Hestra Power Heater Heated Glove And Mitt Review

Company: Hestra

Our Rating: 4.9/5

Overview: Hestra is an excellent company and they are well known for their gloves and other cold weather gear. Their Power Heater glove is unique because it has a heating system built in (you get a high, medium and low heat setting too). This ensures your hands are nice and toasty, no matter what the temperature is.

Some heated gloves are low quality and end up working poorly – that’s not the case with the Power Heater’s, though. This product delivers in every way possible and will fight off the coldest weather possible.

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Pretty nice glove, right?

The Heating System

This is the business part of the Hestra gloves. These gloves use battery-powered heating elements to keep your hands warm. The system has the following key features, which we will examine in detail:

  • Loop-based system
  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Adjustable heating system

1. Integrated Heating Loops

This is the bit that separates the Power Heater from a regular insulated winter glove. The glove has coils of tiny heating elements spread across its body. The loops-like design was preferred for optimum heat dispersion while using the least amount of materials.

These elements are evenly spread all across the gloves, except for the thumb area. They deliver heat directly to your fingertips, which are the most vulnerable to the cold. And even your thumbs will get the heat due to the excellent insulation. The heat generated by these elements are enough to provide adequate warmth, without leaving you feeling toasted or anything!

2. Adjustable Heating Controls

The Power Heater gloves are highly versatile as they allow you to pick a heat setting to suit the weather conditions. If the temperatures go very cold, like below -10F for instance, the highest heat setting should keep you warm. In all other situations, you can get by comfortably on either the low or medium setting.

The button used to control the heat settings is located on the top of the gloves. It is large and tactile enough to be used comfortably with your gloved hands. And the positioning of the button also makes it quite easy to press (with the other hand of course.)

3. Lithium Batteries

The power to those heating coils come from portable batteries. There is an easy to reach compartment inside these gloves where the compact yet powerful Li-ion batteries are housed. The Hestra 7 Volt batteries are available in charge capacities ranging from 2200 to over 3000 mAh ratings. Each of these batteries come with LED charging indicators.

The battery duration is dependant on the intensity of the heat required. At the high-temperature setting, you will only get around 2 hours of runtime before the batteries are completely discharged. With low and medium though, these gloves will keep running for up to 8 hours. That is enough juice to last you an entire day on the ski slopes.

Charging is simple. If you carry a spare battery pack (or two to be precise, one for each glove), you can swap them in when the one in your glove dies. When you are not using the gloves, you can easily disconnect the batteries to save the charge. The chargers are provided along with the gloves and come with international adapters.

Multi Fabric Design

You need superior insulation to keep the cold and water at bay in snowy weather. The Hestra Power Heater gloves are effective because of their outstanding build quality. They have used a highly layered design, with each layer made up of diverse yet highly complementary materials. There are five distinct parts in this glove. The components are a mix of high performing synthetics and soft natural fabrics.

The five layers are:

  • Hestra Flextron
  • Fiberfill Polyester
  • Czone membrane
  • Goat hide leather
  • Bemberg lining

The focus of the manufacturers was to find the perfect balance between comfort and warmth, or breathability and waterproofing. Let’s dive into the details of each layer to learn how exactly the Hestra Power Heater gets the job done.

1. Hestra Flextron Outer Layer

This is the part of the glove that covers the top of your hands. The topmost layer on this part of the Hestra glove is covered with a proprietary fabric developed by the company in-house. Called the Hestra Flextron, this is an advanced synthetic fabric made out of polyamide. The substance is a polymer, similar to the very popular polyester.

The Flextron fabric was designed with softness, water resistance, and stretchability in mind. It looks and feels like a high-quality softshell fabric, the kind you find on many sports jackets. But unlike most other softshell fabrics out there, the Flextron is waterproof and windproof.

Plus as a woven fabric, it allows for more air circulation and breathability. This helps prevent the accumulation of any sweat inside the gloves. Hestra designed the Flextron to combine the best of both worlds: the insulation of a hardshell material, with the softness and breathability of a woven fabric.

