12 Best Heated Insoles 2020

If you’re like me, you might suffer from cold feet from time to time.

There’s a solution to this problem, however, and you can have toasty feet if you buy one of the best heated insoles.

Below you’ll see my top 12 picks and they range in price and features – I’m positive you’ll find one that suits you perfectly.

Let’s get into it!

Hotronic S4 Universal

Company: Hotronic

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 4.9/5

Hotronics is well known when it comes to heated products and their S4 is probably their most well known. This heated insole delivers in every way possible and is definitely one that you should consider.

One aspect that makes the s4 worth it is you get 4 different heat settings. This is one more setting than you usually get and ensures you get the perfect amount of heat, no matter what the weather is. So if it’s feeling extra cold you can set it to high and if it’s a little warmer you can leave it at low.


  • 21 hours of heat: On the lowest heat setting you get 21 hours of heat! It doesn’t matter if you’re hunting, hiking, or going to a cold football game, that’s enough to last any activity. Also, you get 10 hours on medium low, 7.5 hours on medium high and 4.5 hours on high.
  • One size fits all: This is another handy little feature. You can trim this insole down to fit any foot size and any foot wear.
  • Rechargeable battery: This product comes with a rechargeable battery so you won’t have to buy disposable ones. Also, you can recharge it 500 times before needing to replace it. That means you’ll get several winters out of it.
  • 178 degrees of heat: On the highest heat setting you get a whopping 178 degrees of warmth. This is another reason why you’ll be protected no matter how cold it is.

Because the Hotronic S4 is so high quality and well made, it’s going to cost a little extra to purchase. In fact, it’s one of the pricier insoles on this list at around $180. I think they’re worth every penny, though, and I believe you’ll come to that conclusion.

Also, they have excellent reviews and if you want to read what a bunch of paying customers have to say about this product, click below:

ThermaCELL Heavy Duty Insoles

Company: ThermaCELL

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Thermacell is a company that makes a bunch of different heated insoles and you’ll see a few of their products later on. This is their top insole, however, and is one that all people that love the outdoors will want to think about.

The one feature that separates this Thermacell insole from all the others on this list is it can be controlled by your smart phone through Bluetooth. Many heated insoles come with remotes but this is the only one that can be controlled through your phone.

The benefits are pretty obvious here and you can control the heat output with ease.


  • 3 heat settings: You definitely want more than one heat setting when you buy one of these insoles and that’s exactly what you get here. You also get 115 degrees of warmth on high which comes in handy when it’s freezing out.
  • 8.5 hours of heat: This is a pretty good amount of run time and should last no matter what you’re doing.
  • Very fast charge time: A fast run time is usually 4 or so hours. This product beats that and can fully charge in as little as 2 hours.
  • Built in battery: This is an aspect that I like a lot. You won’t have to clip the battery on the top of your boot or anything like that. The battery is built right into the insole and is protected by cushioning so you don’t feel it.
  • Battery can be charged 500 times: Eventually you’ll have to replace all rechargeable batteries. This one lets you charge it 500 times before you have to and will last a few years!

Even though this Thermacell insole has all these great features it’s not going to cost too much. It’s definitely not cheap but for what you’re getting you’ll like the price.

Therm-ic Smartpack 1200

Company: Therm-ic

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 4.9/5

Therm-ic is another one of those brands that’s synonymous with heated equipment. They make an excellent pair of heated socks that you might want to consider. If you’re dead set on a getting a heated insole, however, you’ll have a hard time finding one better than the 1200’s.

This product excels in every single way possible and is definitely one of the top 3 or 4 insoles on this list. One reason for this is the battery lasts an amazing 22 hours! This is more than any person will need and will easily last no matter what you’re doing.


  • Impulse control: The impulse control is a nice little feature and stimulates blood flow in your foot. This creates natural warmth.
  • 3 heat settings: Just like every product you’ve seen so far, this one comes with a few heat settings. You’ll get the right amount of warmth, even if it’s very cold or a little warmer.
  • Global charger: If you plan on going on a trip to Europe or any other place in the world, you’ll be able to charge the 1200 up.
  • Comes with Thermicsole: A lot of times when you buy a Therm-ic heater, you need to purchase the insole separately. That’s not the case here and the insole is included.

