7 Best Heated Pants and Pant Liners 2020

If you’re looking to add a little warmth this winter, you should consider one of the best heated pants and pant liners.

These products are perfect for a lot of different activities like hiking, motorcycle riding, skiing, hunting and more.

Plus, there’s plenty of pants to choose from that suit all needs and budgets too.

Let’s take a look at my top picks now!

Mobile Warming Men’s Longman 7.4 Volt

Company: Mobile Warming

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

The Mobile Warming Longman is an excellent product for those expecting to face very cold conditions. The Longman is made with 4 way stretch materials and this means it’s great for movement and mobility.

These materials are also very comfortable. It doesn’t matter if you’re riding your motorcycle in the winter, out walking your dog or hunting – these pants won’t distract and will feel good to have on.


  • 4 heat settings: Many of the products you see coming up will only have 3 heat settings. This one, however, gives you 4 heat settings and this means a better experience in the cold for you.
  • 8 hours of warmth: On the lowest heat setting you get 8 hours of heat and this is very good. For most people, this is more than enough to survive the day.
  • Tri-zone heating: You get good heating coverage if you decide on these pants too. The heating is located on your thighs and near your kidney area.
  • Moisture wicking materials: When you have pants pumping in heat you might sweat. The Longman’s wick away sweat build up, though, for added comfort.
  • Rechargeable battery: You won’t have to worry about constantly buying new batteries either. This product comes with a 7.4 volt Lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

The price for these pants isn’t bad either. I wouldn’t consider them cheap, but they’re not overpriced. For what you’re getting, I think the Longman’s are a good value.

Venture Heat Motorcycle Heated Pant Liner

Company: Venture Heat

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

If you love winter power sports and need a pair of pants to keep you nice and toasty, I would definitely consider these Venture Heat pant liners. The reason this product is perfect for motorcycles, snowmobiles and more is that it needs to be plugged into your vehicles power source to work.

This actually has a few benefits and the main is you’ll have a full day of warmth. Because it doesn’t run on a battery you’ll always get heating and you won’t have to suffer from the cold.


  • Xtreme comfort technology: This product was made with mobility in mind. The makers eliminated all extra bulk and integrated the heating elements well.
  • 4 different heat settings: When it’s very cold you can pump these pants to extra high and when it’s not as cold, you can put it to one of the other 3 heat settings.
  • Multi-zone heating: You won’t have to worry about parts of your legs getting warmth and others not – you get all-around heating with these Venture Heat pants.
  • Windproof: Another reason this product is perfect for motorcycle riding is they resist wind well. This keeps the chill down too.

These pants cost about the same as the Mobile Warming product you just saw, give or take a few bucks. If you’d like to check out the exact price and read what paying customers are saying about these pants, click below:

Mobile Warming Dual Power 12 Volt

Company: Mobile Warming

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

This is the second Mobile Warming product you’ve seen so far and this one is a little more high performing than the first one. In fact, these pants are probably the highest performing on this list.

One thing that’s really cool with this product is it can be powered by two different sources. If you’re in the woods hunting or hiking you can charge up the battery and get heat that way. If you’re riding your motorcycle or snowmobile you can plug these pants right into the power source for all day warmth.


  • 4 way stretch materials: This product is good in any activity that requires movement because of the materials it’s made from.
  • Multi-zone heating: These pants come with heating on your rear, waist and knees. This gives some of the best heating coverage of all the items on this list.
  • 4 heat settings: Like every pair of pants you’ve seen so far, this one comes with 4 heat settings. This ensures you’ll be as comfortable as possible no matter what the weather.
  • 20 hours of heat: On a single charge you get up to 20 hours of heat which is much more than any other product on the market.
  • High of 149 degrees: On the highest heat setting you get a whopping 149 degrees of heat. On the lowest you get 100 degrees.

Because you get all these extra features and because these pants are such high quality, they’re pretty expensive. If you have the extra cash to spend this winter, though, I would definitely think about purchasing them. They really deliver in all ways possible.

Firstgear Heated Pants Liner

Company: Firstgear

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Here we have another product that’s designed specifically for motorcycle riders. If you’re someone that loves riding, even in the fall and winter, you should definitely consider these Firstgear pants.

One of the main reasons these pants are perfect for motorcycle enthusiasts is it’s made from form fitting spandex materials. This ensures you won’t feel stifled or restricted while donning this product.


  • Anti-bacterial treatment: This is a nice little feature and it keeps odors in check and prevents foul smells from developing.
  • Multi-heating zones: You’ll get good heat coverage if you decide on these pants. The heating zones are located on your knees and thighs.
  • Moisture wicking materials: You won’t have to worry about overheating either. This product is designed to wick away all moisture and sweat.

In terms of price, these pants are right on par with the first two you saw. That’s a good price for what you’re getting and if you buy these Firstgear pants I think you’ll come to the same conclusion.

Venture Heat Heated Base Layer

Company: Venture Heat

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

These pants from Venture Heat are a lot like the first one you saw in terms of technologies and features. The first one, however, is made for motorcycle riding and all other power sports – it’s powered by plugging it in.

