Bosch Heated Jacket Review

Company: Bosch

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

The Bosch heated jacket is an excellent product that’ll work for a lot of different people. This jacket is a favorite of manual laborers and people that work outside for a living – that’s probably because Bosch is a tool company.

The Bosch heated jacket is a little pricey but still worth it in my mind!

High-Quality Fabric

The product looks stylish as it’s made of 100% polyester. This is a cold-resistant fabric already even if you don’t operate the heating machine. Aside from the heating system, this is also the main reason why it’s suitable for outdoor work purposes such as handling construction during the winter season. It also provides a good way to protect you from the heat of the system, while evenly transferring the heat all over the jacket. So what more can you get when you use its heating system? For more details, check out the Wind and Water Resistant section.

3 Heat Settings

The nifty product contains three heat settings that you will surely enjoy. The first one is the low heat setting which provides just the right warmth that may be comfortable when you have a fever or if you need to add up a bit of sweat when running. The next one is the medium heat setting which is good when you’re working on a place that has a very cold air conditioning system. It could also be suitable during a cold rainy day or if the weather’s too unbearable even when you’re at home. Additionally, it can also give you extra warmth during winter. The high heat setting of the product may be suitable for heavier tasks such as staying outside a snowy place for too long, or if you’re hiking very cold mountain regions. These settings ensure that the jacket will work for numerous purposes for an all-in-one solution when heating up. These can be activated with a simple press of a button.

Water and Wind Resistant

This jacket is perfectly suitable for any type of weather just like what a normal jacket can do. The Bosch Heated Jacket is designed and manufactured to become resistant to strong winds and even water. The outer area of the jacket provides warmth as it protects your skin from the harsh cold weather. The heating system of the product is well-protected by the outer shell as well so then it won’t get damaged when the jacket gets wet. With this feature, you can confidently trek the mountains or go to snowy areas even when it’s rainy or when the winds are strong, without even expecting the jacket to tear or break. This also ensures that Bosch is not just prepared for providing you the perfect warmth during cold weather, but it can also keep you completely safe from any harsh weather. This quality also makes the heated jacket long lasting for many years.

Heat Zones

The Bosch Heated Jacket is designed with certain heat zones, which serve as the heating system of the product. This product is made out of material that can be electronically set using the buttons that you can use for adjusting the heat levels. Upon activation, the jackets start to provide heat, which is also visible as it heats up the jacket with a light that’s similar to a microwave oven, but not that hot. The heat zones can be seen easily from the back and chest area of the jacket once it lights up. There’s a pair for each chest, and a huge one located at the middle area of your upper back. What’s interesting about these warming zones is also strong enough to heat rapidly, with the heat evenly circulating around the jacket to ensure perfect warmth. The quick heat setup of the product only takes a matter of minutes.

6 Hours Maximum Heat Runttime

The jacket’s heating system operates using a 4.0Ah battery. This batter serves enough power to provide you the right amount of heat that you need in order to stay warm no matter where you go. What’s interesting is that it can last for about 6 hours without turning the jacket off. The heating system has this mechanism built to ensure that the machine won’t overheat and potentially damage you and the jacket. This safety precaution also ensures that the heating system won’t get damaged from overuse. But this may mean that there’s a limit for giving you heat when using the jacket. But remember that the given time for the jacket to heat up is just enough because you often bring jackets outdoors, and going out doesn’t typically last a whole day. And if you have a good resistance to cold while wearing the jacket, then just give the heater a rest as the jacket itself is already comfortable.

12 Volt Max-Power

The product is operating on a 12-Volt Max power tool battery system. This is the very machine that made the jacket capable of lasting for a long time, aside from the battery’s power. The product’s power output ensures that it will provide the right levels, and can even be increased depending on the user’s preference. The voltage of the product also ensures that it will run efficiently on the battery as the jacket’s heating system is being used.

Extra Features

Here are other handy features of the Bosch Heated Jacket:

  • Pockets – The product has five pockets in different areas. These are pockets for holding a phone, for placing large documents, a holster where the controller and battery are stored, and two hand pockets. These are very convenient features for outdoor purposes.
  • USB Powered – The product’s battery is also powered via USB, making it easier for you to charge it. This guarantees that you can charge the jacket’s batteries anywhere you may go. You can also power up certain electronics using the battery.
  • Accessories – The product also comes with a controller, a battery holster, the battery as a separate part, and the charger. This, along with the jacket comes in a kit.

Bonus: Warranty

What made this product more interesting is its warranty. The Bosch Heated Jacket has a limited warranty that’s granted instantly to the owner of this jacket. The warranty will last for a period of 1 year from the date you purchased it. This is excellent for replacing the product when it’s proven to have defects in its design or heating system. It can also benefit you greatly in saving money if the product’s heating system got broken by accident as well.

Where Is This Jacket Suitable?

There are certain scenarios mentioned above which indicates the places where you can use the jacket. But for more detailed information, here are the following places where this is perfect:

During Rain or Snow

Any kind of weather condition can be conveniently ignored through the means of this jacket. The heating system of the jacket can provide you with the right amount of heat that you need no matter how harsh the weather gets. The product’s resistant outer shell also provides water resistance to ensure that you and the heating system won’t get wet.


If you have a job wherein you need to go outdoors when it’s cold, such as working on construction or for delivery, then this jacket will make you cozy and warm throughout the day and night. The jacket’s heating system can be adjusted to a medium or high level if the weather appears to get extremely cold. This ensures that you will never have to worry about the cold temperature when you have other things to worry about. On the other hand, you can adjust to low or mid temperature if your office or school air conditioning system is too cold for you to bear.


Hiking the mountains during winter or during rain may give you the chills. That’s why the Bosch Heated Jacket can be used conveniently to warm you up as you go through the harsh terrain under bad weather. The product’s resistant quality guarantees that it will never break or tear easily, while it’s heating system provides warmth even when you go to sleep at your camp. It’s perfect for those who are hiking but have weak resistance to cold temperatures.

Riding A Motorcycle

There are times where you may get the chills when you go ride a motorcycle for a very long trip. The endless winds from the velocity you’re creating may cause you to feel cold. What more if you go ride on your motorcycle when it rains or during winter? This heated jacket will surely play a huge role in keeping you all warm even when the winds get harsh along the road.


You can produce more sweat if you’re in serious need of cardio training. It may be quite a weird thing, but a conventional method of using it is to heat it when exercising. Combine this with an intense training regimen, and for sure you will perspire even more, which is great especially if you want to lose weight so bad!

Having A Fever?

The Bosch Heated Jacket can also serve as an amazing life hack when someone needs to get warm when they’re suffering from fever or flu. All you need to do is to apply the jacket and activate it to low heat setting. Sweating is an important process in recovering from fever and flu, and the heated jacket proves useful for this purpose.

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