5 Best Neck and Shoulder Heating Pads

Do you get a lot of strain and pain in your neck and shoulders? Well, no more do you have to suffer from that pain, thanks to the best neck and shoulder heating pads. They will deliver heat to the pained area and allow you to feel better within just a few minutes of heat. Below you will find the best neck and shoulder heating pads reviews. All of these products are exceptional and will work to help relieve your pain.

Sunbeam Neck & Shoulder Heating Pad

Sunbeam is a very popular brand is the heating pad space. I’m sure many of you have seen this brand before when shopping for a heating pad. This is a specific neck, shoulder, and back heating pad. This heating pad has four heating settings, so you can choose how much heat you want. It has a super soft plush material that will be very comfortable.

Micromink Soft Plush

The plush material is very soft and makes you feel comfy cozy while you are wearing it. The rim of the pad is also weighted, so it helps give that sense of security when you are wearing it. This material is also machine washable, which is another great feature if the heating pad gets dirty.

Digital LED Controller

This heated neck and shoulder pad comes with a thermostat controller that lights up to show you what temperature it is on. This allows you to easily control the heat settings on your heating pad. The settings you have are warm, low, medium, and high. The higher you go up, the hotter the temperature will become.

Unique Shape with Ergonomic Fit

The shape of the heating pad targets specific areas to relieve pain through the process of heat. This heating pad will apply heat to your neck, shoulders, and the pack side of your head. This heating pad fits so comfortably on top of your shoulders. The magnetic clip is used to clip both sides together to keep the heating pad in place when it is on you.


  • This is a contoured heating pad that is designed to work directly on the neck and upper back of your body.
  • The heating pad will fit comfortably snug around your neck. The edges are weighted, and there is a magnetic closure to keep it around your neck.
  • Four different heat levels with gentle, direct heat.
  • Soft micromink fabric keeps you comfortable while wearing it.
  • Can be machine washed when it gets dirty.
  • Two hour auto-off features and the thermostat controller is nine feet long.


  • The product can be a little big if you are a small woman.


This is a great brand with an incredible product. Their heating element works great to give you a ton of warmth. The controller is a great feature because you can easily adjust the temperature with a click of a button. Overall, this is a very budget friendly heating option for your neck and shoulders.

Large Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders

Another amazing neck and shoulder heater comes from the company Sable. This heater is slightly bigger than the Sunbeam option; it comes slightly longer down on the back. This will deliver heat to the neck, shoulders, back, and part of the spine. There are six different heat settings to choose from, which is a great feature.

Safety Features

What I really like about this product is that it has a safety feature that will shut off the heat being generated automatically if it overheats. This is important because sometimes electronics do overheat, so for this product to have a fail-safe feature is really nice.

Automatic Timer

There is also an automatic timer option that can be used. This will let you use the heating pad for a continuous two hours, and then it will shut off automatically. If you want to turn it back on after the two hours, you can, but this is a great feature if you happen to fall asleep with the heating pad on.

Six Heating Options

This heating pad works with six different heating options. These different heating options will range in heat from 95 degrees Fahrenheit to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. So, the lowest temperature will obviously be around 95 degrees, and the highest will be 150.


  • The pad helps relieve pain through dry and moist heat. The heat will be admitted in the shoulder, neck, back, and spine area.
  • Outstanding safety feature that will shut the heating elements off if they start to overheat.
  • There are six different heat settings on this heating pad.
  • There is also a timer setting which will allow you to have continuous heat for two hours, and then it will shut off.
  • Super soft and comfortable plush material.
  • Weighted edges to help you feel secure wearing the pad around your neck and shoulders.


  • The material isn’t as high quality as some of the other brands.


Overall, this is another one of the best neck and shoulder heating pads. It comes at a very affordable price, and the features of this product are amazing. It heats up so much, and it has that auto shut off feature, which is very important.

Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders, Comfytemp

The heating pad developed by Comfytemp has three different heating settings. This is the traditional amount of heating settings that come in low, medium, and high. The heating pad is twenty-two and a half inches wide, which should fit mostly everyone. There is a clasp that connects the heating pad around your neck; that way, it stays on.

Moist Heat Option

This heating pad offers a moist heat option, which means you can lightly spray down your heating pad with water, and as it heats it up, it will deliver more of a deep heat relief to your muscles. This is another great feature to have, of course, you can still use it the regular way.