This product, however, is powered with a rechargeable battery. While you still can wear them on your bike, you can also wear them in other situations too.


  • 3 heat settings: This is another product that gives you many options in terms of heat output. This keeps you comfortable and toasty no matter how cold it is.
  • Tri-zone heating: You get good heat coverage too if you decide on this product and the heating is found on your knees and your hips.
  • 5 hours of heat: This is a pretty good amount of heat and should satisfy most people’s needs.
  • Xtreme comfort technology: Nobody likes to wear bulky pants or clothes. This feature minimizes the bulk and keeps you mobile.

This is another product that’s a good value and is one of the more affordable options on this list. If you’re looking to save a few bucks on your heated pants, this is definitely a good option.

California Heat Motorcycle Pant Liner

Company: California Heat

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Here we have another product that’s designed specifically for motorcycle riders. One thing I really like about the California Heat pants is they’re extra roomy. This allows you to layer underneath for added warmth.

Another aspect that’s nice is these pants are weatherproof. If you happen to get caught in the rain or anything like that, you’ll be fully protected from the elements.


  • Thinuslate insulation: Thinsulate insulation is very popular and is used in a lot of ski gear. It’s another reason you’ll be warm when the temperature drops.
  • Finewear heating: The heating system for these pants are lightweight and makes these extra mobile.
  • Wide heating area: You get a lot of heating if you purchase these pants too. It goes down your legs and across your hips.
  • Needs to be plugged in: Because these pants are made for motorcycle riders they need to be plugged into a power source to work and doesn’t run on batteries.

These pants aren’t exactly cheap, however, and are one of the more expensive on the market. They are extremely high quality and you’ll be happy with what you get if you decide on them, though.

Milwaukee Leather Men’s Heated Chaps

Company: Milwaukee

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Here we have another product designed specifically for motorcycle riders and this one has a feature that the others on the list don’t. First, this product isn’t exactly pants and are chaps.

Second, they’re made from premium cowhide leather. This gives them an awesome look and added protection – you’ll like how they’re styled and how they feel when you’re wearing them.


  • Waterproof pockets: You won’t have to worry about your phone or other possessions getting destroyed in the rain because of this.
  • Heating on thighs: The heating coverage is the largest with this product and is only located on the thighs.
  • Thermal lined: These pants come with a thermal liner that can be snapped on and off. When it’s extra cold you can go out riding with it and when it’s less cold you can leave it at home.  

This product is made with really high quality leather and because of that it’s going to cost extra. If you’re in the market for this type of product and plan on riding a lot, you should definitely consider it, though.

How To Choose Heated Pants

Who Wears Heated Pants? Why Passionate People Love Heated Pants and Pant Liners
For many people, a well-rounded life involves not only a good set of hobbies but also the pursuit of a passion. When that passion involves spending extended time out-of-doors, however, an ordinarily healthy activity can become downright troublesome or even dangerous to our health.

Take the pastimes of hiking and climbing, for example, which are still such young sports that innovations in clothing material are each year pushing climbers and hikers to new figurative and literal heights. (In fact, the notion of simply hiking a mountainside for the fun of it is such a recent idea the poet William Wordsworth was thought to be an oddball in the 19th Century for pursuing the diversion as a leisure activity.)

And while dressing for a hike or climb in spring or summer is a breeze, requiring only clothing that is found in most closets, the truth is that most die-hard climbers are often limited to pursuing their passion when the weather allows it, meaning that wintertime climbing is often restricted to indoor climbing walls.

With more recent developments and technological advancements in heated clothing, however, that seasonal restrictiveness has all changed. Now, climbers and hikers alike can enjoy their favorite pursuit in any weather.

Because technological developments in heated pants and pant liners enable hours of fun without the need to rush home and charge a battery, climbers and hikers are no longer limited by the risk of hypothermia or other conditions while climbing in cold or even freezing weather.

But perhaps the biggest buyers of heated clothing over the last several years are the dedicated members of that most diehard of unofficial fraternities, the worldwide family of motorcycle enthusiasts.

Since before the days when Lawrence of Arabia spent his retirement from the British military working on and racing his Brough Superior 1100 around the Dorset countryside, motorcycle riding has earned passionate adherents who love the engineering marvels of a well-made bike as well as the freedom of zooming along in the open air.

Additionally, motorcycle riders find that the level of comfort provided by heated pants will ensure that they are able to take their riding into new terrains without risking damage from severe cold. Since heated pants will warm the body in even the most bone-chilling climates, a good motorcyclist will be able to use heated pants even in areas they’d never dreamed of riding in before.

Moreover, many companies who design heated pants specifically design power sources that can be plugged into motorcycles, making a good pair an extremely central item to any serious motorcyclist’s arsenal.

In fact, motorcycle riders are likely to push the technological capabilities of heated clothing forward in the future, meaning that even when the wind-chill factor is intimidating, these dedicated roadsters will be pursuing their passion with the best clothing available while bringing the rest of us along for the ride.

Knowing Your Environment and Activities
So how do professionals and hobbyists alike find the right outfit for their needs? For many people, the best place to start in choosing a pair of good heated pants or pant liners will be in knowing which activities the pants will be used for.

