5 Best Heated Car Seat Covers

Do you absolutely hate cold car rides in the winter? Yeah, I do too. One way you can fix this simple problem is by getting a heated car seat cover. You will be amazed at how much heat and warmth you will get from a seat cover!

Below you will find the absolute best heated car seat covers on the market right now. Each one has its own features, pros, and cons. So, check that out below to find the perfect product for you this winter.

SNAILAX Massage Car Seat Cover with Heat

The Snailax is one of the best heated car seat covers on the market. It can easily be used in any car because of the amazing universal one size fits most option. All you do is strap it to your seat to begin using. It requires a 12-volt power source to work inside your car. That means you can plug it into the cigarette lighter adaptor.

There are six different areas of massaging to keep you comfortable while you are driving. There are a few different modes as well, so you can really customize it to how you like it. The heat generated inside the cover will get to your body quickly so you will feel totally comfortable.

3D Mesh

This car seat cover is mostly made with a strong, breathable 3D mesh. This allows for great airflow from your cover to your body so that way you’re not feeling sweaty or stuck to the car seat cover. The construction uses polyester to keep it strong and durable when you are sitting on It in your car. The mesh also delivers the heat generated easily to you.

Extra Features

There are many extra features that come with this seat cover besides just the ability to add heat. This cover has massage capabilities, which means it can massage certain areas of your body like the upper and lower back, thighs, and even your hips. There are six different massagers that will use vibrations to massage you. This is an amazing feature that you will love to have inside your heated car seat cover.


  • This massage seat cover has six different vibration motors or sections that will relieve pressure and pain in your muscles and tissues.
  • There are five different vibration modes, and the motors will work in four different sections of your body.
  • You will feel the massage in the upper back, lower back, hips, and even thighs.
  • There are three heating pads on this seat cover that will keep you warm during cold winter months and even relieve pain.
  • The cover has a rubber bottom and straps that will keep the seat cover securely to your car seat.
  • This is a universal heated car seat meaning that it will come in a one size fits most car seats.


  • This is only able to be used with a car adaptor, not a home one.
  • More of an expensive option.


This is a more expensive option on the market for a heated car seat, but it comes with so many more features that actually make driving in your car more pleasant. If you are someone who has a long commute or travels frequently, then you will be so glad you spent the extra money for the extra comfort.

Sojoy Universal Heated Smart Multifunctional Car Seat Heater

The heated car seat cover made by the brand Sojoy is one of the top contenders in this review. They offer a basic polyester car seat cover that will heat up to 120 degrees. It comes at a universal size; it fits most all car seats. The cover is breathable and allows for good heat transferability. You have the option to chose either the black or gray color.

Very High Temperature

This heated seat cover has three different temperature settings. You can choose to have it on low, medium, or the high setting. There is a timer that you can set up to forty-five minutes of continuous heat before it turns off. The heat generated can heat up the cover to 120 degrees. That is incredibly warm and such a high temperature compared to some of the other heated car seat covers.

Extremely Affordable Price

This is the budget friendly option for the best heated car seat cover. Compared to some of the other brands in this heated car seat cover review, this will be the most affordable option. You are still getting a high-quality product just at a more affordable price. Now, this product may not have all the extra features like other brands, but it will help with the issue you have.


  • This seat cover comes in a universal fit, so it will fit most of all car seats.
  • Non-slip attachment that keeps your seat cover in place while driving.
  • You will get a very even heat distribution all over the seat cover as well as setting to change it from low, medium, and high.
  • Super soft and comfortable polyester material that will keep you warm and comfortable while driving.
  • The cover can heat up to 120 degrees, and you can also set a timer for it to run over 45 minutes.


  • The temperature does get very hot, so you will need to be cautious that it doesn’t melt or ruin your seats.


This is another very simple heated car seat cover that is easy to use. Just plug it into your cigarette lighter and pick which temperature setting you would like and enjoy the heat. This is the most budget friendly option if you don’t have a whole lot of money to spend.

COMFIER Heated Car Seat Cushion

Here we have another one of the best heated car seat covers. This one is quite unique because it doesn’t have to only be used in the car. It can be used at home or even at work too. This car seat cover has three heating elements. One where your butt will sit and two on the back. You have the choice to either have the heater on low or high.

The overheat protection plan will keep you safe and shut off the device when it becomes dangerous. This is a one size fits all so it should work for most cars and chairs.