Machine Washable

The plush flannel material that this heating pad is made out of is machine washable. All you have to do to wash it is to disconnect it from the cord, and you can out it into the washing machine. Please make sure you do not put the heating pad into the dryer.


  • Targets the neck, shoulders, and upper back part of the body to relieve sore muscles and stress.
  • There is a snap fastener that will go together around your neck to keep the heating pad in place on your shoulders.
  • Weighted edges of the heated mat help to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Three temperature settings to choose from in low, medium, and high.
  • There is a two-hour shut off timer to conserve electricity.
  • The plush material is made from a cozy flannel that is very soft and cozy to the touch.
  • Five year warranty included with purchase.
  • There are two different sizing options to choose from as well.


  • It doesn’t heat up as hot as some of the other brands.


This is another very affordable neck and shoulder heating pad. It works exceptionally well, and it can be machine washed, which is a great feature. You have a moist heat option, which is great to get heat deeper down into your muscles. This product does have two sizing options; one will be longer and can be used to heat up most of your back as well.

Sunbeam Heating Pad for Neck & Shoulders

Here we have another great product from the company Sunbeam. As you may already know, we like the quality that this brand puts into all of their products. This heating pad measures 14 by 22 inches, so it will fit perfectly around everyone’s neck and shoulders. There is a magnetic clasp that can be clipped together to help keep the heating pad on.

Super Soft Micro Plush

This heating pad is made from a very soft, comfy micro plush. This plush will be very comfortable against and on your skin. The heat is able to easily pass through the plush to deliver you pain relief. You can also wash the heating pad inside the washing machine, which is a very nice feature.

Moist or Dry Heat

You can use the heating element in two ways. The first way is to just use it the standard way. So you can turn it on and let the heat to begin to soothe you. The other way the heating element can be used is as a moist heat. All you do is get the heating pad lightly wet. So, if you had a spray bottle to mist water on your heating pad, that would work great. Then you will be able to get a deeper heat penetration when it is moist heat.

Four Different Color Options

This is the first product on this review that has had other color options to choose from. You have the choice to choose from green, tan brown, red burgundy, or the sapphire.


  • Perfectly tailored design to fit perfectly onto your shoulders.
  • It provides heat to your neck, shoulders, and upper part of your back.
  • It comes with a magnetic clasp that will keep the heating pad together to not fall off your shoulders.
  • Made from a super soft micro plush that is super soft as well as machine washable.
  • It comes with a convenient LED light-up controller that allows you to easily adjust the different heat settings.
  • Can be used with moist heat by getting the heating pad mildly wet as well as it can be used in the standard way as dry heat.
  • Four different color options to choose from.


  • This heating pad does not cover very much of the back, so it mostly only targets the neck and shoulder area.


Overall, this is a very budget friendly heating pad that mostly everyone should be able to afford. I like that you get to choose your color to match more of your personality. The Led controller makes it very easy to change between different heat settings. This is a very convenient heating pad that will target specific areas.

LTLKY Neck and Shoulder Heating Pad

This heating pad designed by the LTLKY company is very unique. This is a completely flat rectangle shaped heating pad that will work on any part of your body. The fast heating will start generating heat in a matter of thirty seconds. With nine different heat settings, you can truly customize this heating pad to the way you like it best.

Thermostat Controller

The thermostat controller on this heating pad offers nine different heat settings. All of these settings range from 86 degrees to over 158 degrees Fahrenheit. Obviously, the lower setting will be the lower temperature. The higher the setting goes, the higher the temperature will rise.

4 Setting Timer

The timer can be adjusted in four different settings. Starting from thirty minutes all the way up to 120 minutes. After the heating pad has been on for any of the timed times, it will turn off. The four different settings are thirty, sixty, ninety, and one hundred and twenty minutes.

Can Be Used Anywhere

This heating pad is completely flat, and because of the way this heating pad is, you can essentially use it anywhere on your body. It works just as well on your neck and shoulders like any of the other heating pads on this review.


  • This is a flat shaped heating pad that can be used in many different ways.
  • Heats up within thirty seconds of it being turned on.
  • Comes with nine different heat settings that range in temperature from 86 degrees Fahrenheit to 158 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Two hour auto shut off timer for safety reasons and electricity saving benefits.
  • Can be used as a moist or dry heat option for a better relief from pain.
  • This heating pad can be easily machine washed as well, as it comes with a storage bag that it can be stored away in when it is not in use.
  • The cord that comes with this heating pad is in the extra-long length spanning nine feet long.


