5 Best Heated Bird Baths Reviews

Like all things in life, we all need food and water to live well, so do birds. During those ice-cold winter months, it can be very challenging for birds to find adequate food and water. One way you can help solve this problem is by purchasing a heated bird bath. A heated bird bath heats the water up to keep it from turning into a huge chunk of ice. The birds will thank you because they will have somewhere to drink water from that isn’t frozen!

Below you will find our picks for the absolute best heated bird baths on the market. These brands pride themselves on their amazing products, and once you read the reviews, you will know why.

Allied Precision Industries Heated Bird Bath with Mounting Bracket

Here you will find the Allied Precision Industries 650 heated bird bath. This is a easy to mount bird bath that can be connected onto a railing or a wood post. It has a very simple design that will appeal to most of everyone’s style. It is easy to fill up as well as dump out when it needs to be cleaned. It works wonder in cold winter temperatures thanks to the heated thermostat.

Big Specs

This bird bath is right around 20 inches wide, with the inside being 2 inches deep. This is adequate for birds to swim in as well as just to hang out on the side of the bird bath. You won’t have to worry about water evaporating from the bird bath each day because the two inches gives it enough depth. Since the bird bath is so wide, it can accommodate more than one bird at a time.

Thermostat Control

This heated bird bath can actually be controlled with the thermostat controller. The thermoset controller can actually be used in all different cold weather temperatures. This can also be stored away during the warm spring and summer months when you do not need to heat up the bird bathwater.


  • It comes in a light stone color bird bath.
  • It has an easy to clean out feature that allows you to dump out the water easily to clean it out.
  • The base has a clamp-on system to hold it in place.
  • The bird bath heats up with a 120-volt heater, which is about 150 watts.
  • You can find the cord away under the basin of the bowl when the heater is not needed.


  • The attachments aren’t as sturdy as they could be.


This is one of the best heated bird baths on the market because it is very big, and it can accommodate more than one bird. Also, this is the most affordable option for a heated bird bath in all of my reviews below. It is easy to clean and take care of. The perfect option for any birdwatcher that wants to keep the birds around in the winter.

GESAIL Heated Birdbath for Outdoors

The Gesail brand is another company that strives to make affordable and useful products. This fourteen-inch birdbath is shaped in a circle design. It can be mounted in three different ways and offers instructions and materials for each. This is a heated bird bath that has an automatic thermostat that will keep the water warm all by itself.

Automatic Thermostat

This bird bath features an automatic thermostat that will turn on when the water gets below a certain temperature. The thermostat will keep the water from completely freezing over. This is a fantastic feature because all you will have to do is plug it in, and that’s all.

Three Mounting Options

Another unique feature that only this brand offers is the three different mounting options. You can choose to mount this bird bath with the deck mount, floor mount, or even the clamp placement that will attach to almost anything. This bird bath also comes with step by step instructions to attach these different mounts on.


  • This bird bath has a heater that will heat up to 120 volts and uses 75 watts.
  • The built-in thermostat will work automatically, so it will know when it needs to be turned on.
  • Three different mounting options to choose from.
  • 14 inches in length.
  • Shallow basin so birds will not drown from to deep of water.
  • Four different color options to choose from.
  • Extremely affordable price point.


  • The bird bath itself is a lot smaller than some of the other brands we reviewed.


Overall, this is the most affordable option to choose from. You have the choice to choose from four different colors as well, so you can match it closely to your personality. The three different mounting options is also a great feature.

Allied Precision Industries 20-Inch Diameter Heated Bird Bath Bowl

Here we have another great product from the brand Allied Precision. You will actually see this brand one more time throughout this article. This is because it truly is one of the best companies to make heated bird baths. This bird bath is 20 inches wide and 2 inches deep, making it large enough to fit more than one bird at one time.

Great Heater

The heating inside this bird bath is excellent; even on the coldest winter days, the water inside the bird bath will not freeze over. The heating element inside will keep the water in a liquid form. The heater works by using 150 watts, and it has a thermostat that will work automatically to keep the water from freezing.

Neutral Color Bowl

The neutral color of the bird bath can please many people. It is natural and not too flashy. When the bowl is this natural color, it makes it quite easy to see when the bird bath gets dirty. This will help you know when it is time to clean the bird bath. Cleaning this bird bath is very easy; all you do is have to tilt the bowl to the side, and the water will come out, then you can decide how much you need to clean the bird bath.


  • The basin of the bird bath will come to you fully assembled and intact.
  • The thermostat can be adjusted, and it will prevent the water from freezing during cold winter days.
  • It comes with a clap that can be easily attached to a variety of different surfaces.
  • Two inches deep so the bird can actually take a swim inside of it.


