10 Best Heated Eyelash Curlers

Do you have trouble getting your eyelashes to curl just the way you want them? Using the traditional eyelash curler can be such a pain and can even damage your eyelashes in the long run. No more will you have to deal with that because you can use the best heated eyelash curler to give your lashes the perfect natural curl they need.

Once you switch over to the heated version, you will not want to go back. Below you will find the best heated eyelash curler reviews.

Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler Comb

The company Panasonic’s heated eyelash curler uses one double AA battery to start generating the heating element. The heat isn’t too strong, or to light, it is the perfect temperature and the perfect gentle heat to curl your lashes.

The comb’s circle design really helps to separate your lashes while also giving them volume and lifting them up. You can use this heated curler without mascara if you want to or if you prefer that you can put the mascara on, and the curler can help you get any clumps out.

Another amazing feature is that this curler does not crimp or hurt your eyelashes in any way. You will get a completely natural look, and it will curl your lashes safely. Other traditional eyelash curlers can pull off eyelashes and can cause so much pain. You will achieve the same look like a traditional curler without all of the pain.

  • The curler is a circular comb that separates and curls the lashes with a light heat.
  • The handle of the wand is very ergonomic and fits nicely in the left or right hand.
  • Heats up quickly.
  • Compact and portable to take anywhere.
  • The curler heats up quickly and efficiently.
  • Very affordable heated eyelash curler.

The battery power of this heated eyelash curler will last around 40 minutes of use. Of course, you will not be curling your leashes at one time for this long, so you will be able to use the curler so many times before the battery runs out of power, and you will have to change it. You can always purchase a rechargeable battery; that way, you aren’t having to spend more money buying new batteries each time.

Crenova Electric Eyelash Curler

This eyelash curler is designed to give you heat to your lashes that curl them and make them fuller. The wand only takes eight seconds to heat up, and the wand turns in a 360-degree motion. The double protection on the wand keeps you from getting burned when using it.

There are four different temperature settings, and it can be changed easily on the wand with the LED display. It’s very easy to use; all you do is apply an even thin layer of mascara and then select your desired temperature on the curling wand. Curl your eyelashes with the wand and hold it on the lashes for over 15 seconds.

  • 8 seconds is all it takes for this heated eye lasher curler to heat up.
  • The goal is to create fuller and longer lashes.
  • Four different temperature options.
  • Curls both the upper and lower lashes.
  • This curler has a bright LED screen.

After using this heated eyelash curler, your lashes will have a more defined natural look as well as a lot of volume. The product is simple and easy to use, and it isn’t very large, so it can be taken anywhere because it is portable. The product heats up nicely and has thermal protection slots that won’t burn you while using it.

TOUCHBeauty Professional Heated Eyelash Curler

The TouchBeauty company makes a heated eyelash curler with the traditional clamp feature that uses pressure and heat to curl the lashes. If you have naturally straight stubborn lashes that are difficult to curl, then this product is for you.

The shape of the curler, combined with the gentle heat, makes it easy for your lashes to curl. The device helps you achieve that desired “C” shape without the pain from traditional curlers. The heating element also has a built-in heat indicator that will change color and let you know when the curler is fully heated up and ready to go.

This got on our list of the best heated eyelash curler due to how fast the curler actually heats up. Within 15 seconds, you will have an eyelash curler that is ready to go and be used. This product is powered by two triple AAA batteries and should last with multiple uses until the batteries die. You can either just replace the batteries or purchase rechargeable batteries that you can charge when they run out.

  • Heats up quickly in a matter of 15 seconds.
  • It won’t pinch or crimp the eyelashes making it a painless curler.
  • It uses two triple AAA batteries to power the heating elements.
  • Smart heat indicator tells you when it is fully warm and ready to go.
  • The curl lasts longer when it has been heated.

Overall, this is another great product that is both affordable and also works great. It works just as advertised, if not better, because it will no hurt your lashes when you are using it. It is affordable and keeps your lashes curled for a very long time.

Electric Eyelash Curler with LCD Display

This heated eyelash curler is compact and very lightweight, meaning you can bring this with you in your makeup bag where ever you go. The cute pink design is very appealing and most women like the way the ergonomic handle feels in their hand.

This eyelash curler actually uses a MCH ceramic heating. It will take approximately one minute for the curling wand to heat up. You are able to choose between the three heat settings on the LED screen. The heat setting range in heat from 158 degrees to 194 degrees.