One thing with Therm-ic is their products are always expensive and that’s the case with the 1200’s. In fact, this insole is the most expensive on this list and costs over $250. If you have a little extra to spend this winter and want high quality, this a product you should consider.

Flambeau Heated Insole

Company: Flambeau

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Flambeau is a company I like and they’re well known for making outdoor gear (fishing and hunting supplies). I’d say that’s where their heated insole excels too. If you’re an outdoorsman I would definitely consider this product.

One reason I say this is the insoles are made with very comfortable lycra and EVA materials. This combination absorbs shocks and will come in handy if you have to walk on terrain with a lot of roots and rocks.


  • 5 hours of heat: This is the same amount of heat as the ThermaCELL product you saw earlier. It’s certainly not the most but it’s not a bad amount.
  • 3 heat settings: Most of the insoles on this list come with multiple heat settings and this one is no different. You get a high, medium and low heat setting and this ensures you get the perfect amount of warmth.
  • Remote control: A remote control is a nice thing to have with these insoles. You won’t have to take off your gloves or boots to change the heat.
  • Multiple sizes: There’s many sizes to choose from so you get the perfect fit.

The good news is this product doesn’t cost a ton to purchase and you can find it for under $100. The bad news is there are some complaints about its functionality and people claiming faulty heating. Where ever you buy this insole from just make sure there’s a money back guarantee in case anything goes wrong.



Company: ThermaCELL

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 4.7/5

I wouldn’t quite say the ThermaCELL ProFLEX is on the same level as the Hotronic S4 but it still has a a lot going for it. One aspect that is better with this product is there’s no wires or straps needed for the battery.

The S4 requires a bracket to hold the battery on your boot or ski boot. With the ProFLEX, the battery is built right into the insole. This makes installing and transferring the insole a breeze.


  • Comes with a remote: Having a remote to control the heat output makes life a lot easier. Instead of having to bend over and take your shoe off to turn the heater on or off, you can simply just use the remote:
  • 3 heat settings: This is another aspect that can be controlled by the remote. You’ll appreciate this if you expect to face different temperatures and weather.
  • 5 hours of heat: This is no where’s near the S4 but it’ll still work for a lot of situations. You can always charge it up during lunch.
  • Shock resistant insole: When you’re out hunting or taking a hike, you need an insole that can take a beating. The ProFLEX can do that and will have your foot feeling good, even if you’re trekking through rocky terrain.
  • Completely waterproof: You won’t have to worry about the battery or heating elements getting damaged if it’s raining or wet out.

The good news with the ProFLEX is it’s pretty affordable and costs half of what the S4 is. If you’re on a budget this year, this is definitely an insole to consider.

Dr. Warm Heated Insoles

Company: Dr. Warm

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Dr Warm isn’t the most well known company on earth but I like this insole a lot. One thing I love is this product is very versatile and can be used for various activities – hunting, skiing, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, golf, and more.

One reason for this is this Dr. Warm insole is ergonomically designed. This means it was built to move and caters to mobility. Also, it excels in the comfort department and makes sure every step you take feels good.


  • 3 heat settings: You really need more than one heating setting if you’re thinking about one of these insoles. Days where’s its cold you can crank it to high and days when it’s not so cold you can leave it on medium or low.
  • Micro USB charger: Another aspect that makes this insole convenient is it doesn’t have a unique charger. If you need a wire to charge it, it will be very easy and inexpensive to replace.
  • Anti-slip: If you’re exploring sketchy terrain you’ll appreciate this feature. This insole uses suction technology to ensure it doesn’t shift around when you’re walking.
  • Remote control: If you want to switch the heat or turn the heater on, you won’t have to struggle to do so. The remote gives you full control at the tip of your fingers.

This product is on the higher end in terms of price but it’s not overly expensive. If you want to see how much this insole will cost, click below:

Hotronic S3 Custom

Company: Hotronic

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 4.9/5

Here we have another product from Hotronic and this one is a lot like the S4 that you already saw. There’s a few differences with the S3, though. The first is the battery is a little less strong and instead of 21 hours of heat you get 17 hours (still a good amount).

Second is the S3 comes with a cover that goes over your insole and you don’t actually get an insole. This has some benefits, though, and the main one is you’ll be able to fit the heating elements to any shoe because you can trim away the cover.