  • It does not come with a stand to place the bird bath on; you will have to mount it to something or set it on the ground.


This is another great option made by the company Allied Precision. This is a very similar product to the first one we have reviewed, with a few minor differences. This bird bath offers exceptional heat to keep the water in liquid form as well as an easy to clean basin. It does not come with a stander, so you will need to figure out a place for it.

API Heated Birdbath Heated Bird Bath with Stand

Here is our last product review from the company Allied Precision. We really like this company and the quality that they put out for bird baths. This is another 20-inch diameter bird bath with a two-inch-deep pool. The thermostat in this bird bath will work automatically, and it will keep the water between 40- and 50-degrees Fahrenheit.

Strong Plastic

This bird bath is made from a strong plastic material that is weather resistant. This means it will be able to withstand wind, rain, and even snow. It should not break under pressure from the weather. The plastic will get heat from the automatic thermostat, and it will keep the water in the liquid form.

Metal Base

This bird bath actually comes with a metal base to sit inside of. The metal base measures thirty inches from the ground. This is an appropriate size for a bird bath. The metal base has been coated with a material that is corrosion and rust-resistant. This will help prolong the life of the metal base.


  • This bird bath is made from a very strong weather-resistant plastic.
  • This bird bath measures twenty inches in diameter.
  • This bird bath comes with a metal stand that is thirty inches in length.
  • The stand is completely rust and corrosion-resistant.
  • The heating element is hidden away from potential animals.


  • Not the most high-quality looking bird bath.


This is our last product review for the API company. This is another great product that will help keep the water from freezing during the winter. This one comes with a metal base, which is a great feature. We also like the added corrosion and rust-resistant features, as well as the strong, durable plastic water bowl. Overall, it’s a fantastic working heated bird house.

Farm Innovators All Seasons Decorative Gray Stone Scalloped Heated Birdbath With Pedestal

Here we have a product from the company Farm Innovations. This is a full bird bath that has a base and can be placed on the ground. The inside of the base is one and ½ inches deep. This will roughly hold around one gallon of water.

Elegant Look

This bird bath looks very elegant and way more expensive than it actually is. This bird house is made from stone, but it looks like it was made out of concrete. The detail at the top of the basin is this pretty scallop design. The actual bird bath looks like it would be super heavy, but it only weighs around ten pounds.

Hidden Heating Elements

The heating elements inside this bird bath are actually located at the bottom of the bird bath. This is an easy and convenient place to hide the heating elements; that way their no hanging out the side, making the bird bath look junky. You can always connect an extension cord to the bottom and plug it into any outlet you want.


  • This beautiful stone bird bath looks like it is made from concrete.
  • The top edge is made with the very elegant scalloped design.
  • You can easily plug any size extension cord into the bottom of the base of the bird bath and connect it into any close-by outlet.
  • The top part of the bird bath can be removed to dump out the water and to clean it.
  • 120-watt heating that has an automatic thermostat.


  • More expensive than some of the other heated bird bath brands.


As you can see, this heated bird bath has a lot of the same features as the other ones. This one does have a very nice look and comes with a base to set the bath onto. This is one of the more expensive heated bird bath options, but it does have a lot of heat to keep the water from freezing.

Best Heated Bird Baths

How to Choose the Best Heated Bird Bath

Below I will take you deeper into all the information you need to know about heated bird baths. We will go more in-depth learning about features, style, material, and so much more. This will help you make a decision above on one of the best heated bird baths.


Mounting is very important because you want to be able to put your bird bath somewhere. Some bird baths come with actual stands or pedestals, while others have to be mounted to a fence or deck post. You will find a variety of options above; some come with their own stand while there are a few on our list that comes with supplies to mount it to something.

This will really come down to personal preference. Do you want a smaller bird bath or one that comes with its own stand? You will need to decide what you like best.


The material that the bird bath is made of is also very important. You want something that is going to last and long time and keep its durability. You will also want a material that will be easy to clean when the bird bath gets dirty. Remember, you are purchasing a heated bird bath, so you will need a material that can work with a heating element.

The products above are made from a few different materials. Most of them are made of a super strong plastic that is weather resistant. As well as there is a stone option above in our review too.

Size and Depth

You will also need to consider what size bird bath you want. There are all sorts of different size bird baths out there. You will need to decide if you want to accommodate only one bird or multiple. Most of the bird baths above in my reviews are around 20 inches in diameter.

Depth is also important because this is how deep the bird bath is. Depth will range, but you won’t really see any bird bath depths over three inches deep. The bird baths don’t need too much depth, just enough for the birds to take a shallow swim.


