How To Keep Your Feet Warm When Skiing

One of the quickest ways to ruin a good day of skiing is to have cold feet. Not only is it annoying, but it can also be dangerous, as frostbite can quickly develop in frigid skiing temperatures. If you want to stay out on the slopes longer, try out these ten tips for keeping your feet warm while skiing.

Wear the Right Socks

Heated ski socks

Wearing the right kind of socks is one of the most crucial factors in keeping your feet warm. The best are socks made especially for skiing; however, whatever socks you wear, make sure they are made out of the right material. Wool, bamboo, and certain artificial fibers wick away moisture and allow your feet to breathe, keeping your feet warmer longer. Also, make sure your socks are thin.

Thick socks prevent your feet from breathing and make them sweat, which makes your feet wet. Wet feet are cold feet. Thin socks, however, trap a thin layer of heat next to your feet while also allowing your feet to breathe so moisture doesn’t stick to them. Compression socks also help a little, as they aid circulation, and there are even battery-powered, heated socks. If you’d like to check out my top picks for heated socks, click below:
Heat Your Boots
Keeping your boots heated is another way to keep your feet warm. Do this from the beginning by keeping them inside the night before instead of in the garage or car, and put them near the car warmer on the drive up to the ski slope. You can also purchase a heated ski boot bag too.
Putting your feet into a warm pair of boots right from the start can make a big difference in your day of skiing. While you’re skiing, you could try stuffing disposable hand warmers into your boots, though this may be uncomfortable, or you could use electric boot heaters that slip inside the lining of your boots.
Dry and Warm Your Boots Overnight

If you’re staying for more than one day of skiing, it’s also a good idea to bring in your boots overnight so they can dry and warm up again. Place them next to a heater, and remove the lining so it can dry out. This will again make a huge difference as you start out the next day.

Duct Tape the Tip of Your Boot

If you don’t mind the look, a simple tip is to put a strip of duct tape across the toes of your boots. This helps keep moisture out, which means your feet stay dry.

Stay Moving on the Lift

One key to keeping your feet warm is to keep blood freely circulating in them. You can help with this by staying moving even on the ski lift. Try swinging your legs back and forth or wiggling your feet around. Another option is to unbuckle and loosen your boots whenever you’re on the lift so that your blood has less pressure on it as it flows through your feet. However, this means you will have to buckle them again each time you get off the lift.

Make Sure Your Boots Fit Right

Another tip for aiding your circulation is to make sure your boots fit right. If your boots are too tight, they will cut off your circulation and quickly make your feet numb and cold. You don’t want your boots so loose that you’re wobbly in them or falling out of them, but you don’t want them so tight that your blood can’t flow, either.

Don’t Clench Your Toes

Again, keep the blood flowing. Don’t clench your toes or tense up, even if something seems scary. Stay relaxed, and have fun!

Have Hot Food and Drink

Though skiing is fun, you have to stop for food at some point. Hot drinks in an insulated thermos will heat your whole body, head to toe. A good food option is hot soup, also in an insulated thermos. Otherwise, try going inside the ski lodge to get some warm and fresh food. This tasty tip can help you stay warm much longer.

Keep Your Whole Body Warm

Part of keeping your feet warm is keeping the rest of your body warm. Be sure to keep your head covered, and it’s also a good idea to have something covering your neck, especially on windy days. Have a good base layer that keeps you dry, and don’t be afraid to (comfortably) pack on layers to stay warm.

Go Inside for a Break

Eventually, you will most likely get cold, so don’t be afraid to take a break and warm up by going inside. Relaxing by the fire and sipping some hot cocoa can warm you up and reinvigorate you for some more awesome ski time!

Don’t let cold feet keep you from fully enjoying your ski trip. Try out these tips to keep your feet warm so you can ski longer and stronger. Have a blast on the slopes!

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