Best Heated Mittens for Men & Women, Ski Mittens

Do you live somewhere that gets brutally cold during the wintertime? If you said yes to that question, may I suggest investing in some heated mittens. This is a great way to warm up your hands during those cold winter days. They work great just to wear but also during winter activities and sports.

Check out my list of the best heated mittens that are on the market right now. You will have no problem finding the perfect pair of heated mittens in this list.

Snow Deer Mens Women’s Heated Ski Gloves Mittens

As you may already know from previous articles like best heated motorcycle gloves, Snow Deer is a wildly known company that makes amazing heated clothing. These mittens will produce powerful heat that will keep your hand warm on very cold winter days. If you are engaged in a lot of different winter activities or sports, then you will love these mittens. These mittens will last six hours after they have been fully charged and they come with two 7.4-volt lithium-ion batteries.

Carbon Fiber Heating

These mittens have a carbon fiber heating element wires that are woven throughout the mittens. When the mittens are turned on, you will feel the heat start to emit through the back of the hands, the large fingertip section, and in the tip of the thumb. Mittens work well keeping hands and fingers warming because all of the fingers get to stay together and generate more heat.

Temperature Controller Button

There is a convenient button on the mittens that controls not only the on and off button but also the temperature settings. There is a special LED light that will indicate a different heat setting. The colors you will see are red, white, and blue. The red light is the highest heat setting, and it will warm up between 140-150 degrees. The white light is the medium setting, and that will be between 122-131 degrees. The lowest setting can be seen by the blue light, and that will be between 100-113 degrees.


  • The outside of the mittens are made of sheep leather, and the inside of the gloves are made from a soft cotton.
  • The carbon fiber wiring heats up the glove on the back of the hands as well as the fingertips.
  • These mittens use two 7.4V lithium-ion batteries that will last six hours when fully charged.
  • These mittens also have a temperature controller with three heat settings, low, medium, and high.
  • These mittens work great for all different types of winter activities such as hiking, skiing, hunting, and camping.
  • These mittens also feature eight different sizing options.
  • The mittens come with an adjustable buckle on the wrist and pull string to pull the mittens tighter.


  • The sizing chart is a bit complicated to follow. Size up if your measurements are right at one specific size to give your fingers more room.


These mittens are very warm, and they do provide great warmth when turned on. I also love the pull string that is around the wrist that you can pull to make the mittens very tight. This is a great feature that keeps out the cold weather and wind. They are a great price when you factor in all the features you are getting with these mittens.

Savior Heated Gloves for Men and Women, Full Leather Mitten for Skiing

Here is another one of my favorite best heated mittens option. These mittens are very unique with their design. Traditional mittens have all the finger together, and the thumb separates while these mittens have the thumb in its own space as well as the index finger. The other fingers are together. You will still feel impactable warmth from these mittens. They provide great heat and have excellent insulation from the cotton insides.

Water-resistant and Windproof

These mittens are actually water-resistant and windproof on the outer shell. If you plan on using your mittens out in windy wet weather then you will not have to worry about them absorbing all the water getting soaked. Now just because the mittens say they are water-resistant doesn’t mean you should submerge them into water. When the mittens say they are windproof, that means they will work to protect your hands from the wind outside. You shouldn’t be able to feel the wind from the inside of your mittens because of this feature.

Additional Features

There are some great features that come with these gloves. They are unisex so both men and women can wear these mittens. These mittens have three different colors to choose from. There are also seven different sizes to choose from so whether you have large or small hands these gloves have you covered. There is an adjustable buckle on the wrist area of the mittens so you can tighten the mittens to block cold air from seeping in. The inside of the mittens have three layers of warmth. Starting with the fleece layer then on top of that is the heating layer and following that is that soft insulated cotton.


