6 Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves 2020

Motorcycles are extremely fun to ride, what’s not fun is riding them in extremely cold weather without the proper gear. When you have the proper gear on such as heated motorcycle gloves you will be able to keep warm and ride your motorcycle without having to worry about being uncomfortable.

We have made a list of the best motorcycle gloves to wear this winter. Heated motorcycle gloves will provide you with warmth all over your hands, and they will also protect your hands in case of an injury. They will feel warm and cozy on the inside and still feel breathable without letting any cold air seep inside. Check out our list and buying guide below.

Sun Will Professional Heated Motorcycle Gloves

These motorcycle gloves have a great infrared fiber heating element which covers the entire fingers and the back of the hand. The heat starts quickly, and there are three different heat settings you can choose from. The sheep leather feels very velvety smooth and soft. These gloves are very durable and thick and work great for all sorts of winter activities, outside work, motorcycle riding, and these gloves help with people who have joint pain. There are various numbers of sizes to choose from, so check out the size chart to pick your size.

Three High Heat Settings

These heated gloves are great because they have three different heat settings, and each setting gives a great deal of heat to the hands. The high setting will heat the gloves up to 150 degrees and last about two and a half hours. The medium setting will heat up to 130 degrees and last about three and a half hours. The last setting, which is the low setting, will heat up to 110 degrees and last around six and a half hours.

Even in the coldest weather, the lowest setting will give your hands a substantial amount of heat. I always say to start on the high setting and when your hands feel the warmth switch to low to allow your battery to last longer.

Very Durable Protective Gloves

These gloves are very durable, thick, and strong. They have a strong protective shell that protects the knuckles and will relive your joints from pain when riding on the motorcycle. There is also a handy buckle on the wrist that will trap heat tightly; that way, the gloves don’t fall off when riding. The material is a sheep leather that is water-resistant and anti-slip. These gloves are perfect for people that like to ride motorcycles, people who enjoy outdoor sports, outdoor work, and for people who have bad circulation.


  • These gloves use a fiber heating element that heats up the top of the hand as well as the fingers.
  • Specifically made for motorcycles, but people with arthritis or joint pain would benefit from the heat given by the gloves.
  • These gloves use two rechargeable lithium batteries, and they come with two dual chargers.
  • The batteries take three to four hours to fully charge, and the charge will last around six hours, depending on the heat setting you use.
  • These gloves are made out of sheep leather on the palms, and the outside is a polyester.


  • They are one of the more expensive gloves.


These are very high-quality motorcycle gloves. I really like the power of heat that the gloves give off. They are very comfortable on the inside, and all the little straps and palm anti-slip features make the gloves very nice. Make sure you follow the size chart to get the right size of gloves. The price is very reasonable for a good high-quality pair of heated gloves. I really love these gloves, and that is why I put them on my best motorcycle gloves list.

Snow Deer Heated Motorcycle Gloves 7.4V 2200MAH Electric 

The Snow Deer company is another company that makes fabulous heated clothing such as heated socks, and heated gloves. In these heated motorcycle gloves, you will notice extra padding across the top of the knuckles. This makes the gloves feel more reinforced when you are riding your motorcycle. The heating element has far-reaching heat, which actually makes the heat go all the way to your fingertips. You can still use your touchscreen devices with ease using these gloves. They are very affordable and extremely popular.

Far-Reaching Heat

These motorcycle heated gloves are nice because they have a great heating technology that warms the knuckles of the hands as well as the fingers and fingertips. It is important to have good heat while you are riding your motorcycle out in the winter. Their gloves use a rechargeable battery so you can continuously charge the batteries and use the gloves everyday with heat.

Touchscreen Technology

The index finger and the thumb finger have touchscreen technology. What this means is you can still use any smartphone device you have while still wearing your motorcycle gloves. Not all gloves have this technology, so this is a great feature to think about. I know that I hate having to take my gloves off in the cold just to check my phone; so, with this technology, you won’t have to worry about doing that anymore.


  • These gloves are made from sheep leather.
  • The gloves use an infrared fiber heating element that covers the back of the hand and the fingertips.
  • The gloves also help stimulate blood circulation, which helps to reduce joint pain and arthritis symptoms.
  • These gloves use a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery that lasts up to six hours when fully charged.
  • The fingers on the gloves have a touch screen sensor on the index finger and thumb.
  • These are all around great gloves for motorcycle riding, outdoor activities, cold weather wearing, and much more.


  • These gloves cannot be machine washed. They need to be spot cleaned.


This is a really great pair of motorcycle gloves, and that is why it has been added to our best heated motorcycle glove list. These gloves from snow deer come in seven different sizes. You can use the size chart to find your perfect size. I love the touchscreen element and the extra padding and protection on the knuckles of the gloves. The gloves also help if you suffer from joint pain. They are very nice motorcycle gloves.