Well, as you know from this article, we are reviewing the best heated bird baths. Not all bird baths use a heating element, so this is truly a unique feature. The goal with a heated bird bath is to de-ice the water or to keep it from getting frozen during those cold winter months.

Thermostat Capabilities

Some companies include a thermostat that way; you can customize just how warm you want the water to be. As well as some other heated bird baths come with a thermostat that turns on automatically and keeps itself adjusted so you won’t have to do anything. This is a nice added feature, depending on which brand you purchase.

Power Supply

Pretty much the only way to get the heating element to work is by having some sort of power supply. Some of these bird baths come with longer cords or extension cords that can be used out in the yard, but it will still be able to reach the outlet. You won’t really see a battery-operated version; most all use a power cord.


Price is the final consideration for you to think about when you are getting ready to purchase something. You can find a heated bird bath in a wide range of prices. Typically, the smaller mount yourself type are a lot more affordable than the versions that come mounted already on a base. Think about your budget and how much you want to spend on this product.

Benefits of a Heated Bird Bath for Birds

Below you will find a list of key benefits a bird will get just from you owning one of these products.

Easy Access to Water – Birds need water to survive, and it can be difficult for all animals to find fresh, non-frozen water in the winter. The water inside your heated bird bath will stay in a liquid form, and then the birds can drink from it.

Variety of Birds to Watch – The bird bath will bring all sorts of different birds to your yard. This is perfect if you are a bird watcher who loves to view different types of birds.

No Cracks – Since the bird bath is heated, there will be no ice formed inside of it, meaning if you did not have a heated one, then your bird bath would have the chance of cracking due to the expansion of ice.

All Year Long – Since the product is heated, you will not need to disassemble it for the season. You will be able to have it out all year long to invite other birds and even squirrels to the watering hole.

Best Heated Bird Bath

Heated Bird Bath FAQ’s

Here you will find questions and answers to common questions regarding heated bird baths.

1) Question: What is a Heated Bird Bath?

Answer:  A heated bird bath is just what it sounds like; it is a traditional style bird bath, except it has a heating element inside it so it will keep the water at a liquid state instead of turning to ice during extremely cold temperatures.

This will allow the birds to visit the water and drink or bathe in it without it being ice cold or a solid sheet of ice. Perfect item for someone who loves birds and is an avid bird watcher.

2) Question: How does a Heated Bird Bath Work?

Answer: This product will have a heating coil places somewhere inside the bird bath, and when it is plugged into an outlet, it will start to radiate heat and heat up the basin of the bird bath. This will keep the water in a liquid form as well as it will heat up the water to an appropriate temperature.

Most heated bird baths have thermostats that come with them. Some of these thermostats work automatically have some have to be turned on manually. On the ones that work automatically, it will turn on when the water temperature turns to 35 degrees Fahrenheit then it will shut off when the water reaches around 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

3) Question: How do You Clean a Heated Bird Bath?

Answer: Bird baths are actually extremely easy to clean. Even if it is a heated one, it is just as easy as a regular one. Just make sure you look to see what type of bird bath you have; if it is a mounted one of a deck or fence, you will have to unmount it to clean it. Pour the water out and lightly scrub the basin to clean it. You will do the same step with a standard bird bath with a stand.

4) Question: Are Heated Bird Baths Safe for Birds?

Answer: Yes, heated bird baths are completely safe; however, you will need to maintain cleaning standards; that way, the water is clean and safe for the birds to drink. Also, remember that other animals or even predators to birds might also take a drink out of the bird bath, so it is wise to switch out the water often.

The heating of the water will not affect the safety of your birds in any way. There is no way for you to make the water so hot that it will burn or harm the birds. Typically, heated bird baths have self-controlled thermostats.

5) Question: What is the Best Heated Bird House?

Answer: All of the bird baths that have been reviewed above are all really great and exceptional products. I do have a favorite, and in my professional opinion, I think the Allied Precision Heated Bird Bath with Stand is one of my favorite products.

I love how it comes completely assembled for you, so it makes setting it up extremely easy. I also like that it has a stand so you can set it up somewhere like a garden or in your yard. It also is priced at an extremely great value for a bird bath.


Having a bird bath in your yard can bring an overall better ambiance to your surroundings. The birds in your area will flock to your house because you have fresh, clean water. The birds will especially apricate this during the winter due to one of the best heated bird baths you purchased. This will allow them to drink and get clean during those few cold months.

I hope you found this article very helpful, and I hoped we helped you make a decision on a product. Please let us know which one you choose!

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