  • There is a convenient temperature controller that has three settings for different heat- high, medium, and low.
  • The mittens come with two lithium-ion batteries that will take three hours to charge before use.
  • These mittens are made from a high-quality sheepskin leather.
  • The outside shell of these mittens are water-resistant and windproof.
  • The cotton insulation in the inside of the gloves keep hands warm and help to provide more insulation from the outside cold elements.
  • Perfect for anyone who likes to do sport or winter activities.
  • Makes a great Christmas or birthday gift to someone who truly needs them.


  • The gloves are labeled as unisex, but the color options don’t make them look unisex. They look for geared to men.


These mittens are priced comparable to the other mittens I have reviewed. They are very interesting in their design. There are different colors to choose from which I like, but I do wish they had an all-black color. The inside of these gloves are very warm and can warm you up within seconds of being turned on. This is another reason why these mittens have been added to our best heated ski mittens article.

MOUNT TEC Unisex Explorer 4S Heated Performance Mitten

These mittens are very cool and unique. They use a special way of heating stead of carbon fiber wires. They use a nanofiber heating that works way better than any other type of heating. The heat transferability is amazing, and your hands will stay warm for hours. There are so many features that come with these mittens, and that is why I consider them one of the best heated mittens on the market.

Carbon Nanofiber Heating

This is a different way to heat mittens. This technology allows the heat to go through the entire mittens without having to use specially placed wires. When the heat is transferred it works really well and heats the back of the hand, the palm of the hand, fingertips, and the tip of the thumb. You will definitely notice a difference in the heat if you have ever worn any other types of heated mittens. These are much stronger than other heated mittens or gloves.

Reflective Silver Lining

The reflective silver lining on the gloves helps to see the glove at night or in the early dark winter mornings. This is a great feature not only for you to be able to see around you but for other people to see you when its dark outside.

Goatskin Leather Outside

The goatskin leather is not only a good way to protect yourself from water and wind, but it is also naturally antimicrobial. This is something that will naturally repel bacteria away from your mittens. This will keep you healthy but also keep your mittens from getting dirty and filled with harmful bacteria.

Touchscreen Technology

These mittens also feature the very popular touchscreen compatible fingertips. This will allow you to easily use your smartphone without having to take off your mittens. Nobody wants to take their mittens off while answering a text or phone call.


  • These mittens provide you with a remarkable eight hours of battery power.
  • The mittens come with lithium-ion batteries and charging ports to charge the batteries easily.
  • The carbon nanofiber technology heats the gloves in a unique efficient way.
  • The outside of the gloves are made with a high-quality goatskin and a nylon shell.
  • The mittens offer a unisex design and three different color options that appeal to everyone.
  • The silver lining on the mittens work as a reflective device to help you see your hands when it is dark outside.
  • The mittens also feature the touchscreen technology that can help you use your smartphone devices without taking off your gloves.
  • The mittens are also antimicrobial keeping away harmful bacteria, attracting itself to your mittens.


  • Nothing negative to say about these mittens.


These mittens are a little more expensive, but I personally think they are worth the extra money. They give off exceptional heat and come with a lot of extra features that make them one of a kind. I really like the color options as well. I love the fact that they can work for both men and women and that they come in an abundance of different sizes. I highly recommend these mittens if you are outside a lot during the wintertime.

Outdoor Research Lucent Heated Mitts

Are you looking for a pair of mittens that would be perfect for outdoor activities? Are you looking for a pair of heated mittens that will have a long battery life? Then you have come to the right product. These best heated mittens will distribute heat across the fingertips as well as on top of the thumb. The insulation on the inside of the mittens helps to keep your hands warm and to keep out unwanted cold air. These mittens work hard to keep your hands warm.

Tested in Different Winter Conditions

The company has taken the mittens to the test, to see how they stand up in harsh winter conditions as well as wet and snowy conditions. They have taken the feedback and knowledge they learned from their tests and applied that to make the mittens even better. The heat transferability is some of the best I have seen. The battery also lasts quite a long time once the mittens are fully charged.

