14 Best Heated Gloves 2020

Anyone looking for toasty fingers this year should consider buying one of the best heated gloves.

There’s a wide selection when it comes to these products and you can find one that’ll suit your needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man, woman, skiing, hiking, riding a motorcycle or participating in any other activity in the cold, you’ll see a glove on this list that’ll work for you.

If you have any questions about the buying process, make sure to read the frequently asked questions section at the end.

Ready to see the best heated gloves on the market?

Zanier Heat GTX

Company: Zanier

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 5/5

Overview: Zanier has been described as the Ferrari of heated gloves and I’d have a tough time arguing that – anything from this company is extremely HIGH QUALITY and that epitomizes their Heat GTX gloves too.

In fact, this previous New Year’s eve was one of the coldest ever recorded in New York and was well into the negatives. CNN host Anderson Cooper turned to Zanier to keep him warm so he could survive the night. He said they worked exceptionally well and it helped him be comfortable despite the weather.


  • LED light indicator: One feature that makes this product easy to use is the LED light indicator. You’ll easily be able see how much battery you have left and which heat setting you’re on – there won’t be any confusion about when to charge or how much warmth you’re getting.
  • Very long battery life: Believe it or not you get up to 10 hours of heat on the lowest setting. This is really high and that should be good for any person, no matter how long you’re outside.
  • You get 4 rechargeable batteries: One of the reasons you get so much battery life is you get 2 extra batteries. Most gloves just come with 1 battery for each one but the Heat GTX run on two batteries each. You won’t find this with any other heated gloves.
  • Shock proof: These gloves are expensive. When you spend as much as it does to buy a product like this you want to make sure they’re going to last. The good news with these gloves is they’re very durable and won’t break if you take a tumble on the slopes or anything like that.
  • Water resistant: What good is a glove if it can’t keep water out? Honestly keeping your hands dry is probably as important as keeping your hands warm. If you decide on the Heat GTX your hands won’t get soaked and will be completely dry.
  • Ten heating elements per glove: I’ve heard complaints that heated gloves only warm certain parts of your hand (maybe just the back, or the palm or only parts of your fingers). This product has 10 heating elements in each glove and every single part of your hands and fingers is covered.
  • 3 different heat settings: This isn’t that unique of a feature because most products on this list have 3 or more heating settings but it’s still nice to see. If the weather is a little warmer than expected you can put the heat down and if it’s a little colder than expected you can turn it up to high.


In terms of performance, you’ll have a hard time finding a pair of heated gloves better than this one. These are top notch and celebrities seek out this kind of glove to keep their hands warm. All the materials in this product are top notch and you’ll have a hard time finding one better.


When you hear a glove called the Ferrari of gloves, you know it’s going to be expensive. It shouldn’t surprise you these are pretty expensive and are one of the most expensive on this list (if they’re not the most, they’re in the top 3). Are they worth the cost? That’s up to you decide. If you want the very best and guaranteed warmth, you should consider the Heat GTX’s. If you’re on a budget you’ll probably want to look elsewhere.

Outdoor Research Stormtrackers

Company: Outdoor Research

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 4.9/5

Overview: Outdoor Research is one of the most recognizable brands on this list and is a company you can trust – when you purchase from them you know you’re getting quality, durability and performance. This describes the Stormtracker’s perfectly.

If you’re someone that expects to spend a lot of time outdoors, this is a product that you should definitely think about. It’s designed for hikers, skiers and people that expect to face cold conditions.


  • Several heat settings: When you’re buying heated gloves you want one that allows you to change temperature. You don’t know if you’ll be facing sub zero conditions or warmer conditions. Because of this, it’s good to be able to control how much heat you get. This particular glove lets you toggle between high, medium and low.
  • Long lasting battery: If you’re buying gloves with a heater in them, you want to make sure it’ll last a while, right? The good news here is the battery can last up to 8 hours on the lowest setting and up to 5 and 2.5 hours on medium and high, respectively. You can switch between high, medium and low to make the battery last as long as possible too.
  • Keeps water out: Cold and wet doesn’t mix well. When you’re wearing gloves you want to make sure all moisture is kept out and the Stormtracker’s will help out a lot here. This is especially handy if you expect to be out in the elements while wearing these gloves (like skiing or hiking).
  • Breathable and moisture wicking: One of the most innovative parts of this product is it doesn’t let moisture in but it lets moisture out. So if your hands are sweating from all the heat you’re receiving, the sweat won’t build up inside. This keeps your hands dry and warm through out the day.
  • Durable leather palms: The palm is an area of gloves that tend to wear out pretty quickly. This product has reinforcements in this area, though, so you won’t have to worry about holes developing or anything like that.
  • Comes with international charger and carrying case: If you’re someone that likes to travel around and explore new places, this is an essential feature. You won’t have to go out to buy a converter for the country you’re in. Plus, the case ensures you keep the charger, battery and gloves together.
  • Synthetic insulation: Another reason this product is so high quality is it comes with insulation that provides additional warmth. You’ll love how warm your hands are with the heater on or off.


The Stormtracker’s don’t have many cons because of how high quality they are. They’re well made and they’ll satisfy any person looking to keep their hands or fingers cold this winter. The one downside is it takes a while to charge these gloves up completely (up to 7 hours). Just make sure you leave them on the charger overnight so they’re ready for the day.


The price on these gloves actually isn’t too bad. I wouldn’t say they’re cheap but they’re certainly not overly expensive. What makes the price even better is they come with a LIFETIME warranty (all Outdoor Research gear comes with this warranty). Because of this, these gloves might be the best value on this list.

Savior Heated Gloves

Company: Savior

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Overview: Savior isn’t as well known as the last two brands and while this glove isn’t quite on the same level as the Heat GTX or Stormtracker, it’s still quality and should be considered by many different people.