Car or Home Use

One of the best things about this heated seat cover is that it can be used not only in the car but even in the home. There are two hookups that one can be used in your car plugged into the cigarette lighter, and the other can be plugged in a regular outlet at home. You can bring this with you anywhere, work, car trips, vacations and much more.

Overheat Protection

There is a overheat protection system in place in this seat cover, so you won’t have to worry about the heating elements overheating or catching on fire. If the heating elements start to overheat, the entire system shuts off. There is also a timer that will automatically turn off the heating element after 60 minutes.


  • There are three elements located in this car seat cover two located on the back and one where you will actually sit own.
  • There are two heating zone, one on low the other high. You can expect up to 114 degrees on the low setting and up to 130 degrees on the high setting.
  • If your device were to overheat, there is a protection component in the car seat cover that will prevent this from happening.
  • There is an auto shut off timer that will turn everything off after 60 minutes.
  • This cover is made from a soft and comfortable faux suede.
  • Comes in as a one size fits all so almost all car seats can use this.


  • Sometimes you can feel the bumpy wires under your butt.


This is another affordable option to keep you warm in the winter when driving your car. The best thing about this seat cover is that it can literally be used anywhere.  Its affordable and also very comfortable due to the soft faux suede material.

KINGLETING Heated Seat Cushion with Intelligent Temperature Controller

This is another great option if you are looking for a more sleek or sophisticated heater seat cover. The design makes it look very classy, as if it were meant to be in your car. There are two heating places, one on the back and the other located where you will actually sit. There is a timer you can set for however long you want continuous heat on for. The heat generated can be up to 140 degrees.

Sleek Design

This seat cover comes to you with a very sleek design. When attached to a seat, it almost gives the appearance that it was meant to be there. You don’t have to deal with many clips making your car seat look tacky. You get to choose from three different color options to closely match your car interior color; they are beige, grey, and black.

Temperature Protection

The temperature settings on this car seat cover can actually shut off automatically. If the timer has gone off, which can be set for 30, 60, or even 90 minutes, the temperate and the heat will automatically shut off to prevent overheating. It will again also do this if the temperature gets too hot and out of the range, it is supposed to be.


  • The heat will start quickly, working within minutes, and you can even get the heat up to 140 degrees.
  • There is a power-off protection mode that will shut off automatically after 30, 60, or even 90 minutes of time.
  • There is also a temperature protection plan as well that won’t let the temperature get above what you have set it at so you won’t have to worry about the system overheating.
  • Universal one size fits all car seats.
  • Three color options to choose from black, grey, and beige.


  • The cover only has overhead straps, not side straps, so it may move around when you sit on it.


This is another great option for you to choose from, from our list of the best heated car seat covers. This one delivers the most amount of heat out of all the covers. It has a protection mode that I can’t say enough about, that is such an important feature.

Snailax Heated Car Seat Cover Plus Air-Conditioned Seat

Here we have another fantastic product from the company Snailax. As you may know from the other review above, Snailax makes some amazing products that is why we had to add another made by them. This time this is still another heated seat cover, but this time you also have the option to use it to cool you down as well.

So yes, you have the ability to switch from hot to cold or vise versa. You are still getting a universal size fit product that has rubber underneath of it to prevent it from sliding off of your chair. Also it can be sued in your car as well as in your home, which is another great perk!

Easy to Use Controller

The controller on this cover is extremely easy to use. The Snailax company made it very straightforward and easy to use this. You can clearly see the buttons for the heating element as well as the cooling one. You push the button one time to get it switched on, and then you can push it multiple times for the exact heat or cooling setting you want.

Multi Use

This is the only option on our best heated car seat cover that not only can heat up to keep you warm, but it can also cool you down in the summertime. This is great because you may live somewhere with brutal summers as well as harsh winters. It is an amazing option to have both.

It can also not only be used just in your car. It has a separate adaptor that can be used inside your home easily plugged into an outlet. This means you could literally take this seat cover anywhere you want and use it anywhere you want.


  • Two heating areas one located on the back and the other located on the seat where you sit.
  • This seat cover has a ventilated design to help get airflow through the material.
  • This car seat cover can also be used in the summer as a cooling fan
  • The bottom of the cover has grips that are non-slip, which means it will stay in the place where you put it.
  • Straps come with the cover to connect it securely to the seat of your car.
  • This is a universal fit seat cover meaning it will fit on most car seats.
  • This seat cover can be used in the car as well as in your home with the home adaptor.