  • Three adjustable heat settings from 158 degrees to 194 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The LED display lets you know what temperature it is set to.
  • The curling rod creates a 360-degree rotation.
  • After one minute of the eyelash curling being on, it will be heated up.
  • Comes with a rechargeable USB port and can be charged when out of battery.
  • This is a ceramic heating technology.

One of my favorite things about this product is that it comes with a USB cord to charge your curler. Other brands use batteries that will eventually die and need to be replaced, but with NaCot’s heated eyelash curler, you can recharge it over and over again.

Rechargeable Heated Eyelash Curler with Eyelash Comb

A unique feature about this heated eyelash curler is that it is actually curved at a 15-degree angle. There are little prongs on the curved design, and it helps fit the lashes better for curling. The little grooves also0 act as a protection that doesn’t burn your eyelids while you are trying to curl your lashes.

Another terrific feature is that this heated eyelash curler is power by a USB cord. Simply charge the device, and after two hours, you will have a fully operating heated eyelash curler. You will notice a light indicator that tells you when it is fully charged by a blue light and when the battery is low indicated by a red light.

  • The curler is curved to fit your eyelashes perfectly.
  • The wand heats up within ten seconds.
  • Three temperature settings ranging from low, medium, and high.
  • Very safe feature like the insulating protection slots that does not allow heat to touch your eyes directly.
  • Comes with a USB cord for easy recharging.
  • Comes with a cleaning brush and an eyelash comb to let you brush everything out.

You have the choice to choose from the black color or the red color. The price is right, and this is one of the best heated eyelash curlers that heats up quickly and curls the lashes easily. The USB charger is another great feature and is easy to use and charge.

USB Rechargeable Electronic Eyelash Curler with Comb

This curved eyelash curler creates the perfect swoop in your lashes than the traditional eyelash curler. You will not feel any pulling or tugging when using the eyelash curler. This heated eyelash curler can heat up within ten seconds. There are also three different heat setting to choose from low, medium, and high.

This kit comes with a portable USB charger that can literally be taken anywhere and used as long as you have an outlet. This curler will take two hours to charge and will run for 125 minutes. Of course, curling your eyelashes does not take much time at all, so it can be used many times before needing to be charged again.

  • 10 second quick heating time.
  • Curvy heated eyelash curler fits perfectly to the shape of your lashes.
  • Easy to curl and also come with a heat protection to protect you from the hot heat.
  • Three different heat setting to choose from to customize it more to your preference.
  • Comes with a USB cord to charge the curler; it takes just two hours to charge.

When you use this, you will notice just how quick, effective, and more natural-looking your eyes look. The entire thing is very lightweight, and it has a cover that way; you won’t mess up the wand. It can be put inside a makeup bag or purse and taken with you. You will also get a comb with the kit that with help separate the lashes. Overall, this is another great option to choose from.

Quick Heat Mini Electric Eyelash Curler

This heated curler for your eyelashes works with a curved brush head. This curved head allows you to bring the wand closer to your eyelashes and give it an overall better curling effect. The heated wires on the inside are made thick, which allows better contact with the eyelashes.

There is also a very impressive safety feature that will automatically turn off the curler if it has been touched for over five minutes. This will prevent accidental overheating. There is also a transparent cover that will slide on the wand, making it easy to see.

The eyelash curler can be charged by a USB cord and will only take two hours to charge fully. The four different heat settings make it easy for you to customize which setting works best for you. The first two settings are lower heat and work best for softer to normal feeling eyelashes. The other two heat settings, which create more heat, are designed to be used for thicker, more coarse eyelashes.

  • Only takes between eight and ten seconds to heat up.
  • The curled lashes should last up to 24 hours.
  • LED display shows you what temperature setting the curling wand is set to.
  • Four different heat settings to choose from, the first two settings for regular eyelashes, and the last two are for thicker course eyelashes.
  • Comes with a USB cord to charge the wand, and it will take around two hours.

This is another very affordable option that you can choose from. You do not get any color options to choose from, as this product only comes in a white design. The handle is very ergonomic, making it easy to hold in your hand. We like there is a LED display that shows you exactly what temperature you are using. Another fabulous choice to choose from in our best heated eyelash curler review.

Electric Eyelash Curler 3 Temperature Options

This slim, lightweight eyelash curler can easily be put into a makeup bag, purse, or even carry on. The unique small design makes it look like a tube of lipstick or lip gloss. The wand’s heated part has a straight design along with a protective thermal coating to keep your eye from getting burned.