The only people that I think should look elsewhere is anyone that expects to be in very cold conditions. If you expect to hike, walk or ski in regular winter weather, these gloves will work fine for you.


  • 3 Different heat settings: Like many heated gloves, these come with the ability to change temperature between high, medium and low. You’ll be able to get the perfect amount of warmth because of this and you’ll be able to find the right temperature based on the weather outside
  • Heating through out: Some heated gloves only heat a small area and this can lead to cold fingers. This product, however, gives you heating on all your fingers and the backside of your hand. This means you’ll get warmth on every single part.
  • Carbon heating elements: These heating elements are high quality and meant to last – they won’t break or have any issues. Carbon heating elements also heat up quickly so you won’t be waiting around for warmth. You’ll just be able to turn the heater on and feel the warmth quickly.
  • Sheepskin leather: This product makes use of sheepskin leather and this has many benefits. First off, it does a good job protecting your fingers and hands from wind and water – when the weather is really bad you can be sure your hands will stay warm and dry. This material is also very durable. You’ll be able to use these gloves plenty and not have to worry about a hole developing or anything like that.
  • Up to 6 hours of heat: This isn’t the most on this list but it’s still pretty good. Most people aren’t out in the cold for more than 6 hours straight and you can always charge your gloves during lunch to ensure the heater works through out the day.
  • Stretchy: Another thing that’s really nice with this product is it is maneuverable and is made from stretchy materials. This means you’ll be able to pick things up with these gloves on and you’ll be able to be at your most active.
  • Battery light indicator: This is an aspect that you’re going to like a lot and it makes sure you know how long you need to charge the battery. When the red light is on it’s not fully charged and when the green light turns on you’re good to go and fully charged.


There’s a few cons with this glove and I think the top is how long the battery lasts. 6 hours on low isn’t terrible but there’s other gloves on this list that’ll last a little longer (its battery life on high (3 hours) is pretty consistent with the other products on this list).


This glove is an excellent value and is the cheapest of the gloves you’ve seen so far (you get a 1 year warranty too). So any person that’s on a budget, or just doesn’t want to spend several hundred, should consider these. Also, they have a ton of good reviews and if you want to see what other customers are saying about this product, click below:

Outdoor Research Lucent 

Company: Outdoor Research

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 4.9/5

Overview: Here we have another Outdoor Research product and this one is on the same level as the one you already saw (maybe even higher). This is another glove that anyone, no matter where you expect to be or what weather you expect to be in, will love.

One aspect that really separates this product from others is it has Gore Tex inserts. These inserts do a great job with moisture control and prevents water from getting to your hands, while simultaneously improving breathability – this keeps your hands from sweating and overheating.


  • Comes with EnduraLoft insulation: This insulation provides a ton of warmth and will help keep your hands toasty, even if you don’t have the heat turned on. Also, this insulation is lightweight and they won’t feel bulky on your hands.
  • Fleece palm liners: Inside the gloves is a fleece liner and this is another reason these gloves are so warm. Also, this fleece lining is very soft to the touch and makes these gloves very comfortable to wear.
  • Leather palms: Because the Lucent’s have a leather palm they’re abrasion proof and this extends the life of these gloves. Also, the palms of these gloves are good for gripping and this comes in handy if you’re using ski poles, an ice axe or anything like that.
  • Multiple heat settings: You get a low, medium, and high heat setting with this glove. This is good because you can adjust the amount of warmth you get, depending on the weather and how much heat you need.
  • Molded EVA knuckles: These molded EVA knuckles are especially good for anyone that expect to be using their hands or skiing. They protect your hands and knuckles and prevent injuries to this part of your body.
  • Precurved finger construction: This feature is another reason this product is so good for anyone that’s active and expects to work with their hands. It just makes picking things up easier and you’ll have better hand mobility because of this construction.
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery: The battery that comes with the Lucent is very high quality and is one that you’re going to appreciate. It’s holds its charge for a long time and won’t need to be replaced anytime soon – you can expect to get a few winters out of it.
  • SuperCinch gauntlets: These gauntlets are nice to have and helps seal the bottom of these gloves. What this does is keeps warmth inside and prevents snow from piling in. This is especially good for skiers and anyone that expects to face snowy conditions.


This gloves is really high quality and is really well made. Because of this they’re pretty pricey and this can be seen as a downside. So if you’re looking for a budget glove, this one isn’t it. Some people have complained that these don’t warm the tips of your fingers but not everyone seems to have a problem with this.


Like I said in the con section these are on the pricier side of the spectrum. They’re not the most expensive item on this list but they’re up there. The good news is, though, this product comes with the same lifetime warranty that Outdoor Research offers for all their products. This should give you peace of mind that you’re not going to waste your money.

Hestra Heater Power Glove

Company: Hestra

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 5/5

Overview: If you’re looking for a product that’s going to stand up to all elements and one you can rely on no matter what the situation, The Heater Power Gloves (read full review here) is a product you must consider.

This is one of the most rugged heated gloves on the market and one that comes with a lot of warmth. It doesn’t matter if you’re skiing or exploring a frozen tundra, this product will deliver.