  • 4 heat settings: Most of the heated insoles on this list have 3 but this one comes with a timed 4th heat setting. It pumps in a high amount of heat in short bursts to save battery and keep your toes extra warm.
  • 168 degrees on high: On the highest heat setting you get 168 degrees of warmth. It doesn’t matter if the temperature is in the negatives, you’ll still feel comfortable.
  • Easy to install: This product doesn’t take much to set up either. All you’ll need to do is get the Hotronic bracket to install the battery on your boots.
  • Durable and long lasting: If you plan on taking this heater into rough terrain, you won’t have to worry about the battery breaking. It can handle what ever you throw at it.

The S3 does have one thing over the S4 and that would be its cost – it’ll cost about 50 bucks less. If you don’t mind the weaker battery and not getting an insole (just the cover to go over the heating elements and insole), then you’ll like what you get here.

Therm-ic Smartpack 950

Company: Therm-ic

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

As I said before, Therm-ic makes very high quality gear and any time you purchase from them you’ll be more than happy. This is definitely true for their Smartpack 950 too.

One thing that really separates this product from others is the run time. The 950 gives an incredible 18 hours of wamrth if you run it on the lowest setting. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing – if you own this insole and heater, you won’t have to worry about having cold feet.


  • Impulse control: Impulse control is a very innovative feature and it stimulates blood flow in your feet. This creates natural warmth and ensures your toes are even more toasty.
  • 3 heat settings: Basically every product so far has come with multiple heat settings and that’s the case here.
  • 158 degrees of heat: On the highest heat setting you get up to 158 degrees of heat. Even if it’s extremely cold out you’ll be covered.
  • Can be charged 1000 times: So far you’ve seen a few products that can be recharged 500 times. The Smartpack 950, however, can be charged 1000 times! You’ll get through many winters with this battery pack.

When compared to the Smartpack 1200 (the first Therm-ic product on this list) you’ll see the 950 has a little less battery power. This is the main difference in terms of performance.

The 950 is much cheaper, though, and will cost about $80 less than the 1200. So if you’re looking to save a little money on a Therm-ic heated insole, this is the one for you.

Therm-ic Classic Kids Set

Company: Therm-ic

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

The Therm-ic Classic Kids Set is the only product on this list that is made specifically for children. There’s another aspect that’s a little different too – this insole runs on AAA batteries and not a rechargeable one.

There’s pros and cons to this. One benefit is you can always bring along extra AAA batteries wherever you go. When the ones powering the heater die, you can just throw new ones in. The downside is you’re going to have to purchase disposable batteries and that cost can add up.


  • Impulse control: This heater comes with the same impulse control that you’ve seen on other Therm-ic products. It stimulates the blood flow in your feet for extra warmth.
  • 3 heat settings: Your child will have many options in terms of how much heat they get. You get a high (154 degrees of heat), medium (108 degrees of heat), and low (95 degrees of heat).
  • 10 hours of heat: 10 hours should be more than enough to cover your child no matter what they’re doing. Again, you can bring along extra AAA’s when the battery goes out.

If you’re in the market for a heated insole for your kid, this is definitely a good option (it’s actually one of only a few options). But you get Therm-ic quality and that should give you peace of mind that your son or daughter will have warm feet.

ThermaCELL Rechargeable Insole

Company: ThermaCELL

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

This is the third ThermaCell insole on this list and this one is a lot like the Proflex. One thing that’s definitely a plus is the battery is built right into the insole and you won’t have to get separate brackets to fasten the batteries.

Also, you get two chargers with this product – one for your wall and one for your car. If you’re going hunting early in the morning or going on a morning hike, and forget to charge this insole, you can just charge it in your car while driving.


  • 5 hours of heat: This isn’t the best battery life on this list but it’s not too terrible. Most people aren’t in the freezing cold for 5 straight hours.
  • 3 heat settings: This isn’t the most unique feature but it’s one that you definitely want. This just makes sure you can be as comfortable as possible.
  • Fast charge time: Some batteries can take forever to charge up but this one has a pretty reasonable charge time with 4 hours.
  • Can be recharged 500 times: Replacing a rechargeable battery can get expensive. Luckily, if you decide on this heated insole you won’t have to worry about that for years.
  • Remote: Many products so far have come with a remote and this is another one that does.

The price isn’t terrible either and you can purchase it for under $99. This is a pretty good deal for what you’re getting and you’ll like this insoles performance at this price.