You do get the option to choose from three different heat settings from low, medium, and high. There is an easy to use on and off feature as well. The wand comes with a cover to protect the heating elements as well when it is not in use.

  • Three temperature heat settings ranging from low, medium, and high.
  • Slim and lightweight curler that can be taken anywhere in a purse or makeup bag.
  • Double-sided curling for the upper and lower lashes.
  • Comes with a USB cord to charge the curler; it will work for thirty minutes when fully charged.
  • Eyelash comb and brush are included to help separate eyelashes and clean wand from mascara.

This is the most affordable and budget-friendly option in our review. This one may not have all the same features as the other brands, but it is very affordable and just as economically as a traditional eyelash curler.

Hitachi HR-550-W White

This curler for your lashes is actually made from a very sturdy and durable construction. This will also mean that the heated eyelash curler’s life will actually last longer due to the nature of the strong construction.

You don’t need to wait a long period of time for the curler to heat up because it heats up within seconds. Simple to use as all you do is rest your lashes on the rubber base and curl up. The heat will create a curl that will last all day long.

The on and off switch is easy to use, and it will even start heating up without you holding it. You can set it down because the shape of the curler lets it stand up nicely on your vanity. This product is made in Japan, so the manual for the product is in Japanese. However, the product is truly easy to use that you should be able to figure it out.

  • Preheats within ten seconds of being turned on.
  • Takes less than five seconds to curl your lashes.
  • The curler has lights on it, so it can even be used in the dark.
  • Easy to use on and off switch.
  • The crimp is very easy and gentle on eyelashes.

This is the most expensive option for a heated eyelash curler in my reviews. It works very well, and I think the cost is determined by all the great additional features as well as how durable the product was made. It is easy to control and use; it will make your lashes curled all day long. It can be used with mascara or without.

JDO Heated Eyelash Curler

This product created by the JDO comes in the form of a curling wand, and you won’t have to deal with the crimping or pinching that some of the other heated eyelash curlers have. It only takes eight seconds after turning the device on for it to heat up fully. If you are still unsure if the wand is heated up, there is a color indicating light that will let you know when it’s ready.

The curler has four different heat settings to choose from and even an LED screen that will let you know its temperature. The Thermal protection technology is also a very nice feature because it makes sure that the heat generated on the wand doesn’t actually touch your eyes or eyelid.

  • Curved design works better to shape your eyes as well as eyelashes.
  • It creates incredible natural-looking curls with the easy heat it gives off.
  • All it takes is 8 seconds for the wand to heat up.
  • Thermal protection slots to make sure you don’t get burned while using the product.
  • Four different temperature modes to choose from.
  • USB rechargeable battery makes it easy to charge anywhere.

You will get an instruction manual, cleaning brush, cover for the curler, and a USB cord to charge your device with your purchase. This makes the perfect gift for the women or even friends in your life. It replaces the traditional eyelash curler with an easier to use heated version.

How to Choose the Best Heated Eyelash Curler

Below is our buying guide that serves as an aid to help you narrow down our top picks further to the one that is perfect for you.

Style or Type

There are two major types of heated eyelash curler; the wand-style or the clamp heated version. Let’s talk more about each type so you can distinguish the difference.

The clamp style looks more like the traditional eyelash curlers that we have today. This is where you put your eyelashes between the two pieces and push down to create the curling effect. In traditional eyelash curlers, this could be very damaging and cause your eyelashes to break off. When you use one of the heated eyelash curlers with the clamp, the heat does most of the curling, and it won’t take as much effort or pressing down to get the effect.

The wand-style heated eyelash curler is a bit easier to use; if you have more of a brittle or soft style of lashes, this would be a good option for you. The wand acts like a comb that heats up. It can be straight or curved; it just depends on what the company decides to do.

You run the comb through your lashes, and it heats them up, which curls them in the process. Since this method does not pinch or crimp the lashes, no harm is done to them, and you will have very little risk of anything happening to them.

Battery Strength/Type

All of the heated eyelash curlers that I have reviewed use some sort of battery power. This will either be from traditional batteries or a rechargeable power bank that’s uses a USB cord. Typically, the rechargeable power source option can be more expensive than the battery one. You will also have to remember to put it on the charger when it runs out of battery. A con with the battery option is that it can eat through batteries quite quickly, and that can also cost a lot of money in replacement batteries.


Size is another important feature because we all do not need any bulkier gadgets taking up a ton of space. All of the products above in my review are made slim and portable to be able to be put inside a makeup bag or even a purse and taken with you everywhere. Yes, some in the reviews are bigger than others, but all of them are considered slim and compact.