  • Completely waterproof: What’s great with this gloves is it comes with a CZone waterproof membrane. This membrane comes in handy when you expect to face wet conditions – the last thing you want is wet fingers in the cold.
  • Durable palm: The palm of a glove is usually the most vulnerable and is most likely to tear. Because of this, you want one that’s reinforced and can stand up to wear and tear. This product is made with genuine goat leather on the palm and won’t rip any time soon.
  • Multiple heat settings: You know what one of the best feature of this product is? You get 3 different heat settings, ranging from low to high. I like this because it allows you to get the perfect amount of warmth. If your hands are starting to sweat you can turn the heat down a little and if you’re feeling extra cold, you can just crank it up to high.
  • Rechargeable battery: Another awesome aspect is this product comes with a rechargeable battery. This makes this glove cost more up front but saves you money over time. Instead of having to go out and constantly buy disposable batteries, which add up over time, you’ll just have one battery that you can use over and over and over. The charger it comes with works in all countries too, which is good for anyone that travels.
  • Very Easy To Use: Some heated gloves kind of drop the ball when it comes to ease of use. Either it’s hard to change heat or there’s some other issue that makes the glove difficult to manage. That’s not the case here. There’s a simple to use button system and it’ll show you what setting you’re on. Also, you get a battery indicator that lights up brightly so you know how much juice you have left.
  • It’s warm without the heater: Let’s say you’re out on the slopes and your battery goes out – you forgot to charge it! Does this mean your day is ruined? Nope. Luckily, this product comes with Fiberfill insulation and this provides a good amount of warmth on its own. So even if the heater isn’t on, you’ll still be plenty warm while wearing the Power Heater gloves.
  • Comes With Travel Case: When you’re shelling out a few hundred for a pair of gloves you want to make sure they’re safe at all times. You’ll get a little added security that you won’t lose this product because they come with a secure carrying case.
  • Pre-curved fingers: These gloves are made for people that like to be active too and it shows in the design, which is very ergonomic. So if you’re a skier, hiker, climber, or someone that expects to use their hands in the cold, you’ll appreciate what you get here.


This is one of the higher end products on the market and does well in most areas. There’s a few complaints when it comes to the battery but that’s remedied by the 2 year heating element warranty you get. If you have any issues with the battery or heating system in 24 months you can get a replacement.


Because this is one of the highest performing heated gloves it’s going to cost a little extra to purchase. In fact, it’s one of the most expensive on this list. Many people believe it’s worth its high price tag but not everyone needs a glove like this. You have to look at your own needs and decide if you need such a durable and rugged product. Keep in mind you do get a lifetime warranty on all non-heating elements. So if this product rips you can get a new one for free.

Mount Tec Explorer 3 Heated Glove

Company: Mount Tec

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Overview: Mount Tec may not be that well known in the United States or Canada but this company is well known in Europe. Mount Tec has been in business for over 15 years and they’ve learned a lot in that time.

Their Explorer heated glove is one of their top products and one that any outdoor enthusiast will love. This glove was meant to be worn by hikers, climbers, skiers and other people like this.


  • LED indicator: One thing I really like about this product is it comes with a LED light indicator to show you which level of heat you’re on. Low is blue, medium is white and high is red.
  • Long lasting battery: Another aspect that this glove excels with is how long it holds a charge. It holds 8 hours on low, 6 hours on medium and 4 hours on high. Most gloves only hold a charge of 2 to 3 hours on high and it’s nice to see this one go a little further.
  • Goatskin leather palm: The palm is made from durable goat leather and this ensures this product will last longer than most. This is also why outdoor enthusiasts tend to love the Explorer.
  • Waterproof and breathable: This product comes with a Neoprene outer shell and keeps water from getting in while letting moisture escape. This ensures you are the most comfortable while wearing these Mount Tec gloves.
  • Battery give you 500 charges: Some rechargeable batteries are low quality and need to be replaced all the time – this will add up in terms of cost after a while. That’s not the case with the batteries that come with the Explorer. These batteries will last 500 charges and this should be good for multiple winter seasons.
  • Stylish: This doesn’t really have much to do with performance but it’s still important. These gloves just look sharp and look like one that can handle anything.


Honestly, there’s not much to hate here. These gloves are well made, heat up well, are durable and look good. This is a product that you’re definitely going to love and appreciate.


You may be surprised to hear this but this product is actually very affordable. It’ll cost in the $125 to $135 range and at these prices, the Explorer is one of the best values on the market.

Flambeau Heated Gloves

Company: Flambeau

Price: $$

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Overview: Flambeau is a lesser known outdoor company and they specialize in hunting and fishing gear. While these gloves aren’t overwhelmingly impressive, they do well with those type of activities.

So if you’re an outdoorsman and looking for a budget friendly heated glove to keep you warm, this Flambeau product will work for you.


  • Decent battery time: This product can run up to 5 and half hours. This is isn’t as much as some of the more expensive gloves on this list but it’s not too bad. Any person that plans on being outdoors for more than 5 hours at a time should have a backup plan, however.
  • Lithium ion battery: Despite being a cheaper glove, this product still comes with a high quality battery. This lithium ion battery will last a pretty long time before needing to be replaced and you’ll more than likely get a few years out of it.
  • Very Waterproof: If you’re looking to spend sometime outside when the temperature is low and there’s snow on the ground, the last thing you want is for moisture to get to your hands. This glove does a good job keeping water out and keeping your hands nice and dry.
  • Very Breathable: One feature that I really like with these gloves is they won’t let your hands overheat and they do a good job getting rid of sweat. This means you’ll have dry hands all day long.
  • Heating elements through out glove: There’s some heating gloves that only heat up certain parts of your hands like your palm and misses your fingers. That won’t happen here and this product makes sure that every single part of you hand is heated.
  • 100 grams of insulation: Having extra insulation in these gloves is important and it helps provide additional warmth. It also comes in handy if the battery were to die out on you.


Because this isn’t the most high quality product on this list, it’s going to have some negatives. Mainly, if you expect to face very freezing weather I wouldn’t purchase there – I would go with one of the more high end gloves. If you expect to face normal winter conditions these should be fine for you. Also, the battery life on these isn’t great. Some gloves give up to 8 to 9 hours of heat and these will give at most 5 and half.


The best part of these gloves is probably the price and are one of the few gloves on this list that cost under $100. They’re not going to be on the same level as the $200, $300 or $400 pairs but not everyone needs that type of performance.

