10 Best Electric Heated Blankets 2020: King, Queen, Full, Twin, Throw

If you want to curl up in complete comfort this winter, you should consider one of the best electric heated blankets.

These products are perfect for anyone that values relaxation and comfort. Plus, there’s many to choose from to satisfy all needs and budgets.

If you’re unfamiliar with these products make sure to check out the FAQ section at the end of this post to help you decide with your pick.

Let’s take a look at my top choices now!

Thermee Micro Flannel Heated Blanket (All Sizes)

Company: Thermee

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 4.9/5

The Thermee Micro Flannel is one of my favorite heated blankets for a lot of reasons. The first is it’s made from very soft and comfortable materials. Even if you don’t have the heat on, you’ll still love the way this blanket feels when it’s on you.

But the reason you’re looking at these blankets is for the heating, correct? You’ll be happy to know this product delivers in this department. The wires are expertly crafted into the blanket so they don’t irritate you and you won’t notice them.


  • 8 different heat settings: You get a lot of control over the amount of warmth you get too because of these 8 heat settings. It doesn’t matter your mood or how cold it is – you’ll find a setting that works perfectly for you in all moments.
  • Programmable timer: This is another feature you’re going to like. You can set the heat to turn off in the future so you don’t have to worry about any issues when you’re sleeping.
  • Turns off after 10 hours: Also, if you forget to set a timer you won’t have to worry either. This blanket shuts off after 10 straight hours of use.
  • Safe to use: Some heated blankets short out or can give off a smell like a fire is about to start. Luckily with this product, you won’t face that.

Overall this is a well designed blanket and doesn’t look or feel like it has heating elements or wires built into it. If you want a top of the line blanket and have a little extra to spend on it, I would highly recommend the Thermee Micro Flannel.

Berkshire Electric Throw Blanket

Company: Berkshire

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

The Berkshire Electric Throw Blanket is a little different than the product you just saw. This one is a little lighter and only comes in one size – the last one was a little heavier and came in every size imaginable.

Not everyone is looking for a heated blanket to use all the time or for their bed. Some just want a product to snuggle up with while they’re on the couch watching TV or reading a book. If that’s what you want you’ll really like this blanket.


  • Luxurious fabrics: This blanket is made from both PrimaLush and VelvetLoft. These materials are extremely comfortable and soft.
  • Insulated: When you wear this Berkshire product over you, you’ll get even more warmth from the insulated layer.
  • 5 heat settings: You won’t have to settle for one heat setting. If you purchase this blanket you’ll have 5 different ones to choose from.
  • Auto heating: This is a really cool feature and one you won’t find on most blankets. You don’t have to fiddle with the heating because it has sensors that automatically change the heat to maintain the temperature you selected.

Even though this blanket comes with all this, you won’t have to pay that much to buy it. It’s definitely not cheap but it’s more affordable than some of the most expensive blankets on this list.

Biddeford Electric Blanket (All Sizes) 

Company: Biddeford

Price: $$

Our Rating: 4.6/5

The Biddeford Electric Blanket is the cheapest of all the blankets you’ve seen so far. If you’re looking to save a few bucks this is definitely a good option, although, I wouldn’t say it’s quite on the same level as the previous two.

One thing I like, however, is this product comes in most sizes – king, queen, full and twin. So no matter what your needs you get a size that’ll work for you.


  • 9 colors to choose from: You should be able to get the exact look you want and match this blanket to any bedroom because of this.
  • 10 different heat settings: This is also more than any blanket you’ve seen so far. 10 heating settings will keep you toasty no matter how cold it gets.
  • Thin wiring: You’ll get a little extra comfort with this feature as well. You won’t feel the wires and it’ll feel like a normal blanket.
  • Machine washable: Many of these blankets need to be hand washed but this one doesn’t. This just makes life a little bit easier.

You know what’s even better than the low price of this blanket? The fact that it comes with a 5 year warranty. This might not be the most quality product listed here but it is one of the best values.

Serta Heated Blanket

Company: Serta

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 4.8

Serta is a well known brand and is a company that’s known for their bedroom products – when you purchase from them you know you’re getting quality and top of the line of the line materials.

That’s exactly how I would describe this blanket too (they have a heated mattress pad that you might like too!). It’s one that most people will really like and can be used in a bunch of different situations.


  • Low voltage: This is a safety feature that takes the risk away of using a heated blanket. Because it runs on low voltage there’s less of a chance of an electrical fire.
  • Shuts off after 10 hours: This is another factor that improves safety. Even if you accidentally leave this product on, it’ll eventually turn off on its own.
  • 10 heat settings: Do you think you’ll find the right warmth setting with 10 different options? I would hope so!
  • Machine washable: When it comes time to wash this blanket you won’t have to hand wash it or anything like that.