Since many activities become prohibitive when temperatures drop to freezing, heated pants and other heated garments such as socks, gloves, and coats have become a must-have item in recent years for pastimes such as skiing, snowboarding, and even diving into natural bodies of water, where temperatures can otherwise create conditions for hypothermia and other harmful conditions.

One of the biggest user-bases of heated pants over the last several years has been hunting enthusiasts, for example, and because the sport can involve sitting still for hours in bitter winter temperatures, heated pants and clothing often enable skilled hunting devotees to maintain a covered position or track game with far more patience and precision than standard hunting gear would allow.

For many hunters, that can mean the difference between catching the trophy buck they’ve dreamed of for years and catching a case of frostbite.

Because fishing in colder months can also involve remaining rooted in one spot in near-freezing temperatures for extended periods, heated pants have also become popular with angling aficionados, who find that heated pants can make time spent on a windy lake or winter shoreline far more tolerable, extending the amount of time that can be devoted to a healthy and character-building hobby of passion.

And when time spent in icy conditions is a part of the working day or night, heated pants are often an essential item in a professional wardrobe. For delivery drivers who opt to use motorcycles, heated pants can be a life-saver when winter temperatures and freezing winds can make working difficult if not impossible. When items for delivery include critical supplies such as blood or organs for use in important surgery procedures, the stakes are high indeed.

Getting the Perfect Fit, Finding the Perfect Brand
As many fans of the outdoors will tell you, heated clothing is currently one of the best kept secrets in the contemporary marketplace.

As such, it is a buyer’s market when it comes to heated clothing, meaning that high-quality retailers are competing for potential customers and keeping prices as low as possible.

Current brands such as DeWalt, Ravean, and Bosch (you may recognize a few of these brand names from the esteem in which their other quality electrical products are held) are well known for their high quality materials and customer satisfaction, for example.

Since many heated pants companies were developed by owners who are passionate about motorcycle riding, most good companies are dedicated to ensuring that their customers have the perfect fit for their heated pants, as the body often naturally tenses and flexes during the course of a ride.

Unlike driving a car, riders often find that a good motorcycle ride will give the leg and back muscles a good workout, meaning that finding the perfect fit when flexed is essential to a ride in colder temperatures. Making sure to flex the leg muscles while taking measurements, for example, and measuring the waist after flexing the body to mimic the feel of riding a motorcycle, can help to give an accurate and comfortable fit to motorbike riders.

While it can be extremely beneficial to personally try on heated pants and accessories at a shop, not all buyers are close to a merchandiser who carries the model of heated pants they are interested in. Thankfully, most sellers currently offer online orders to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to purchase a quality pair of heated pants, and many products tend to be available on sites such as Amazon.

And if being measured at a shop isn’t possible, it is easy to take measurements for a pair of heated pants at home. By measuring the waist for above the hip bone as well as the inseam length (that is, the length of the inner leg to the ankle), while also estimating for a bit of extra room if needed, potential buyers can get an extremely accurate sizing for heated pants without any extra cost.

One of the best ways to measure the body for a perfect pair of heated pants is to choose an activity the pants will be central to and measure for what will likely be extended periods in certain positions.

For example, the fit of a waist will be central to activities like motorcycling, where a tight-fit can be extremely uncomfortable on the body’s midsection while riding. Buyers are in luck, however, as most companies will have a guide to taking measurements on their website to ensure that customers go home happy with a perfect pair of heated pants.

Common Features, and Pros and Cons
Whether the activity involves outdoor sports or interests such as motorcycling or snowboarding, the pros of purchasing a good pair of heated pants are many.

Since motorcycling in non-heated pants in cold temperatures must be weighed against the health risks of combining freezing weather and the wind-chill factor of riding at high speeds through extremely cold air, the benefits to personal health in wearing heated pants are extremely positive. S

ince the style and make of a pair of heated pants will likely be the chief selling point of the product, users will want to familiarize themselves with the features included with their purchase. These can include particularly useful add-ons such as USB power connectors that fit directly with the 12v systems common to most motorcycles, for example, which allow for charging on the go and ensure that users won’t ever have to deal with a dead battery on the road.

That doesn’t mean that the amenities included with a good pair of heated pants are limited to fans of motorbikes, however. By checking to see how batteries are charged and how much life can be expected from each battery, users can be certain that no matter what their activity that they’ll be able to have fun while staying warm.

Complementing one’s purchase with a portable 12v charger is a great way to keep fun activities like all-day hikes or marathon skiing sessions as comfortable as possible.

As far as negatives go, some buyers may find that the style options are currently limited to what is offered by each company. Heated pants are a relatively new phenomenon, and as such, they tend to still be offered in fairly simple looks: Like the Ford Model T at its inception, most models of heated clothing tend to come in black.

However, companies are constantly pushing the envelope in heated clothing, so it’s likely that a greater number of looks and styles are coming in the future.

Anyone Of These Pants Can Work!

Being cold can ruin any activity.

Luckily for you and I, there’s a solution to this problem. To purchase a pair of the best heated pants. These products are very nice to own and can be a real lifesaver.

Also, there’s one for every person no matter what you’re looking for or your budget.

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