2. Proofed Goat Leather Palm

The palm area of a glove is the business end, the surface that has to come in contact with stuff and hold them. So the priority here is twofold:

The layer should be durable and hardy enough to survive regular use
It should be flexible and supple (for free movement of the hand and fingers)
It should also have excellent grip (so you can hold on to stuff, like your ski poles)

The leather is often the best bet, especially if you want to go up the “premium” route. Even there, all leather is not created equal. For instance, goat leather is straight up superior to the cowhide leather in many ways. And yes, they have opted premium goat hide leather in these gloves. Goatskin leather has the following advantages over regular (cow) leather:

  • It is more durable
  • It is also softer and very flexible (due to high lanolin content)
  • It is more water resistant
  • It is warm and breathable as well

The leather used in these gloves is proofed, meaning the outer layer has been treated with protective components that enhance the durability and longevity of the leather. It feels very flexible, and you will not find any resistance when you wiggle your fingers or grip stuff.

3. C-Zone Membrane

Now many Hestra products use this trademarked technology called “C-Zone.” This is central to their multi-layered glove design. Between the durable and comfortable outer layers of the glove, they add special inserts to enhance the waterproofing and breathable features of the glove.

In the Hestra Power Heater gloves, C-Zone technology is used in the form of a thin membrane that completely prevents any moisture from creeping in. At the same time, it does not compromise with the breathable nature of the gloves. This membrane works hand in hand (unintentional pun!) with the other layers to keep your hands dry and sweat-free.

4. Fiberfill insulation

Fancy heating coils alone cannot keep your hands warm in freezing conditions. The heat has to be trapped inside the gloves effectively. Insulation is of supreme importance in cold weather. Over the years, Hestra has developed several different insulation technologies for their products.

The one preferred in the Power Heater is called Fiberfill. The name is a very literal allusion to the type of material used in the lining. The material involved here is polyester fibers. The synthetic fabric material is quite famous for its thermal resistance. It does not absorb heat very well at all. So the heat energy stays trapped inside if you wrap anything with these fibers.

5. Bemberg Lining

The lining is the part of the glove that sits closest to your skin, actually in direct contact with it to be precise. The priority with this part is the maximum comfort. Plush materials are generally used to line gloves like these. And Hestra doesn’t disappoint with the inner lining of these gloves being exceedingly soft and luxurious.

The secret here is something they call “Bemberg” lining. Cursory research threw up the mystery behind this cozy fabric: it is also made out of high-quality rayon fibers that reproduce the effect of fine wool and silk. Bemberg is very often used as the inner lining of premium branded jackets and suits.

Inside these gloves, this lining provides utmost comfort and softness. And since Bemberg is highly breathable, just like natural wool, this lining does not leave your skin feeling hot or clammy. It nicely complements the other layers in providing insulation and breathability at the same time.

Miscellaneous Features & Issues


This product is TOUGH. Take a look at this video detailing the durability of this glove:

This product can stand up to whatever you throw at it!

Color Options

The Hestra gloves are available only in black color option, unfortunately. If you want your heated gloves in something more vibrant, you might have to look elsewhere. But thankfully, black is versatile enough to match any color combination out there.

Cuff Design

The cuffs on the gloves have secure zippers to provide a comfortable and snug fit once worn. But the cuffs are not very long, nor are they too flared. They are not large enough to fit securely over the sleeves of more bulky winter coats. When worn with jackets that insulate at the wrists, these gloves work exceedingly well. But the cuffs will not cover the sleeve-ends of any coat/jacket with wide ends.

Size Options

The gloves are available in a wide range of sizes. But pay particular attention to the sizing charts, as Hestra is a European brand. They usually follow the European sizing system, which tends to run small in North America. For the most snug fit, you might have to order one that is one size above your regular choice.

Travel Case

The pair of gloves, batteries, chargers, and adapters all come in a compact travel case. The black oblong case is made from synthetic fabrics. The case is not too small, which is not surprising since it has to house two bulky gloves. But it does make the gloves very travel-friendly indeed.

Waterproof zippers

All the zippers used on these gloves are certified waterproof. This is important since these zippers protect the opening to the battery storage compartment (near the cuffs).


Hestra provides a two-year warranty on the heating unit inside these gloves. If they fail within the stipulated period, you can get them freely replaced. On the rest of the gloves, they also provided a limited lifetime warranty. If parts of the glove get damaged, Hestra will replace them, which is a phenomenal offer indeed.

You’ll Love This Glove

If you’re someone that only expects to be out in the cold here and there, you probably won’t need this glove (it’s pretty expensive). But if you’re someone that loves the outdoors and expects to face extremely cold conditions, this is a product you must consider.

This is especially true if you’re a skier, mountain climber or like to participate in any kind of activity like that.

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I hope you enjoyed this review and if you’re thinking about any other heated gear, make sure to check around this website.

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