Temperature Setting

Most of the heated eyelash curlers above in my review have a few different options when it comes to heat setting. Most have three options, and some even have more around four or five. Typically, the three-heat setting is low, medium, and high and will have an option to change the setting manually.

LED Screen

Some of the heated eyelash curlers have an LED screen on them; they tell you what temperature setting the device is set to. Also, some have LED lights located on the device to be used in the dark or indicators when the curler is fully heated up.


Design is another feature you can look at, but it isn’t as important because it will be up to your personal preference. You can find some of the heated eyelash curlers in different color options like pink, red, and sometimes white or black. Some companies only have one color option and design, but if you do have a preference of color, you can look for one that has some options.


Price is, of course, another factor that needs to be considered when shopping for literally anything. Heated eyelash curlers are very reasonable in price, but you will find a few that are a little higher in price. With all the different brands in this review, I am sure you can find a price point that you are comfortable with.

Best Heated Eyelash Curler

Heated Eyelash Curler FAQ’s

Below you will find common questions and the answers to everything heated eyelash curlers.

1) Question: How to Use Heated Eyelash Curler?

Answer: There are a few ways that you can use a heated eyelash curler, but the simplest way is this:

Start off with clean eyelashes that are free from mascara or other makeups.

Then turn on your eyelash curler and allow it to heat up. This shouldn’t take long at all because most only take between 6 and 15 seconds to heat up fully.

Start to curl your lashes by pushing them up with the curler and holding it for a second or two. Make a few passes a few times, and you will start to see them curl up.

You can now apply your favorite mascara and then curl another time if desired.

You can then take the brush included hopefully with your kit and brush away any mascara on the curler.

2) Question: How Does a Heated Eyelash Curler Work?

Answer: The use of a battery typically powers a heated eyelash curler. This can be from a traditional battery or even a power bank. The battery heats up the inside heating elements to generate heat. When the heat is applied to the lashes, it will curl them naturally instead of using a crimping traditional lash curler.

3) Question: Do You Use a Heated Eyelash Curler Before or After Mascara?

Answer: You can use it either way. Most people like to curl their lashes at least once first with the curler, then you can apply a coat of mascara and curl for a second time. This is usually the recommended way but if you want to apply some mascara first, then curl, you can.

4) Question: Can You Use a Heated Eyelash Curler Without Mascara?

Answer: Yes, your lashes will still curl without the use of mascara. You may find yourself having to curl your lashes a few hours later because the mascara helps keep the lashes up after being curled. You can certainly use no mascara if that is what you desire.

5) Question: What is The Best Heated Eyelash Curler?

Answer: While all of the curlers in our review truly work amazingly, if we had to pick only one, we would say the Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler Comb is the best heated eyelash curler. This is not only one of the more affordable options, but it also works exceptionally well to curl flat eyelashes. The wand is easy to use and heats up quickly within 8 seconds. It has four different heat settings to choose from as well. To learn more, make sure you scroll back up towards the top to read the full review.

6) Question: How to Put Battery in Heated Eyelash Curler?

Answer: If you did not get a curler with a rechargeable unit and a USB cord, you most likely got the option that’s uses a regular battery. Depending on the brand, there will be an opening either on the front, back, or bottom of the device. Insert the battery, and you will be good to go to start using it.

7) Question: Do eyelash curlers really make a difference?

Answer: This is a question you would need to answer for yourself. Many people think that eyelash curlers do make a difference in the way their eyes look, but you would need to try it out first and see if it’s worth it to you.

8) Question: Are heated eyelash curlers better than normal ones?

Answer: Traditional eyelash curlers have been known to pull, crimp, and sometimes even tear eyelashes out. It can be incredibly painful and can cause some serious damage. It is much safer to curl your eyelashes with the heated counterpart because the heat will curl them naturally without all the pain associated.

Throw your old traditionally eyelash curler in the trash and get yourself one of the heated options from my review above.

9) Question: Can You use a Heated Eyelash Curler with Eyelash Extensions?

Answer: Yes, you can, and most of the time, you actually cannot use traditional eyelash curlers with extensions as they might come off. So, this is a way better option if you have extensions because it will curl them nicely and naturally.


If you are still using a traditional eyelash curler, it is time to throw it in the trash and get yourself one of the best heated eyelash curlers from our review. We have a variety of different styles as well as price points to choose from. Let us know which one you liked the best and which one you decided to get.

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