Volt Tatra Men’s Heated Glove

Company: Volt

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 4.8

Overview: Volt is a well known company when it comes to heated gear and they make a lot of different products with heating elements like jackets, socks vests, slippers and of course gloves.

Their Tatra’s are pretty well made and I would consider them a middle of the road product – it’s not the highest quality but it’s certainly better made then some of the lower quality heated gloves.


  • Long lasting battery life: The last glove you saw only gave you around 5 hours of heat. That’s not the case with the Tatra’s and these gloves will give you up to 8 hours on the lowest setting. This should be enough for anyone to have warmth all day long.
  • 4 heat settings: One aspect that makes these gloves pretty unique is they give you 4 heat settings to choose from (most only give you 3). The fact you can customize the amount of warmth you get to this degree means you’ll have the perfect amount of heat possible.
  • Both waterproof and breathable: This is the perfect combination you want with gloves. The waterproofing ensures wetness won’t get in to ruin your day and breathable membranes makes sure your hands aren’t drenched in sweat. The result is dry hands and that’s exactly what you want when it’s cold out.
  • Heating all over: These gloves might have the most expansive coverage in terms of heat. You get heating on both sides of your fingers, your thumb and on both sides of your hands. There’s not a part of your hands that’s going to be cold because of this.
  • 150 degrees on the highest setting: The high setting on this glove is higher than most too, which makes it good for very cold temperatures.
  • Rechargeable battery: This product comes with 7.4 volt batteries and they’re both rechargeable. This means you won’t have to go out and buy disposable batteries every time you want to use these gloves.
  • Durable leather palm: This is another pair of heated gloves that have a leather palm and this ensures they won’t rip or tear. It’s also good for gripping and you’ll be able to easily use your hands with this product protecting you.


This is a nice glove and definitely a product that a lot of men will want to consider. Most people agree the glove is extremely well made but there’s complaints here and there about the heating system – some people have problems with the wiring. Most people are satisfied with what they get, however.


Up top I described this glove as middle of the road (not the best but certainly not the worst). The same goes with the price. It’s not the most expensive on this list but it’s certainly not the cheapest. This fits into a lot of people’s budgets because of this and makes this product an excellent value.

ActionHeat 5V Heated Gloves

Company: ActionHeat

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Overview: The ActionHeat 5V gloves are another very high quality product and one that basically everyone can be happy with. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a pair of gloves to walk your dog with on a cold winter morning or if you’re an outdoor enthusiasts climbing a mountain in gusting winds.

These gloves give you a lot of heat too. They have one of the longest run times and you can get up to 9 hours on the lowest setting! You even get 3 hours on high which is more than most gloves give you too.


  • Touch screen finger tips: If you’re in the cold, the last thing you want is to have to take your gloves off to use your phone. Luckily with these gloves you won’t to do that and you can take calls, send emails and texts without having to expose your fingers to the cold.
  • Dual charger:  Another thing I like about this product is you can charge both your batteries at the same time. This will save you time and you won’t be waiting around twice as long to get full battery.
  • Hypora materials: Hypora works a lot like Gore Tex and it has dual functions. The first function is it keeps water from penetrating which is ultra important – you don’t want wet hands when it’s frigid out. The second function is it lets moisture out (like sweat). This improves breathability and the overall comfort of wearing this product.
  • Thinsulate insulation: Thinsulate is a very popular type of insulation and you’ll find it in high end jackets, ski pants and gloves. Besides doing an excellent job providing warmth and keeping your hand toasty, it’s also pretty thin. This means you’ll have an easier time using your hands.
  • Articulated fit: Another reason you’ll be able to use your hands so easily is because of the ergonomic fit. This means it’s anatomically designed to move with your hand.
  • Soft fleece lining: Besides just being designed to be warm and dexterous, these gloves are also extremely comfortable. This is mainly do to the fleece lining on the inside. This feature makes this product a delight to wear all day long.
  • High heat: The heater with these gloves offer a ton of warmth too and on the highest setting you get up to 135 degrees of heat (on the lowest you get 90 degrees). This means your hands will be protected even if it’s very cold out.
  • Full hand heating: Another aspect you’re really going to appreciate is how the heating is distributed. Every part of your hand and your finger will feel the warmth this glove provides and you won’t have to worry about one section being cold.


This ActionHeat glove has so much going for it and it’s another product that has very few drawbacks. I’ve heard a complaint that the battery struggles to hold a charge but that’s not common – most people get hours of heat without any issues.


This glove isn’t cheap and is one of the more pricier options on this list (it’s not the most expensive, though). There’s also versions made specifically for men and women and if you want to look at both options, click below:

Morvat Heated Gloves

Company: Morvat

Price: $$

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Overview: The Morvat Heated Gloves are the perfect product for anyone on a budget or anyone that just doesn’t feel like spending several hundred dollars on their gloves.

This product is affordable and performs pretty well. If you plan on exploring very, very cold places you’ll want another pair of gloves, though – these aren’t made for those type of situations.


  • 4 different heat settings: Most gloves come with only 3 heat settings or less. These, however, come with 4 heat settings. This means you’ll get more options in terms of warmth and you’ll get maximum comfort because of this.
  • High amount of heat: Along with having 4 heat settings, you also get a high amount of warmth on the highest setting – 115 degrees! That’s a good amount and will keep your fingers nice and toasty in normal winter conditions.
  • Good battery life: Also, the battery won’t die right away either. You get a whopping 13 hours on the lowest setting (this is more than most gloves) and you get 3 hours on the highest setting (this isn’t bad either).
  • Allows for athletic movement: These gloves are great for anyone who loves outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, running, motorcycle riding, removing snow and more.
  • Full heat coverage: You won’t have to worry about only certain parts of your hands getting warmth and other parts not getting warmth. If you decide on these gloves every inch of your hand will get heated.
  • Comes with dual charger: Another feature I like is you get a dual charger. This means you can charge both battery packs at once and this will save you some time.


