6 Best Heated Scarves For Men And Women 2020

Looking for a little protection from the cold winter weather?

If this is the case, you may want one of the best heated scarves. These products give you extra warmth to battle freezing temperatures and are perfect for many different activities (skiing, hiking, camping, walking your dog, shoveling your driveway, commuting and more).

Let’s take a look at my top picks now!

Venture Heat Heated Scarf

Company: Venture Heat

Our Rating: 4.9/5

Price: $$$

Venture Heat is known for their heated gear and you can find Venture Heat heated jackets, gloves, vests and more. When you purchase from them you know you’re getting a quality product and one that’s going to protect you in cold weather.

Their heated vest has all the features you want and that includes coming with a rechargeable battery. Having a battery you can charge has a few benefits over having a product that runs on disposable batteries. The main benefit is you save money over time and won’t have to constantly go out to buy replacements.


  •  3 heat settings: This is definitely a feature that you want to have and one you’ll appreciate. You get more control over heat output because of this.
  • Soft to the touch: Like the last product you saw this one is made from micro fiber materials and is extremely comfortable to wear.
  • 6 hours of heat: This is more than the last product you saw and is one of the better heating times you’ll get. Most people aren’t in the cold for more than 6 hours straight and should be enough to get you through any activity.

If you’re someone that expects to face many different situations and want a versatile scarf for that, this one will work for you. This scarf is pretty reasonable in terms of price too. It’s not cheap but I definitely don’t think it’s too expensive.

FNDN Heated Scarf

Company: FNDN

Our Rating: 4.9/5

Price: $$$

I like FNDN a lot because all their products perform very well AND look good. That’s the case with this heated scarf too – you can wear it while skiing and you can wear it in your everyday life. It works that well and is that stylish.

One thing that you’ll like with this scarf is it has 3 heat settings (high, medium, and low). This gives you more control over how much warmth you get and ensures you’re always as comfortable as possible. When it’s very cold crank the heat to high and when it’s a little warmer you can keep it on low or medium.


  • 4.5 hours of battery life: This is a pretty good amount of warmth. If you’re using this product for skiing or anything like that, just make sure to charge it up at lunch.
  • Made from micro fleece: Another aspect you’re going to appreciate is the micro fleece materials. You get a very comfortable scarf because of this.
  • Quick charge time: A lot of rechargeable batteries need 4 or more hours to charge up. If you decide on this FNDN product you’ll be able to fully charge it in around 2 hours.

This scarf is definitely high end and one any person who truly wants the best should consider. It is fairly expensive, though, but almost everyone who purchases it, loves it. If you want to read a bunch of reviews from different customers, click below:

Verseo Heated Scarf

Company: Verseo

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Price: $

If you’re looking for a scarf to protect you when the weather is sub zero or a product to take out skiing, this Verseo scarf isn’t for you. This scarf is meant more for a little extra protection when it’s cold out and not meant to face very cold or windy conditions.

For example, this product only gives 3 hours of heat. If you plan on battling the elements all day long that’s just not enough to keep you happy. But if you’re only commuting to work or looking for something to wear when you go out, you won’t mind this scarf.


  • Runs on AAA batteries: I personally prefer a product that runs on a rechargeable battery. The one benefit to disposable batteries is you can always bring a long extra in case the batteries die.
  • Carbon heating elements: Carbon heating elements are very safe and heat up quickly – you won’t have to wait around to get your warmth.
  • Very comfortable: This is another scarf that you’re going to like to wear. In fact, many people like to wear it when they go to bed and to help relax.

There is one thing that this scarf has going for it and that’s its price. This is by far the cheapest product on this list and costs under $30. As long as you use it correctly you’ll like what it can do for you.

Volt Heated Scarf

Company: Volt

Price: $$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Volt is another company that makes a ton of heated clothing and you can trust any product you get from them. You can wear this Voit scarf in all conditions too – skiing, hiking, and in everyday life.

One aspect that makes this product worth it is it comes with 3 different heat settings. You’ve seen this feature already but it’s one that’s important. When you have exact control over the heat output you’re going to be more comfortable and enjoy your day more.


  • 7 hours of heat: This is the most you’ve seen so far and is definitely a plus if you love the outdoors. You’ll be protected no matter what you’re doing.
  • Comfortable materials: The last thing you want is an uncomfortable scarf that irritates you. This scarf is made from fleece and is enjoyable to wear all day long.
  • Machine washable: When it comes time to clean this product there won’t be any issues. You can just throw it right into the wash with your other clothes.
  • Zero Layer Heat System: This technology ensures there’s limited bulk and the scarf is ultra lightweight.

The price is actually pretty good too and it’s one of the cheapest scarfs with a rechargeable battery on this list. Because of this, you’ll have a hard time finding a better value for your money.

Comfortwear Women’s Scarf

Company: Comfortwear

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Here we have another scarf that’s perfect for all activities. It doesn’t matter the weather, temperature or elements – this Comfortwear scarf is well made and ensures you’re always protected.

Like the Volt product you just saw, this one is machine washable. This just makes life easier and means you won’t have to hand wash this scarf (who wants to do that?).


  • 3 heat settings: This is a feature you’ve seen a few times but it’s a must have in my opinion. You want to have full control over the heat output and this gives you that power.
  • Long lasting battery: If there’s one downside to having rechargeable batteries is you’ll have to replace it eventually. Luckily, this battery lasts 500 recharges and it’ll be years before you need to buy a new battery.
  • 4 hours of heat: This isn’t the most on the list but it’s a good amount. You can always recharge it during lunch if you need more out of it.