Therm-ic Classic Supermax Set

Company: Therm-ic

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Last on the list is a product from a company that you’ve seen a few times already – Therm-ic. This one is a complete package and comes with a heater, battery and insole.

One thing that you’re going to like a lot is how comfortable this product is.  It has quality padding that absorbs shock and you can wear this product anywhere in the world.


  • 158 degrees of warmth: This is a high amount of heat and ensures your feet are protected, even if the temperature dips under zero.
  • 3 heat settings: This is a feature that you’ve seen a bunch of times already and is definitely a good thing to have.
  • 18 hours of heat: How many times have you been out in the cold for more than 18 hours straight? Probably not a lot. You’re definitely going to have warm toes all day long.
  • Impulse control: This is something you’ve seen on all Therm-ic products. It just helps create extra natural warmth.

In terms of price this insole is one of the cheaper of the Therm-ic insoles. The reason for this is because this one is an older model and doesn’t have the same performance as some of the newer ones.

Heated Insole FAQ’S

1) Question: How much do heated insoles cost?

Answer: These products really range in terms of price and the main indicator of cost is the quality, heating elements and the battery that’s used to power the heating.

Some lower quality insoles will cost as little as $50 and the more expensive ones will cost over $250. The first group is very basic and won’t perform that great – they also don’t have any extra special features.

The more expensive products on this list have batteries that can last over 20 hours, some have Bluetooth connectivity and produce a high amount of heat.

Not all people need $200 insoles and not everyone should get $50 insoles. You have to look at your own needs and determine what’s important to you.

For example, someone that’s out in the freezing weather for extended periods of times will want to spend more. If you expect to get out there less, than there isn’t much for you to worry about.

2) Question: How do heated insoles work?


Heated Insoles with a Battery/Remote and Cord 
These heated insoles go inside your shoes, boots, or ski boots and attach to a battery pack via a 30” or shorter cord. They distribute the heat evenly throughout your entire foot and sometimes have the capability to adjust according to the temperature inside your boot.

This means that they will automatically regulate their heat to keep your foot from getting too hot and sweaty. The battery pack is held to your calf by a specialty velcro and mesh strap that securely tucks away the battery back.

Adjustments in temperature can be made on the battery back typically ranging from 86 to 111 degrees Fahrenheit with three different settings.

Each insole has a separate battery pack/remote that will be strapped to each leg. You can individually adjust the temperature of each foot with the corresponding battery pack/remote. These remotes are usually compatible with AA batteries that provide approximately three hours of battery life on the medium setting.

Heated Insoles With a Wireless Remote 
These insoles operate by being recharged. This means you will not have to carry around bulky battery packs to keep them working. There is a single, approximately three by two inch, wireless remote for each pair of insoles.

This remote works within a range of about three feet so it can rest in a pocket while your feet stay toasty warm. The remote allows you to adjust to three heat settings, (including “no heat”) between 100 and 111 degrees Fahrenheit. There are even a few pairs on the market that use infrared heat to warm your muscles deeply and to improve circulation.

AA batteries power the remote and can last for an average of two winters with the same set. These insoles can self-adjust to suit the temperature inside your shoe and thereby prevent unnecessary wasting of energy.

To charge the insoles you will need to remove them from your shoes and plug them into a charger that sources its energy from a regular AC/DC outlet. They can typically hold a charge for eight hours on medium heat and can become fully charged in a matter of two hours. They are capable of being recharged up to 500 times.

Heated Insoles With Bluetooth Capabilities 
These insoles work by being controlled by a phone application through Bluetooth. This phone application is typically free to use and will easily access your insoles to adjust them between four heat settings: no heat, 90 degrees, 100 degrees, and 111 degrees Fahrenheit.

The insoles come with a charger that can charge them up to 80% in just 80 minutes. A full charge lasts about 6.5 hours on medium heat. These insoles continue working well past one million steps!

Any product that comes with bluetooth is going to cost much more, though. The products that are bluetooth connected up top can cost over $300!

A Few More Things to Know About Insoles 

1. They should not get wet.
Water exposure and even intense sweating can permanently damage the heating elements of the insoles. If you find that they get damp after hours of wear, then take them out of your shoes and place them in a well-ventilated area to dry. Do not ever place your shoes on any heating element, including radiators. Excess heat can irreparably damage the heating elements insides the insoles.