  • Could be difficult to wrap around your neck due to the big size of this pad.


I really like that this heating pad can truly be used in so many ways. I also really like that it heats up to a higher temperature than any of the other heating pads in this best neck and shoulder heating pad review. It is extremely budget-friendly and affordable.

Head & Shoulder Heating Pad

How to Choose the Best Neck and Shoulder Heating Pad

Below you will look at a series of topics that will help you narrow down our top picks for the best neck and shoulder heating pads. Take your time to read about each feature because it will help you pick the right one for you.

Heat Settings

The heat setting feature is extremely important when considering which product, you should buy. Some products just have the traditional three heat setting feature, which is usually just low, medium, and high. Other companies offer more heat settings that will range in different temperatures. The more heat setting the heating pad has, the easier it will be to adjust it perfectly to how you like it.

Auto Shut Off

The auto shut off feature is another fantastic feature to have in your heating pad for safety reasons. This is basically a fail-safe that will shut off automatically if the product begins to overheat. This is an exceptional safety feature that actually works and will prevent fires from starting.


Most heating pads have some sort of time feature on it. The basic ones that don’t have a lot of added features typically have a two-hour self-timer that will shut off after two hours of use. This is the basic feature you will see. Some products have different timer options, such as an hour or even thirty minutes.

Heat Up Time

Heat up time is definitely an important thing to consider because you want a heating pad that is going to heat up quickly. Some heating pad products heat up faster than others, so make sure when you are reading the reviews that you see how fast the product will begin to heat up.

Snug Fit

Shoulder and neck heating pads should fit around your neck snug and securely. If you have to big of a heating pad, it will not fit on top of your shoulders by itself. Most of the best neck and shoulder heating pad options I reviewed have a magnetic clasp that will keep the heating pad securely around your neck. If you are small, then I suggest getting one with a clasp to keep it securely on you.

Easy to Clean

Another important feature is how easy is it to clean the heating pad. Most of the heating pads in my review are able to be machine washed as long as you disconnect it from the power cord. Do not put your heating pad into the dryer as it will ruin the heating elements. Lay it out to hang dry, and then you can use it as normal.

Cord Length

The length of the electrical cord is another feature that people take into consideration. Most people like to relax while using a heating pad, so they will need to have a long enough cord to plug it into an outlet near where you are relaxing.

Best Neck and Shoulder Heating Pads

Neck and Shoulder Heating Pad FAQ’s

Below you will find a few common questions and answers on the topic of the heated neck and shoulder pads.

1) Question: How Does a Heating Pad Work?

Answer: The inside of the heating pad has tiny wrapped around coils that heat up when connected to an electrical source. It then heats up the entire pad and will penetrate the top layer of your skin to warm it up. When the skin is warm, the brain blocks out the pain sensors and just focuses on how the heat feels.

2) Question: How Long Does It Take for a Heating Pad to Heat Up?

Answer: Some heating pads take less time to heat up than others. I would say as soon as you plug in the heating pad, it will start to heat up. Some of the heating pads I reviewed above only take about thirty seconds to start heating up.

3) Question: What is the Best Neck and Shoulder Heating Pad?

Answer: In my personal opinion, I believe the Sunbeam brand is the best when it comes to heating pads, and our favorite product we reviewed was the Sunbeam Neck & Shoulder Heating Pad, which is the first product I have reviewed. Read more in the review above to find out why we like this product so much!

4) Question: Are Neck and Shoulder Heating Pads Safe to Use?

Answer: Yes, you may be surprised to hear this, but a heating pad is actually very safe to use. Many of them have fail safes, which means if they start to overheat, they will actually shut themselves off automatically, which will prevent the heating elements from getting burned out as well as fires.

You will not have to worry about the safety of any of the neck and shoulder heating pads above because they all have exceptional features and safety features.

5) Question: Can You Use a Heated Neck and Shoulder Pad When Pregnant?

Answer: Yes, you can use a heating pad when you are pregnant; just make sure you do not put the pad directly onto your stomach. Since we are talking about a neck and shoulder heating pad, it is more than safe for a pregnant woman to use.

In Conclusion

A neck and shoulder heating pad is a great way to relieve pain in your neck and shoulders. People who spend a lot of time in a seated position in an office can get a lot of strain in their neck. Heat is a natural pain reliever, so I really do hope my best neck and shoulder reviews helped you find the perfect product for you. If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to us.

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