Volt Motorcycle Heated Gloves

The Volt company is another major company when it comes to heated gear. The Volt brand is known for its impressive batteries and heat quality. These gloves excel in the heat quality and provide a powerful heat direct from your motorcycle’s battery. The gloves have a zero-layer heat system that allows the heat to easily transfer to your hand, keeping you very warm. The gloves leather has been worked in, so they are incredibly comfortable when they are worn. These gloves have a sleek look and work great on cold days, and you will have a warm motorcycle ride.

Zero Layer Heat System

The Volt heated leather motorcycle gloves have a special technology called the zero-layer heat system. This will allow your gloves to give you a better heat transfer from the gloves to your hands. This will guarantee to keep your hands warm on very cold winter days riding your motorcycle. The gloves also act as a barrier keeping all the generated heat trapped inside the gloves. This will keep you very warm!

Pre-Curved Gloves

The gloves have been pre-curved for you which means that have been worn in. Instead of putting on a tight-fitting pair of gloves, you can put these on, and they will have a comfortable fit. If you have ever worn leather, then you know about having to break them in, but you won’t have to with these.

Powered by The Motorcycle

These gloves are actually powered by the motorcycles electrical system. Some of the other motorcycle gloves I have reviewed use rechargeable batteries, but this one you will physically connect to your bike. Since it is connected straight to the source of power, the gloves give off an amazing amount of heat. They also have a temperature controller that will allow you to adjust the heat to your perfect heat setting.


  • The gloves are made out of full-grain leather, which is the highest quality of leather you can buy.
  • The gloves heat the back of the hand, knuckles, and palm on the front of your hands.
  • These gloves are pre-curved to shape your hand comfortably without stretching out the leather.
  • The gloves come with a temp controller to adjust the heat setting of the gloves.
  • Volt’s heated gloves cover the wrist and keep it warm and secure so that it won’t fall off.


  • Hand wash only with a damp cloth. If they do get too wet, they will get ruined.
  • Has to be connected through the motorcycle only


This is a good pair of motorcycle gloves. There are features about it that I like as well as dislike. I don’t like that the only way the gloves can be used if they are plugged into the motorcycles electrical system. However, I do like the impressive power of the heat that the gloves provide. The price is very reasonable, and there are different sizes that you can choose from. If you are impressed with the Volt’s brand of heating power check out Volt’s awesome heated socks, that can be worn on your motorcycle as well.

Savior Motorcycle Heated Gloves for Men and Women

This is yet another extremely reliable brand that makes heated clothing and gear. These best-heated motorcycle gloves have a very hard protective carbon fiber casing. This protects not only your gloves but your hands and joints from damage while you are riding your bike. The gloves come with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be charged in three hours. The gloves provide a great amount of heat in your fingertips and palm. These waterproof gloves are a great option for your next motorcycle ride.


The material of these gloves is really durable and strong. The gloves feel very comfy cozy, and they have a great shape that makes the gloves feel moveable and not tight. The inside lining is very breathable yet insulated that they will warm your hands. The outside material is made of a strong carbon fiber protective shell that will keep your hands safe and also keeps the joints from being strained.

 Lightweight Gloves

These gloves are not only fully insulated and provide wonderful warmth, but they are also lightweight. The gloves are great for riding a motorcycle, but they can also be used for other winter activities as well. The work great for hiking, camping, fishing, and even hunting. Just remember to charge the battery, and you will have warm hands throughout the entire day.


  • These gloves are made out of 60%polyester and 40% leather.
  • Three heating levels that can be used to adjust the heat.
  • These gloves use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that only take three hours to charge fully.
  • Inside the gloves is a soft cotton thermal layer while the outside is made using a carbon fiber protective layer that will protect your hands and keep warmth inside the motorcycle gloves.
  • Seven different sizing options to choose from.


  • Try charging the batteries overnight because they do take a while to charge fully.


These are excellent heated gloves to wear when you are riding your motorcycle. The different heat settings are great to make sure you get the perfect temperature depending on the weather outside. The inside is very soft, and the outside has a hard shell, which gives it a sleek, tough look. The price is very affordable, and these gloves can be used for more than just motorcycle riding.

SVPRO Men Women Electric Rechargeable Battery Heated Gloves

These motorcycle gloves come to use with a lot of great features and benefits. There are two sizes you can choose from, and these gloves will heat the back of your hand and your fingertips. The fingertips come attached with the touchscreen technology so you can still use your devices while wearing your gloves. The Thinsulate on the gloves keeps them breathable and slightly water-resistant. It helps to keep out the cold air while still allowing your hands to breathe. Your hands get to feel warm inside the cotton lining. The cotton lining will keep your hand’s toasty while also keeping them free from sweat. This is a great option for you to choose from on our list of the best heated motorcycle gloves.