This scarf is pretty expensive, however, and costs about $150. Do I think it’s that much better than the other scarfs on this list? Maybe the ones that runs on AAA batteries but not the others.

Warmawear Heated Scarf

Company: Warmawear

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 4.6/5

Of all the scarves listed here, this one from Warmawear is my least favorite. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad scarf or anything like that, it’s just too expensive for what you’re getting.

The reason I say that is this scarf runs on AAA batteries. The only other scarf on this list that also runs on AAA’s cost about $30. How much does this one cost? Around $90. Does this Warmawear scarf perform that much better than the other one? Not really.


  • Carbon fiber heating: Carbon fiber is a popular heating system for all heated clothes – it’s safe and heats up quickly.
  • 3 hour battery life: This is how long basically all scarfs that run on disposable batteries last. It’s not terribly long but you can always bring along extra batteries if this one goes out.
  • Pockets for your hands: There’s two compartments to place your hands in case it gets very cold out.

Like I said up top, this product is probably priced too high. But there’s still people that purchase this scarf and are happy with it. If you’d like to take a closer look at it, click below:

Heated Scarf FAQ’S

1) Question: How much do these products usually cost?

Answer: Price really ranges on these products and the cost of these scarves usually comes down to materials, type of battery used and performance.

There’s a lot of low quality heated scarves on the market that I didn’t add to this list. I just don’t see much purpose in purchasing one of these products if it barely works.

A high quality, well functioning and high performing heated scarf usually costs between $70 to $150. Anything lower than $70 and you’re probably paying too little and you won’t be happy with what you bought.

2) Question: Where can I buy these scarves?

Answer: These aren’t the most common products on earth and you probably won’t be able to go out to the store and buy one.

Really the only place to purchase a heated scarf is online. If you look at all my recommendations and click the “check price here” button, it’ll bring you to the cheapest option for each scarf.

3) Question: What activities can be done while wearing heated scarves?

Answer: There’s really nothing you can’t do while wearing these scarves. They’re a particular favorite of people who love the outdoors. So if you’re a skier, hiker, or anything like that, you’ll love these products.

They can be worn in more instances too. I think commuters and people looking for a little extra warmth in everyday life will really enjoy this scarf too.

4) Question: What are the pros and cons of these products?



1. A heated scarf can certainly do a lot to keep you warm, which is great if you prefer to live in a colder climate. This can also help if you have a condition like anemia or if you have a low percentage of body fat. These conditions tend to make a person colder, and wrapping with a layer of the heated scarf can help manage that.

2. Pain relief can often be achieved through the use of heat. It enlarges the vessels and promotes circulation to the affected area. This, in turn, reduces inflammation and the pain that accompanies it. A heated scarf can be used around the neck to reduce those aches and pains. It could also be wrapped around other body parts to provide relief.

3. Some heated scarves are more like a shawl or blanket. This can make them useful if you are going on a car trip or if you are home alone and don’t want the additional expense of a heater. They could also make an additional snuggle partner as you rest with a book or watch T.V.

4. Some of the higher quality heated scarves are made of material and filling that prevent it from sliding around on your shoulders as you walk. This particular type of scarf looks like a roll that sits on your shoulders to provide you comfort and warmth without you having to stop frequently to readjust it.

5. These can be a great option for a large group of people. Those who have outdoor jobs in the winter may find this to be perfect for them, or even people who work in an office that always seems to have the temperature set on iceberg status. In addition, those who enjoy taking their workouts outdoors or going on extended survival trips may find these suitable. It may also be a good idea to keep one in the emergency kit for your car in case you are ever stranded for the night.


1. The power source for this product is something that doesn’t always agree with consumers. The options typically end up being battery powered, a warming pouch, or the use of a microwave to heat the item. Batteries can be expensive to replace, not to mention the potential for them to leak and cause damage. The pouch option is something that you shake and it releases a type of chemical reaction. Not only does this sound unpleasant, it doesn’t exactly seem safe either.

2. Using anything that’s heated, whether it be a rice sock or a heated scarf, has the possibility to injure you. People with sensory impairments, like diabetic patients, or who have nerve damage are especially susceptible to injury. It’s also possible that the person wearing it could fall asleep and wake up to burns on their skin from the product being applied for too long.

3. A heated scarf typically costs much more than your regular scarf and it’s up to you if the cost is worth it. On average, these products can run about twenty to thirty dollars or more. This cost may be high enough for people to decide against them.

4. If the product you choose comes with equipment, like a battery pack or other type of charger, then it can make it very heavy and uncomfortable to wear. This will likely mean that you will need to adjust the scarf often and that it may even fall off completely. In addition, a scarf with these items included may be harder to clean if something gets spilled on it or if you just want to freshen it up. Handwashing may be necessary.

Try One Of These Scarfs

A heated scarf can really turn a cold day around.

Luckily for you and I, there’s a bunch of them to choose from that can basically handle all weather and conditions.

It doesn’t matter if it’s freezing out, one of the scarfs up top can really help.

If you’re interested in more heated clothing make sure to check out my posts on the top heated jackets, top heated gloves and top heated socks too!

Are you pumped about being warm this winter?


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