Another awesome aspect about this blanket is it doesn’t cost that much to purchase and is under $100. This is an excellent deal and is perfect for anyone trying to save a few dollars.

Sunbeam Microplush Full Heated Blanket

Company: Sunbeam

Price: $$

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Here we have another microplush blanket and I like this material for a lot of reasons. The biggest being it makes this product very comfortable. You’ll really love to snuggle up with this blanket because of this.

Another aspect I like is this Sunbeam blanket comes with 10 different heat settings, like the previous product you just saw. You’re pretty much guaranteed to find a heat setting that works perfectly for how you’re feeling at that exact moment.


  • Automatic heat adjustment: You won’t find a feature like this in many different heated blankets. It makes sure your selected heat temperature doesn’t dip or get higher.
  • Preheat setting: When you want your bed nice and toasty for bed you can set it to preheat and it’ll be very comfortable when you’re ready to get under your blankets.
  • ThermoFine technology:  This ensures this blanket is lightweight and the heating elements won’t bulk up this product.
  • Machine Washable: This is another product that can be cleaned in your washing machine.

Out of all the blankets you’ve seen so far, this one is the cheapest believe it or not. How much will it cost? Under $50! That’s really an amazing value.

Beautyrest Heated Throw Blanket

Company: Beautyrest

Price: $$

Our Rating: 4.6/5

If you’re looking for a product that’s quilt like and one that’ll act as the main blanket on your bed, the Beautyrest heated throw is not the blanket for you. This product is best when you’re on the couch and just looking to read or watch some TV.

One thing I really like here is this blanket goes farther than most in terms of safety. A lot of the items you’ve seen so far have a 10 hour auto switch off and this one has a 2 hour auto turn off. Even if you leave your home and forget to turn the heating off, you won’t have to worry.


  • Machine washable: It won’t cause you any stress to clean or care for this blanket. You can just throw it into your washing machine.
  • 5 year warranty: You won’t have to worry about this blanket not working after a few months either. You get a 5 year product warranty which is very good.
  • 3 heat settings: This isn’t as much as some of the other products on this list but it still gives you a few options to get the right warmth.

Because this isn’t a quilt and doesn’t have extraordinary features, this blanket is pretty cheap. In fact, it’s one of the cheapest you’ll find and it costs a hair over $50.

T Yong Tong Heated Blanket (3 Sizes)

Company: T Yong Tong

Price: $$

Our Rating: 4.7/5

The T Yong Tong heated blanket is a lot thicker than the previous one you just saw and is a pretty heavy duty blanket. This product is one you can use to sleep with at night and feel nice and comfortable.

One thing that you’re really going to like with this product is you get 10 heat settings. This ensures you have the perfect warmth at all times.


  • Very soft: This blanket is a delight to have over you and feels ultra soft.
  • Easy to care for: Like many of the blankets on this list, this one is easy to care for and can be machine washable.
  • Quickly heats up: You won’t have to wait all day to get warmth around this blanket – it heats up in an instant.
  • Safe to use: Another reason to like this blanket is you won’t have issues with burning or electrical fires. It runs on low voltage and it makes it much safer.

You get a few options in terms of size too (king, queen and twin). The price isn’t bad either and you’ll find this blanket is an excellent value when you compare the cost and what you get.

SoftHeat Micro Plush Heated Blanket (All Sizes)

Company: SoftHeat

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Here we have another product that comes in all different sizes and will fit any size bed from king all the way down to twin (there’s even a throw blanket available).

This blanket from Softheat comes with a feature you’ve seen a few times and is one that you’ll like a lot – it runs on low voltage. This goes a long way in terms of safety and minimizes any risk of using this kind of blanket.


  • Even heating: This is a product that warms you up and provides heat from your toes all the way up to your head.
  • Thin heating: One thing you’ll notice about this product is it is very lightweight and the heating elements are nearly undetectable.
  • Fiberfill: Even if you don’t have the heating turned on this blanket is still warm and comfortable because the soft materials it’s made from and fiberfill.

This blanket is one of the more expensive you’ll find but it’s not too pricey. There’s also a lot of mixed user reviews in regards to this blanket and if you want to see what people are saying about this blanket, click below:

Sunbeam Velvet Heated Blanket (3 Sizes)

Company: Sunbeam

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Here we have another product from Sunbeam and this velvet blanket is one that I really like a lot. I know if you decide to purchase it you’ll like it a lot too.

One aspect that I know you’re going to love is this blanket is made from a very soft, velvet material. It’s extremely comfortable to snuggle with and you’re going to enjoy sleeping with it.