There’s a few negatives with this glove and the main one is it’s not the highest quality. This product isn’t nearly as expensive as some of the higher end gloves on this list and because of that won’t perform like them. Some people have complaints about the battery but these complaints are far and in between. As long as you don’t expect to be in sub-zero weather you’ll be fine.


These gloves aren’t too expensive which makes them attractive to most people. In fact, these are one of the cheaper products on this list.

Verseo ThermoGloves Rechargeable Heated Gloves

Company: Verseo

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Overview: There’s a big difference between the gloves you already have seen on this list and these ones from Verseo. The main difference is these are glove liners.

What does this mean? This means this product is meant to be worn under your regular pair of gloves. They don’t have the waterproofing or insulation to be worn on the outside (unless it’s a little warmer and not snowing/raining).


  • Rechargeable lithium ion batteries: The batteries that come with these glove are excellent and are the same quality you’ll find in the more expensive ones on this list. Also, they’re rechargeable so you won’t have to constantly replace them.
  • 3 different heat settings: Like most of these kinds of gloves you get several different heat settings. This is good if the temperature changes through out the day or if you’re extra cold or warm. On the highest setting you get 111 degrees of heat.
  • Very easy to use: To turn this product on and to change the temperature is very easy. All you have to do is simply press a button and the temperature changes to your liking.
  • Decent battery life: The battery that comes with this glove doesn’t hold its charge as well some of the better ones listed here but does an ok job – you can expect 5 hours of heat on the lowest setting.
  • All parts of your fingers are heated: You’ll be happy to know this product does well in distributing heat and you won’t have to suffer from partly frigid fingers.
  • Flexible: Because these are just liners, you get a little extra dexterity out of them. This means you can wear them when using your hands or when you’re active. If you plan on fishing, skiing or anything else you’ll be able to easily do that while wearing these gloves.


Like I said up top, these are liners. They can be worn alone if it’s not super cold or if it’s not raining/snowing but it’s a good idea to wear them under another pair of gloves. It’s a particularly good idea to wear them with gloves that are waterproof. Also, the battery life on these isn’t great. Most gloves can last up to 8 hours on the lowest setting and these will only last 5 hours.


Because these are only liners, they won’t cost as much as some of the pricier products. They’re not exactly cheap but you can find them for under $120. That’s a pretty good deal for what you’re getting.

Dragon Heatwear Epic Heated Gloves

Company: Dragon Heatwear

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Overview: Dragon Heatwear is an up and coming company. They make some awesome heated products and one of their top ones is their Epic heated gloves.

If you’re someone that wants a pair of gloves that’ll protect in every situation imaginable, this is one you’ll want to consider. Plus, like all Dragon Heatwear, the Epic’s are extremely stylish and look incredible.


  • Steel fiber heating elements: These heating elements are extremely long lasting and heat up quickly. You’ll get warmth fast and you won’t have to suffer with cold fingers.
  • 3 heat settings: This feature isn’t all that unique and most gloves come with multiple heat settings but it’s important. You definitely want options in terms of the warmth you get.
  • 2 7.4 volt batteries: These batteries are long lasting and hold a charge decently well. On the lowest setting you’ll get around 6.5 hours of heat.
  • LED battery indicator: You’ll also be aware of how much battery charge you have because of the LED indicator that comes with this product.
  • Leather and nylon outer materials: These are two materials that are very tough and won’t rip easily. Also, they’re water resistant and you won’t have to worry about your hands getting wet because of this.
  • Thinsulate liner: Thinsulate does a good job keeping your hands warm without the heater and makes these gloves extra warm. Thinsulate is also lightweight and ensures you are as mobile as possible while wearing the Epic’s.


This is one of my favorite gloves and doesn’t have too many negatives. The main one, though, would be the battery life. Some gloves get up to 10 hours of heat on the lowest heat setting and the Epic’s only get around 6.5 hours. That’s not horrible but certainly not the best.


Because these are one of the more well made products on the market, they’re going to cost a little extra to purchase. They’re not quite as expensive as the products from Hestra or Zanier but they’re more expensive than the heated gloves from Flambeau.

Volt Titan Men’s Leather Heated Glove

Company: Volt

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Overview: Here we have another product from Volt and the Titan’s are made from leather. Just looking at these gloves you can probably tell they’re more rugged and durable than most.

This is the kind of glove that motorcycle riders or someone who works outside will really appreciate. Any one that enjoys outdoor activities will like the Titan’s too.


  • 4 different heat settings: I love when I see gloves that come with an extra heat settings. It just gives you more control over how much warmth you get and lets you get the perfect amount of heat.
  • Fleece lining: The Titan’s may look tough on the outside but on the inside they’re very soft. This is because of the tricot fleece lining and you’ll appreciate how comfortable this lining makes these gloves.
  • Aquatex materials: Aquatex ensures these gloves do well in both the waterproof and breathability departments. This means moisture and wetness can’t get in but has an easy time escaping (like when you’re sweating).
  • 150 degrees on high: 150 degrees is a lot of heat and this ensures these gloves can be worn in the coldest conditions possible. You even get 3 hours of battery life on the highest setting and this is pretty good compared to other gloves.
  • All around heat coverage: One thing the Titan really excels with is it heats all parts of your hand and fingers, not just some parts. This ensures you are nice and toasty, even when the temperature goes very low.


These are one of the top gloves on the market for sure and can be used by everyone. Some people have complaints about battery life and wiring but that’s just the nature of heated gloves. A small minority will have problems and most people usually don’t.