Three Color Heating Modes

These Gloves have three different heat modes. These heat modes are changed by a lighting up button that will change into three different colors to let you know what heat setting it is on. The red button is the highest heat setting and will generate heat around 140-150 degrees Fahrenheit. This will last two and a half hours of battery power on this setting. The medium heat setting is indicated by the color green. This color will generate 120 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. This will last around four hours if left on this setting. The final setting is the blue button. This is the low heat option and will generate 100 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit of heat. If the gloves are kept on this setting, the battery power should last five hours of continuous heat.

Great Benefits

There are some great benefits to wearing these heated motorcycle gloves. They, first of all, keep you very warm when you are riding your bike. They also help to promote blood flow, which will keep you warmer as well as keeping your joints feeling less sore. The gloves also have a natural moisture-wicking ability which keeps your hands from feeling sweaty or too hot when wearing the gloves. The gloves work great for people who suffer from arthritis, bad joints, or bad circulation.


  • The carbon fiber heating element will warm the back of the hand along with your fingertips.
  • The gloves have three heat settings that are controlled by a different color.
  • These gloves are made of a wind and water-resistant Thinsulate that is breathable, yet it keeps out cold air.
  • Inside the gloves, there is a cotton liner that will allow you to keep your hands feeling soft and warm.
  • These gloves come with two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, one for each glove.


  • Handwash these gloves only, try not to get them soaking wet from rain or snow, it can ruin the carbon fiber heating.


I really like these gloves. I think they are a top contender to some of the other heated motorcycle glove brands out on the market. I really like the big button on the front of the gloves. This lets you know what heat setting you are on as well as it lets you know if the gloves are working. I don’t like that the gloves only come in two sizes. So, if you have smaller hands, these gloves will not work well for you. The price is so reasonable. This may be the most affordable pair of heated motorcycle gloves that we have reviewed thus far.

VentureHeat 12V Heated Grand Touring Motorcycle Gloves 

Are you looking for a reliable pair of gloves that don’t need to run on a rechargeable battery? The VentureHeat 12v heated gloves work by plugging them into your motorcycle. They heat up incredibly fast and have a warm thick inside material called Thinsulate. This will not only keep your hands cozy but very warm. There is an easy to use controller that allows you to adjust the temperature of the gloves. These gloves are not bulky at all, and they can be used every day when riding your motorcycle.

Waterproof Membrane

These gloves have a waterproof membrane that will protect parts of the gloves from water and weather. The gloves also have extra protection in the knuckle area of the gloves that will keep your knuckles safe during an accident or during your ride. The inside of the gloves have a Thinsulate and fleece lining that will keep your hands very warm even on very cold brutal days.

Electrical Battery

The battery on these heated gloves needs to be plugged into your motorcycle for the gloves to work. They have to be plugged into an electrical source for you to feel the heat. This is a disadvantage to some people, but the heat quality is actually really amazing when it is plugged right into an electrical source. You can control the temperature through the temperature controller.


  • The gloves have a waterproof membrane.
  • The gloves have a built-in temperature controller.
  • The fingers of the gloves have the touchscreen technology that will allow you to use your smartphone devices.
  • These motorcycle gloves are made from premium leather.
  • Great gloves for everyday use because they don’t feel bulky.
  • The gloves have a waterproof membrane inside of them


  • These gloves need to be hooked right into the motorcycles battery or electrical system. They do not have separate batteries that make them hands-free.


I love the powerful warmth that these gloves generate. When they are plugged right into the motorcycle bike. I also really like the touchscreen fingers because it is such a pain when you have to take your gloves off to do things on your smartphone device. The Thinsulate on the inside keeps your hands very warm and soft. They don’t feel scratchy, and they don’t irritate your hands.

How to Choose the Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves

As you know, from exploring the best motorcycle gloves above, there are a lot of features and things to think about before purchasing your heated motorcycle gloves. Check out some of these features below.


As you know, there are many products to choose from when it comes to heated motorcycle gloves and a wide variety of price ranges. These gloves can be very high priced, and some are more budget-friendly. Depending on the material, features, and type of battery will affect the price. Start by setting a budget of how much you would like to spend and make a promise to yourself that you are going to stick to that price range. Decide what features are important to you and try to find everything you want in a good price range.


When riding a motorcycle, safety is the utmost important thing to think about. There is no exception when it comes to your gloves. Tradition motorcycle gloves are usually made with strong materials such as leather and tightly woven fabrics.

You can find these options in heated motorcycle gloves as well. Even some pairs of gloves have special material that goes over the knuckles of the gloves. This will protect your hands from debris flying at you as well as falls. Remember to follow all safety rules and regulations when riding a motorcycle and buy gear that is protective. Above you will find great options for protected heated gloves.