2. You must not trim past the point of no return.
Every pair of heated insoles is different, but each will clearly state in the instructions that there is a point in the insole where the heating elements begin and you must not trim past into that area. This point is usually marked with a solid line but read your instructions carefully to know where you should stop trimming.

3. Reading the instructions is key.
Most complaints and malfunctions related to heated insoles result from improper use. Do not assume that the use of a heated insole will be intuitive. Always read the instructions thoroughly before the first use and refer back to them if you encounter an issue.

3) Question: How to size an insole?


The “Measuring-Your-Shoe’s-Insole” Method
This method of measuring your insole works best for the majority of your over the counter insoles. This includes those that are padded, foam, gel, and even arch support insoles. Most store-bought brands will be clearly labeled with the length and/or shoe size that they fit best with.

Measuring the inside of a current pair of shoes will work well for determining which insole is right for you.

– Small fabric tape measure
– Paper and pen
– A pair of shoes that fit you ridiculously well
These should be shoes that you have worn many times. Pick shoes that do not require any inserts to be comfortable to wear. This includes heel inserts as they may cause your measurements to be inaccurate.

Step 1: Use either your hand or your pen to get the end of the tape that says “0” right up to the toe of the shoe. Be sure to situate in the center part of the toe so that you measurements are not skewed by the tapering of the shoes around the toes. The measuring tape should be lying flat so that you do not accidentally bunch it up in the toe of the shoe.

Step 2: Press the measuring tape flat against the bottom of the shoe. For an accurate measurement, it is important that there are no folds or twists in the tape.

Step 3: Pull the measuring tape taut against the inside of the heel. Make sure the measuring tape is still flat and pulled straight, not diagonal. Maneuver the tape measure so that the blocky reel of tape is not inside the shoe.

Step 4: Record the measurement at the end of the tape touching the heel.

Step 5: If you wear a different size on each foot be sure to repeat these steps in the opposite shoe. Otherwise, you’re done!

Take this measurement with you to the store to determine which size insole to buy. Most are designed to be trimmed down to size so they will offer a range such as: “women’s sizes 6-8, best on insoles 9-11 inches.” If you seem to fall between sizes, then purchase the bigger size. This will be helpful later if you get a little scissor-happy and end up trimming more than you wanted to. Women’s insoles will tend to be shorter and narrower whereas men’s insoles will be the longer and wider variety. You can certainly buy either, but you might have a hard time trimming a men’s insole to fit in a women’s shoe. Likewise, a women’s insole would probably slip around in a men’s shoe.

The “Heel-to-Ball-Ratio” Method
This method is more for professional-grade insoles. Runners, tennis players, and other athletes often use these custom insoles to suit their athletic needs. Knowing your foot’s exact heel to ball ratio is key to buying custom insoles that fit perfectly.

– A friend who doesn’t mind feet.
This person will be assisting you in marking out your measurements because if you bend over while measuring you are likely to change the placement of your foot slightly every time.
– A piece of printer paper and a pencil
– A fabric measuring tape
– Hard, flat flooring
A flat surface is sure to give you the best measurements and allows you to accurately make markings without the inconsistencies of trying to write on the carpet.

Step 1: Place the piece of paper flat on the ground and stand one foot on it with your heel almost touching the back edge of the paper.

Step 2: Have your friend draw a line perpendicularly out from the center of your heel towards one long side of the page.

Step 3: Have your friend mark where the ball of your foot is. This should be where the arch of your foot drops off before the toes, and directly underneath the biggest joint of your big toe. Ask them to draw another line like the first. It should be perpendicular towards the same long edge of the page as the first line. You should now have two lines extending from either the inside or the outside (one or the other, not both) of your foot to the long end of the page.

Step 4: Measure the distance between the line extending from the ball of your foot to the line extending from the heel of your foot.

This is your heel-to-ball ratio. Repeat these steps again on the opposite foot because it is quite common for people to have slightly differently sized feet. This measurement will assist you in buying all the specialty insoles you might need without having to be professionally measured.

4) Question: What are the pros and cons of a heated insole?