These gloves aren’t cheap, however, and will likely cost around $200. That’s not bad, though. They perform as well any another product on this list and these are one of the most popular on the market.

Outdoor Research Capstone

Company: Outdoor Research

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 4.9/5

Overview: Here we have another Outdoor Research product and this one is as well made as the two previous ones you’ve seen already. The Capstone is a premium glove and one that can handle any climate or situation.

This is the kind of glove that you can wear when the temperature dips below zero and still feel perfectly warm. If you expect to be out there when most others wouldn’t be, you’ll want to consider the Capstone.


  • Gore-Tex inserts: Gore-Tex is a material that I love to see with gloves because it has so many beneficial functions. One thing it does well is it keeps all water from getting in. So if you’re a skier or do anything in the snow, you’ll like this feature. Also, Gore-Tex allows moisture to escape. This means your hands won’t overheat and won’t sweat too much.
  • Two kinds of insulation: If you decide on these gloves you’ll get both PrimaLoft HiLoft Silver and Enduraloft insulation. This is another reason this product is so warm and it provides a ton of warmth, even if the heater isn’t on.
  • Fleece lining: Some gloves just aren’t too comfortable to wear and actually have internal materials that can irritate your hands. That’s not the case with the Capstone’s. This product has a very soft Tricot fleece lining and \you’ll enjoy how it feels on your hands.
  • Touchscreen compatible: Let’s say its very cold out and you have to send a message on your phone. Do you risk taking your gloves off and exposing them to the cold to do so? Luckily with the Capstone’s you won’t even have to consider this – you can use your phone with these gloves on!
  • Molded EVA foam knuckles: This is a nice feature if you’re doing any activity in the cold like climbing or skiing. It protects your knuckles and ensures you won’t injure them if you take a fall.


This is a top of the line glove and performs extremely well for most people. I’ve heard complaints that the battery life can be poor at times but I’ve personally never experienced any issues with the battery.


The Capstone’s are one of the most expensive products on this list and it costs a little extra to purchase. The good news is if you decide on this pair of gloves you get Outdoor Research’s lifetime warranty. So if this glove is faulty in any way you can get a full refund.

1) Question: How much do heated gloves cost?

Answer: It really depends on the quality and brand that you’re buying from. There’s some products that cost as much as $200, $300 and even $400. There’s also some that cost as little as $50 to 70.

There’s a HUGE difference between a $300 dollar glove and a $50 one, however. The first is one you can wear when you’re climbing mountains, skiing, and are outside when the temperature is below zero. The cheaper group is really used for commuters and people that don’t expect to spend a long period of time outside.

So you really need to look at your own needs and what you expect to do while wearing these products. If you’re someone that lives and breaths the outdoors you’ll want to spend a little extra. You’ll really notice a difference in quality and be satisfied with what you get.

But if you’re only looking for a product to wear when cleaning snow off your car or walking your dog, you won’t really need a high end heated glove. It wouldn’t hurt to own one but it’s certainly not necessary.

2) Question: Can you buy heated gloves online?

Answer: Usually when you’re spending a few hundred on a product, you want to buy it in person. It’s a good idea to try on whatever you’re considering and to see if it fits right, how it works and its overall quality.

But heated gloves aren’t the most common products on earth and it may be impossible to actually find them in a store. Off the top of your head can you name a single store you think might have them? Probably not. It’s not like you’re buying regular gloves.

Because of this it’s perfectly acceptable that you buy your new gloves online. What’s really great is there’s plenty of reputable online retailers that have these kind of gloves available too.

No matter your needs or size you’ll be able to find a pair of heated gloves that you like and that fit you perfectly.

Also, any large online retailer will have a good return policy. I personally linked each of the products up top to Amazon because they’re extremely trustworthy and you can return any item for a full refund.

Additionally, you get the opportunity to read over other people’s reviews. You can see exactly what other customers are saying about the product you’re thinking about and you can really gauge a pair of glove’s quality because of this.

3) Question: What are the top brands?

Answer: There’s a lot of different brands and it can be a little over whelming to try and pick a pair because of this. There’s some brands that are a little more well known than others, though.

Some of my favorite brands include:

  • Outdoor Research: Outdoor Research makes some of the best heated gloves known to man and as a company overall, they’re extremely well known. You’ll find their products on outdoor enthusiasts and every where you go you can find happy customers. One cool fact about this company is it was started by Ron Gregg after one of his friends got frost bite on one trip and had to be helicoptered out to safety. Apparently this event effected Ron so much he decided to dedicate his life to making gear that can stand up to any weather. You can say he succeeded and you’ll see this if you decide on one of their gloves.
  • Zanier: Zanier isn’t as well known as Outdoor Research but their heated gloves are on par with Outdoor Research’s. In fact, CNN host Anderson Cooper wore a pair of Zanier gloves when he hosted New Year’s. On this New Year’s eve it was one of the coldest recorded in history and was below zero. They stood up to that, though, and the cable news man was warm all night long.
  • Hestra: Hestra is another company that’s extremely well known and you can find their gear all over the ski slopes. Hestra got its start in frigid Sweden and is extremely high quality and brings in a lot of money each year in revenue – over 100 million to be exact. They have the money to design cutting edge gloves and that’s exactly what you’ll find in their Power Heater glove.
  • Glovii: Glovii is one of the least known companies on this list and they really only make clothes and gloves that are heated. This isn’t really a bad thing, either and it’s allowed this company to really specialize and focus on heated gloves. Their products aren’t horribly over priced either and you can usually find a very quality pair in the $100 to $150 range.
  • ActionHeat: ActionHeat is another brand that only really focuses on heated clothing. They have some quality heated jackets, socks and of course gloves. Their products may not be on the same level as Outdoor Research, Zanier, and Hestra but they’re still worth considering. Plus, you can find a pair of gloves from them for under $100.
  • Volt: Volt is a company I really love and you can find some of my favorite heated clothing and gloves from them. One thing I like about this company is they sell products that are very quality but not overly expensive. None of their stuff is cheap either. So if you don’t want to spend $400 because it’s too much but don’t want to spend $50 because it won’t perform high enough, Volt is a company you should be looking into.

