge with your USB that is inbuilt to the boots’ foam liner. You should not be worried on how to operate the thermic heater as it features slick and big buttons that you can easily operate. The heater area where the thermic heater is located covers the entire boots’ toe-box without putting pressure on your feet. The thermic heater is critical when temperatures get as low as they will help keep your feet warm and minimize the effects of the low temperatures on your body.
  • GripWalk soles are available. The manufacturer of K2 Spyne 120 heat ski boots has ensured that skiers can access GripWalk soles for the shoes as an added comfort feature that is appropriate for skiers who want to stroll with the boots. You will need to use the GripWalk soles with the necessary GripWalk bindings, and this will cost you an extra cost.

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