  • Very expensive.


Overall, if you can afford the price point on this heated car seat cover, than you surely won’t be disappointed. It has fantastic heat, the material is breathable, and it even has the capability to cool you down in the summer. What more could you ask for?

Heated Car Seat Cover FAQ’s

1) Question: How to Choose the Best Heated Car Seat Cover?

Best Heated Car Seat CoverAnswer:

Before you make your final decision, it is important to review our how to choose guide. This will help you narrow down our choices above to be suit you. Find out which feature matter to you in this buying guide for the best heated car seat cover.

Fast Heating

The first thing to consider is how fast the cover will take to heat up. This may not matter to you, but some people want a cover that will heat up super-fast withing minutes. You will find that most of the reviews above will heat up pretty quickly and efficiently in about two or three minutes. Especially during those extreme cold days, you don’t want anything that will take longer than that.

Padding/ Material

The padding that is on the cover is important because you don’t want to feel the wires when you are sitting on it. Cheaper made heated seat covers typically have this issue. Some people just need more padding to feel comfortable.

The material used can help contribute to the padding. There are many different materials used when making these products, so you will certainly find a wide range. Some used very breathable materials that allow for easy heat transfer from the cover to your body. You can also find very soft plushy materials such as the faux suede used in some products. When it comes down to the material, this is entirely up to you because there are many choices.


Most of all, the products I have reviewed above come with some sort of straps to be used to connect the car seat cover to your car seat. You will need some way to get it to stay connected, so straps will be the most popular option you see. Some brands also have some sort of rubber or grips on the reverse side of the cover that will also help keep it securely in place without it sliding around.


Most often, you will see these products in a universal one size fits all sizes. It would be to difficult for companies to make multiple sizes. So usually the seat will fit just find in any car. This is something you don’t really have to worry about.

Temperature Controller

Most products have a few different temperature settings, and you will be able to change the heat setting from say low to medium, or even to high. This is a great feature because you will get to customize your experience more, which is nice. Not all companies have this feature, but I definitely suggest picking out one of the products above that have it.


Some heated car seat covers come with a timer, which is another cool feature to have. This will allow you to set a time such as thirty minutes or even an hour and have continuous heat for that amount of time. Then the device will actually shut off to prevent overheating.

Heat Protection

Also, some of the brands above have an overheating technology that will shut off if the unit actually becomes too hot. Also, some will shut off automatically after a timer. This is a great feature to have because it can prevent car fires and even prevent your original seats of your car from catching on fire or melting.


Price is the last and one of the most important things you will need to consider before making your purchase. Take a look at the products above and check out their price points. Then decide which features are important to you and how much you are willing to budget for this. That will help you narrow down your price point. You will find both affordable and more expensive options above.

2) Question: Is a Heated Car Seat Cover Dangerous?


Yes, this product could be dangerous in a few ways. The first thing it would be is either faulty, or wires and such are damaged, which can cause it not to perform as directed. The second way this product could be dangerous is by not having those extra features that will shut off automatically if the temperature is too hot.

So, if you want a good reliable, safe product, you should look above in my reviews because almost all of them have shut off timers and temperature protectors to keep you safe and your car safe.

3) Question: How Long will the Cover Stay Warm when Turned Off?


This will really depend on how well the product is made and what type of material is used. Most often, when you turn off the heater, it will remain warm for at least 15 minutes. Some brands might stay warmer longer than that, especially if they were on a higher temperature setting.

4) Question: Can other Seats use a Heated Car Seat Cover?


Essentially yes, any seat in your car can use one of these covers. There is one issue with this, though; typically, the heater is powered from the 12-volt cigarette adaptor inside your car. Cars usually only have one of these adaptors, so unless you find a 12-volt extension cord, you may only be able to use one in your car at a time.

5) Question: What is the Best Heated Car Seat Cover?


In my personal opinion, I believe the SNAILAX Massage Car Seat Cushion with Heat is one of the best heated car seat covers on the market. It not only gives you incredible heat, but it also massages your back while you are driving. If that isn’t luxury, I don’t know what it is. It comes will all the cool high-tech features, and it is pretty affordable when you add each thing it has up.


There you have it, all the information that I have on heated car seat covers. I hope you were able to pick out a product you love from our best heated car seat cover review. Let us know which one you decided to go with.

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