There’s even more brands too like Gerbing, Venture Heat, Flambeau, Lenz, and more. If you purchase your gloves from any of these companies you’ll be happy with what you get.

4) Question: Which activities can I do while wearing a pair?

Answer: It’s really important that you figure out what you’re doing while you wear these gloves. The reason is some are built to do different things.

For example, products from Outdoor Research are meant for very frigid conditions and are made to be as durable as possible. This means people that hike year round, ski or explore frozen tundras can wear them and get good results.

Other ones are made with style and fashion in mind. These kind of gloves are perfect for people that are looking for a product to wear while they’re running errands or commuting to work.

Lastly, there’s some that are for motorcycles, ATV’s and snowmobiles. They are powered by wire and need an electrical source to get heat. So you plug these gloves into the vehicle.

It’s really important that you know what activities you’re going to be doing and then make your purchase.

5) Question: How much heat do you get?

Answer: The great thing with heated gloves, is most come with multiple heating levels. This is good for many reasons. First off, some days may be warmer than others and you won’t need much heat to keep your hands toasty. On those days you set the heat level to its lowest and you’ll be perfectly fine.

Others days it may be very frigid and you’ll want to pump the heat to its highest amount.

Another reason having multiple heat settings is good is you can save your battery. When you run it on the highest levels you’ll get less battery. You can toggle between high, medium and low to extend the life of the battery.

In terms of the actual heat you get, it depends on the glove. Usually, though, you’ll get around 135 degrees on high, around 115 degrees on medium and around 90 degrees on low.

6) Question: How long does the battery last?

Answer: Like I said in the last section, the level you run the heat effects how much battery life you get. For instance, if you run it on high you’ll get a lot less battery than when running it on low.

Different gloves have different battery life but you’ll usually get around 8 hours on low, around 4 hours on medium and 2 or 3 hours on high.

If you’re worried about battery life you can always buy a spare battery and bring it along with you. When your battery dies, you can just swap the two out.

Another good idea is to bring the charger along with you. That way when you go for your lunch break when skiing or something like that, you can just recharge the battery.

Lastly, you can toggle the heat from high to low to extend the battery to get the most out of it. When you’re standing still (maybe on line for the ski lift) you can pump the heat high and when you’re skiing down the trail you can put it to low or medium.

7) Question: Do these gloves come with additional insulation?

Answer: Another great thing with these gloves is most come with additional insulation to provide extra warmth. In many cases these gloves provide enough warmth without the heater on, you won’t always need the additional heat.

For example, the Hestra Power Heater gloves come with Fiberfill insulation. These gloves are one of the best on this list and provide a good amount of heat and are durable. The Fiberfill insulation is high quality too and if the battery dies on these gloves you won’t have to worry too much – your hands will still be protected from the cold.

I highly recommend purchasing heated gloves that come with insulation because of this. Just in case the battery goes out or anything like that you’ll be good.

8) Question: What are the different power sources?

Answer: Different gloves come with different power sources and it really depends on what the glove was designed to do and what quality it is.

For example, a high quality heated glove made for skiing or hiking will usually come with a rechargeable lithium ion battery. You’ll usually get up to 500 hundred recharges before you need to replace the battery too and this should be good for a few years.

Cheaper gloves might come with AA or AAA batteries. The plus is you can always just bring along spares if the battery runs out and the downside is you’re going to have to keep buying batteries all the time. These gloves may be cheaper upfront but the cost of batteries will add up.

Lastly, there’s some heated gloves that need to be plugged into an electric source and don’t run on a battery. These gloves are designed for motorcycle riders or snowmobilers.

9) Question: Is it worth it to purchase heated gloves?

Answer: I personally think it is if you’re susceptible to cold or you’re someone that spends a lot of time outdoors in the winter. Nobody likes to be cold and to have a product that can prevent that from happening is key.

If you’re someone that doesn’t spend too much time outdoors, though, you might not want this kind of glove. Spending a few hundred on a product that you’re not going to use may just not be necessary.

10) Question: How do I maintain this type of product?

Answer: Because heated gloves have batteries, chargers and wiring in the product, you need to take a little extra precaution. For example, if you have a regular pair of gloves you may just leave them in your ski bag in your trunk or garage. You won’t want to do this with heated gloves.

You’ll want to store them so they’re not getting crushed by ski boots or squished in your trunk.

Also, you’ll want to keep everything together. If you lose the charger or battery, the gloves will lose their ability to provide warmth. Some gloves come with a carrying case but if they don’t it may be smart to buy one for them. This way you know you’ll always keep everything together.

11) Question: Are most heated gloves waterproof?

Answer: Because many of these gloves are designed to be worn in the elements and because they have wiring through out, most are waterproof.

Not all are created the same, though. A product from Hestra or Outdoor Research will do a much better job at keeping your hands dry than one from a lower end company.

So if waterproofing is really important to you, you’ll want to spend a little extra on one of the higher end brands on this list.

12) Question: Will my hands get too much hot? 

Answer: This might not be something you’re thinking about too much but what happens if your hands get too hot? Well first off, every glove on this list has the ability to turn the heater off. So if your hands are sweating or just overheated, you can just wear the gloves without the heat.

Also, you get a few different heat settings with most gloves. Most have 3 but some even come with 4. If it’s not as cold as you anticipated you can put the heat down to low or medium.