Extra Features

The outer nylon shell is water-resistant making these mittens perfect to wear on wet slushy or snowy days. The material on the inside of the mittens is still breathable, and it also wicks away moisture if you have naturally sweaty hands. There is goatskin leather on the palms that provides excellent grip when doing winter activities.


  • The outer shell of the mittens are made from 100% nylon shell.
  • The palm of the mittens have a soft goat leather.
  • There is a special compartment that locks in place where the batteries are kept inside.
  • The water-resistant outer shell, breathable material, and the gloves wick away moisture and sweat on the inside.
  • The knuckles on the mittens have molded EVA foam; this gives the knuckles extra protection from the elements.


  • Very expensive battery heated mittens.
  • Only three sizes to choose from and one-color option.


These heated ski mittens would work great for any winter activity. Since they are on the pricier side, I typically see people who do extreme winter sports wearing these like skiers and snowboarders. I like the insulation on the inside, and it makes the mittens very soft. I like the movement in the mittens as well; they don’t feel restrictive. I just don’t like the expensive price tag.

Volt Women’s Heated Mitts

Volt and the zero-layer heating system have partnered together to create a pair of heated mittens that will heat great and provide a great deal of insulation on your hands. The zero-layer heating system is an innovative way to heat the mittens by weaving steel fibers into the fabric. These tiny layers heat up the mittens and will heat directly the back of the hands, palms, and fingers.

200 Grams of Insulation

Another important feature to note is the 200 grams of pure Thinsulate. This Thinsulate will make sure that you will have proper insulation inside the gloves. The insulation alone will keep your hands warm even without the heating element turned on. The insulation inside will also wick away moisture that way if you have sweaty hands you will not have to worry.

Long-Lasting Battery

The lithium battery inside these mittens is very long-lasting. It will last up to eight hours. This will all depend on the temperature setting that you have it set at. For me, it would last all day during whatever winter activity you are doing. Remember to charge it fully when you get the mittens. I suggest charging it overnight.


  • This mitten works by lithium batteries to heat your hands, thumb, and fingers efficiently.
  • These mittens come with four heat setting to choose from.
  • These mittens are very durable that they can handle cold winter days as well as using them while skiing, snowboarding, camping, hiking, and even fishing.
  • The mittens have a poly tricot lining to keep your hands warm and insulated from the cold.
  • There is also a cinch cord that will allow you to adjust the amount of air that comes into the mittens and out.
  • There is an easy to use button that will allow you to adjust what heat setting you are on easily.


  • These mittens can only be used by women.
  • The sizing is one size fits most which can be a bad thing if you have longer fingers or bigger hands.


These mittens are the most affordable pair of heated mittens we have reviewed. This is also the first pair of mittens we have reviewed that have four heat settings. There is a very easy to use temperature controller that makes it easy for you to use. Volt is a very trusting brand, so you know that these mittens will work a long time and work efficiently when heating your hands.

Heated Mittens by Volt, Powered by a 7V Rechargeable Battery

This is the same option for battery heated mittens except these ones are made for men. They are still made by the same Volt brand, and they have all the same features as the above Volt mittens that are for women. The use a 7-volt lithium battery that will last up to eight hours of run time. You are still getting the same temperature controller as you would in the above product. It is extremely easy to use. The only difference is that if you are a man and you want a Volt brand heated mitten then choose this one because it will fit more appropriately than the one that is made for women.

What is the Best Heated Mitten?

The best heated mitten in my personal option would have to be the MOUNT TEC Unisex Explorer mitten. This pair of mittens provide so many extra features that could be really important to you if you do a lot of winter activities and sports.


If you’re going to be freezing this winter, don’t settle for basic mittens that will barely keep you warm. Get a pair of the best heated mittens that way you can always feel the warmth. Heated mittens are perfect for people who don’t really like the feel of gloves. When your fingers are put all together they will generate heat faster, and that is another great aspect about these heated mittens.

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