Temperature Control

Every heated motorcycle glove I have reviewed above has a temperature controller. Most likely, there will be three general heat settings to choose from, which are low, medium, and high. This is another great feature because it will allow you to customize the perfect heat setting for you. You can start off with your glove on the high setting to warm them up and then turn them down to low or medium.

Remember depending on what heat setting you have your heated gloves on will affect the battery life. If you keep your gloves on the low setting the battery will last longer than if you had it set to high. Some temperature controllers have a knob or dial you can turn to adjust the settings. There are some that change with a bush of a button on the top of the gloves, and it will have a corresponding color to heat setting. Overall, it is up to you decide which one you like the best. The button controller is easier for most people while they are riding a motorcycle.

Placement of Heating Elements

Every heated motorcycle glove will have different heating elements. Most of the time you will have that the heated gloves have been wired with a copper fiber wiring that is in specific places on the gloves. The most common placement of heat is found on the palms of the hands and the backside of the hand.

Some of the best heated motorcycle gloves will even have carbon fiber heating elements up along the fingers. When you are riding your motorcycle in cold winter conditions it is important to have hated areas that get exposed often from the cold. The warmth will also promote blood flow, which will help keep you warmer.


Another important factor to consider is what type of power do your heated motorcycle gloves require to work properly. Most heated gloves use a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is extremely straight forward to use. You will need to charge your batteries before each use. After they fully charge you cannot them to the gloves and viola you will have power. They typically take a few hours to charge, so I suggest doing so the day before or during the night.

You can even purchase replacement batteries at any time which is another nice feature. Constantly repurchasing batteries can get expensive so buy a good high-quality pack of lithium batteries. They can be used not only for motorcycle riding purposes, which is another added feature.

There are also some heated motorcycle gloves that do not require a battery. Instead, you will have to plug them directly into the power source of the motorcycle. This will most likely be plugged into the battery of the motorcycle. As long as your motorcycle is turned on, you will have power to your gloves. The power and heat generated from the power source is very strong. The only con with this option is that you can only use them for motorcycle riding. They can’t be used for other activities if not plugged in.

Touchscreen Fingers

Another fantastic feature to watch out for when shopping is the touch screen compatible fingertips. This feature makes it easy to check phones, tablets, and even computers without having to take your gloves off. I’m sure you have dealt with this struggle before having to take off your glove in cold weather conditions just to answer the phone. No more will you have to worry about this because most of the options I have reviewed above have this great feature.

Other Options to Consider

If you are not sure if you want to purchase a pair of heated motorcycle gloves, then I have a few options for you to think about.

Heated Mittens

We all know what mittens look like, and some people just prefer them over gloves. Heated mittens are another great option when keeping your hands warm. The biggest difference between gloves and mittens is the fact that when you wear mittens all of your fingers stay together instead of being separated like in gloves. This will keep the palm and the fingers on your hands warmer since they are all together. Mittens do not offer some of the same features as gloves like the touch screen fingers will not be an option here.

Heated Glove Liners

Another option if you already own a pair of really nice motorcycle gloves, but they are not heated is to buy a heated glove liner. Liners also come with batteries that will make them portable and cordless. They can be added to different types of gloves. They aren’t very bulky, they are actually thin, but they generate a great amount of heat. If that is something you are interested in, then I highly suggest that you go and check it out.

Heated Motorcycle Gloves FAQ

How do Heated Motorcycle Gloves Work?

When heated gloves are connected to their power source whatever that may be either by rechargeable batteries or connected directly to your motorcycle battery, they will generate power. Then the process will begin heating up your gloves, and you will be able to use the temperature controller to choose the setting that is right for you. Heated gloves work far better than regular gloves that will have to generate heat through your hands. I highly recommend investing in a pair if you live in very cold winter areas.

How to Connect Heated Gloves to Motorcycle

Some brands that make heated glove have to be connected right into your motorcycle battery to work. There is an accessible spot on the battery that will allow you to plug in your gloves. Make sure you do this before turning on your bike. Once the bike is on this should begin to power the gloves and generate heat. The best part of these gloves is that they will not run out of battery because they are plugged right into the source. As long as your battery doesn’t die on your motorcycle, then you will be all good while riding.

Who Makes the Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves?

In my personal opinion, I think the best heated motorcycle gloves made are the Sun Will Professional Heated Motorcycle Gloves. They provide a lot of great features, and they are really durable. They keep you warm without them feeling too bulky. I also really like the SVPRO Men Women Electric Rechargeable Battery Heated Gloves they have a lot of different sizes to choose from and can be used for both men and women. They also provide a lot of great heat for a great value.


Did you find a pair of heated motorcycle gloves that you just love? I hope this list of the best heated motorcycle gloves helped to give you all the information you need when shopping for these types of gloves. All of the brands above are very reliable and the best you can buy. If you have any questions or tips for other motorcycle riders on how to keep warm leave them down below.

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