Lastly, many heated gloves are made with breathable materials. This means the gloves keep air moving and allow moisture (sweat) to escape, without letting moisture get in. This will keep your hands not only dry but prevents them from getting too hot.

13) Question: What is Gore-Tex?

Answer: Gore-Tex, stylized as GORE-TEX, is a waterproof and breathable fabric membrane invented in 1969. You can find this material in many different heated gloves. The invention is currently the registered trademark of W. L. Gore and Associates of Newark, Delaware. The membrane is used in a wide variety of products on earth and in space. The Gore-Tex membrane is extremely thin and has over nine billion pores per square inch.

Gore-Tex is made from a material known as polytetrafluoroethylene, often referred to as PTFE, more commonly known as Teflon. The pores in the Gore-Tex membrane are 700 times larger than water vapor molecules, allowing perspiration to pass through the membrane. However, the pores in the Gore-Tex membrane are also 20,000 times smaller than a single droplet of water, and therefore prevent moisture in liquid form from penetrating the membrane. This allows garments made with Gore-Tex to repel rain while allowing perspiration to escape.

A wet garment will conduct heat three times faster than a dry one, stealing body warmth. Gore-Tex is designed to conserve body heat by keeping water out and allowing sweat to evaporate. The durability of the material is what separates products made with a Gore-Tex membrane apart from many others. Gore-Tex fabrics are tested to withstand extremely high water-entry pressures that can be encountered during severe weather situations.

Gore-Tex is also windproof. While there are other waterproof fabrics that have characteristics similar to Gore-Tex, not all are windproof. While many materials are called windproof, stronger winds can penetrate most types of fabrics, making there wearer chilled and uncomfortable. As wind blows through a garment it causes convective heat loss, taking away the thin layer of insulating air trapped between the clothing and the body. In the most technical sense, a fabric is only truly windproof if its air permeability allows less than 1.0 CFM to penetrate the fabric. In layman’s terms this means the volume of air that can pass through one square foot of the fabric in one minute. Gore-Tex has met this standard in all tests.

History of Gore-Tex 
When Bob Gore invented Gore-Tex, simply by accident, he wasn’t trying to come up with a way of making better outerwear. While working in his family’s Teflon factory during the late 1960s, Bob was trying to make better use of Teflon by stretching it. He found, purely by accident, that stretching Teflon filled the fibers with air pockets. Upon testing it was discovered that liquid water molecules could not pass though the stretched fibers, but water vapor could.

The first Gore-Tex jacket was manufactured by Early Winters, a small Seattle, Washington company, in 1977. This jacket was marketed as the most versatile piece of clothing ever designed. Since then, Gore-Tex has proven itself so versatile it is used in everything from clothing to life-saving medical products.

As you can see this is a material you’ll definitely want in your new gloves.

14) Question: How do I size one of these gloves?

Answer: The basic technique for sizing gloves is to take measurements of your dominant hand because it has a tendency to be slightly larger from extended use. For right handed people, this means your right hand, for left handers, it means the left.

Using a sewing type tape measure or flexible string and a ruler, place the tape around your hand at the broadest part, where your fingers connect to your hand. Do not include your thumb. The measurement should include the backs of your knuckles as well as the fleshy pad at the top of your palm.

Measure from the point where your wrist meets the base of your hand to the tip of your middle finger.

Compare these two measurements. Whichever one is larger will determine your numeric glove size, which corresponds to the number of inches measured. A measurement of 6 inches, for example, equates to a size 6 glove. If the measurement falls between designated size numbers, it is a good idea to round up to the larger size when choosing your glove.

Depending on the manufacturer, gloves are sized either numerically or according to a letter size, S, M, or L, indicating small, medium, or large, and may have “X” designations to denote “X-tra” small or large.

Numeric sizes are consistent regardless of the wearer, with the exception of gloves for babies and young children, whose gloves are rated by age, from infant to 6 years old.

Letter sizes vary based on the group for which the gloves are intended, whether they are unisex sized, men’s, women’s, or for juniors between age 6 and adult.

If you typically use glove liners with your winter gloves, remember to choose a larger size when purchasing your gloves. One size up should leave plenty of room for movement and circulation to your fingers while keeping your gloves snugly on your hands.

The alpha designations can be translated into numeric sizes, based on inches as follows:

  • Unisex Gloves: XXS = 6.5 / XS = 7 / S = 7.5 / M = 8.5 / L = 9 / XL = 9.5 / XXL = 10 / XXXL = 11
  • Men’s Gloves: XS = 7 / S = 7.5-8 / M = 8.5-9 / L = 9.5-10 / XL = 10.5-11 / XXL = 11.5-12
  • Women’s Gloves: XS = 6 / S = 6.5 / M = 7 / L = 7.5 / XL = 8
  • Junior Gloves: XS = 4 / S = 4.5 / M = 5 / L = 5.5 / XL = 6 / XXL = 6.5

Children’s Gloves are sized by the child’s age in years as follows:

  • XXS = 6 mo. – 1 yr. / XS = 1-2 / S = 2-3 / M = 3-4 / L = 4-5 / XL = 5-6

Because kids grow at such varied rates, the ages overlap, and sizes are approximate. Children’s gloves should be tried on for best fit.

Your Hands Don’t Have To Be Cold

I love being outdoors during the winter but my fingers get very cold – I’ve had ski trips ruined because of it.

The good news, though, is you don’t have to suffer from this anymore if you purchase a pair of heated gloves. There’s many options to choose from and you can easily find one that fits your needs and budget.

The products on this list are the best on the market and you’ll love what they can do for you.

If you have any questions you can comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I see it. There’s many other heated clothing guides on this website that are worth checking out too. You can see all the different reviews by clicking the sections up top on the main menu.

Are you excited to get out there and not have to worry about being cold?

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