1. Keeps feet warm during cold temperatures. Heated insoles can reach between 70 degrees to 110 degrees farenheight and allow individuals to carry out outdoor activities during cold weather.
2. Improves blood circulation for individuals who battle with poor blood flow to the extremities.
3. They are rechargeable. Most versions of heated insoles come with an AC adapter and very easy to use.
4. Heat levels can be adjusted with a remote while one is wearing the shoes.
5. Heated insoles can be recharged up to 500 times.
6. Wireless technology that avoids the use of wires, extension cords, or battery velcro wraps.
7. The ergonomically shaped Polyurethane bottom makes them very comfortable. THis should also make the product more durable and increase longevity.
8. Easy to install and remove if needed. There is a small tab that allows the user to easily pull the heating pad out.
9. Powered by Lithium-ion batteries.
10. Takes 2 hours to fully charge.
11. The insoles are very light in weight and will not make the shoe feel heavier. This will allow athletes to move with ease.
12. The insoles are somewhat thin.
13. If the size of the insoles are too large, they can be trimmed slightly for a preferred fit.
14. Great for a number of sports such as: skiing, snowboarding, hunting, cycling, running, fishing, rock climbing, etc.
15. Makes it easier to go outside for longer periods during colder climates.
16. A single charge provides up to 5 hours of heat. This varies from battery to battery. However, the degradation of litium ion battery is slow and should reach its max charge for the first few years.
17. Thermostatically controlled (Sensors pick up the temperature outside and adjust. accordingly). This prevents burns and unnecessary sweating.
18. Protects one from sickness and a potential frostbite.
19. Sleek and simple design.
20. Easy to pack for travel.
21. Keeps feet warmer than electric socks do. Electric socks stimulate the nervous system and provide some heat, but not an adequate amount of heat for temperatures sub-twenty degrees centigrade.
22. Great for individuals with Reynaud’s Syndrome.
23. Make excellent gifts. Many customers report loving these as Christmas gift as they are practical and can be used right away.

1. Can be too hot for sensitive skin. While the highest heat shouldn’t bother individuals with normal heat sensitivity, Can be too hot for sensitive skin.
2. Heat and moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria and moisture. This may cause shoes to smell.
3. May not be suitable for a full day of activities in the cold. If the battery runs out around the 4-5 hour mark, one may face increased risk to frostbite.
4. May be a little pricey for some. This product ranges between 60 to 150 USD.
5. The stiffness or flexibility may not be suitable for everyone. Some individuals prefer more or less support. This may not be ideal for some sports where toe flexion is actively involved.
6. May not be suitable for certain shoe types such as boots and dress shoes. There is most likely not enough vertical space in the shoe.
7. Expensive to replace if broken.
8. No portable battery packs available in case of an unexpected battery failure.
9. There is a risk of one pair losing the charge faster than the other pair.
10. Hard-to-access switch to turn the insoles on/off. This is located inside the shoe and one must remove the entire insole to turn it on or off.
11. Bluetooth connection may not be strong between the remote and the insoles in some areas.
12. Potential for thermal misreading by the sensors within the insole. Damaged sensors can make it difficult for the product to work properly.
13. May not be warm enough for some individuals. The heat level maxes out at a certain point to prevent burns.
14. Heated insoles may not heat the feet evenly. Some parts of the insoles may generate more heat than others. For the most part, it seems that the toes and the left side of the insole receive less heat than the right side of the insole.
15. May take extra time to size the insoles at home. One must cut and adjust the insole to find an ideal fit.
16. Charging port is relatively tiny. This makes it difficult to spot.
17. Manipulating the size and shape of the insoles to fit the shoe, may render them as non-returnable.
18. No feedback mechanism to actually indicate battery life. An app or an indicator showing battery life can help individuals plan better for their activities.
19. The heated insoles can make shoes feel tight.
20. Remote control doesn’t always respond when used. This goes along with the potential bluetooth malfunctions.
21. Using the “high” temperature setting on the remote may eat up the battery life at a quicker rate. This can limit the activity time to 2 or 3 hours in extreme weather.
22. Using the “medium” or “low” heat settings may not provide a noticeable heat change and may seem useless to some individuals.

Don’t Let Your Feet Go Cold!

Why have cold feet if you don’t have to?

There’s plenty of options to keep your feet toasty and a heated insole is one of the best ways to do so.

These products can offer a high amount of heat and can work for over 20 hours on a single charge. Plus, there’s a bunch to choose from so you get the right one for your needs.

If you have any questions about these products, leave a comment below and I’ll make sure to respond as quickly as possible.

Are excited to do your favorite winter activity with one of these insoles?

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