  • Shuts off after 10 hours: This is a safety feature you’ve seen already and gives you peace of mind you won’t start a fire.
  • 20 heat settings: There aren’t many blankets on the market that’ll give you this many heat settings. You’ll easily get the right warmth setting because of this.
  • Machine washable: You won’t have to take any special precautions when cleaning this product either and you can put in the wash.

I really believe this blanket is one of the highest quality on this list and even though it’s high quality, it’s priced fairly. It gets even better when you realize it comes with a 5 year warranty!

Heated Blanket FAQ’s

1) Question: What are the pros and cons of a heated blanket? 


There are many pros to heated blankets.

Modern Wiring and Construction

Modern heated blankets are highly updated. They’ve been designed to incorporate new technology in order to retain heat while at the same time ensuring that electricity in the blanket does not pose a problem while the person is sleeping. Many older heated blankets had serious problems with poor wiring and uneven heating. Older blankets also had many other problems. They were frequently quite heavy and conduction of electricity through the blanket could be mediocre at best. It was not uncommon for a much older blanket to actually cause tiny fires. People would be awakened to the smell of a burning blanket in the middle of the night.

A Safe Choice

Today’s contemporary blankets are much different and far safer. Designers have created a transformer that eliminates the possibility of any kind of fire. The new technology enables electricity to circulate through the blanket more safety. The transformer that is incorporated into the design of the blanket today is about deliberately lowering the voltage going to the blanket. The result is a much safer blanket than those that were on the market even just a few years ago.

Today’s Blankets are Green

Not only are today’s heated blankets much safer than older models. They’re also a great way to go green in your bedroom and make use of modern technology that uses far energy. As modern electrical blankets use so little electricity, this means that you can turn the heat down in the rest of your home. No need to keep the heat on the whole house when you’re going to sleep and won’t even care. You can bring one blanket for every member of your family to use in each of their bedrooms. The heated blanket will only heat the bed. So rather than heating the entire room as standard heating methods do, you’re only heating a single portion of it. This means you’re not using heating you don’t need. Heated blankets are better for the environment. They don’t waste power. You’ll get up on a cold morning and feel toasty warm in your cozy bed space.

Saving Money

Heating the blanket on your bed is much cheaper than heating your entire bedroom and your entire house. Utility bills can really add up, particularly in the winter. During the winter months, it can cost quite a sum just to heat your home and make sure you’re not freezing to death when there’s a blizzard outside. One way to combat rising heating bills is to use less electricity. The heated blanket does just that. When you use a heated blanket in your home, you’re heating only a small portion of the home. When you heat only a part of your home, you don’t have to pay money to heat the rest of the home when you’re not even using it. You don’t have to heat the basement or the guest bedroom when no one is occupying them. Heated blankets use up only a tiny bit of electricity an and thus can be operated for almost literal pennies. You can take advantage of this fact, use them when it’s really cold and watch your electricity bill drop. Use them during the day if you’re home and feeling chilly. You’ll often find that you can turn down the thermostat in that room and other rooms and still feel warm even on the coldest days of the year.

Not So Heavy

Many homeowners heat to sleep with a bed covered in thick blankets. They may have a sheet, then a wool blanket and then a down comforter. All of this might be topped by a knitted quilt. The net result can be layers on layers of heavy blankets. When you crawl into bed, you are might be crawling under quite a number of layers just to stay warm. Making the bed can be a chore as you have to get each blanket just so. Laundering many blankets can be a huge chore. The heated blanket solves this problem. Modern heated blankets consist of a thin layer and little else. A single electric blanket can easily take the place of several layers of bedding. Heated blankets also require little care to continue to look great. A down comforter requires special care and handling and needs lots of attention as well as a prolonged drying time after it’s been cleaned. The same is not true of the heated blanket. The heated blanket also heats the entire bed evenly. No need to look for a few warm pockets. Every part of the bed is heated.

Some Drawbacks

You Can’t Sleep With Pet

For many people, few things are more enjoyable in life than snuggling up with a pet in their own bed. Relaxing with a dog at night can be comforting. Heated blankets can make this impossible. A cat can claw through the blanket and put holes in it. Dogs can turn and move during the night. As they do, they can damage the blanket’s delicate wiring and transformer. In doing so, the pet can render the blanket unusable. Many manufacturers remind people to avoid using them if they sleep with an animal companion.

Don’t Use Them With Infants

Heated blankets are also not recommended for use with infants. Newborns can have a lot of difficulty with heat regulation, especially at night. An electric blanket can cause overheating and make it hard for the baby to get enough sleep. It’s better to use specific bedding that has been specially designed for the needs of infants instead.

You Need to Turn Down The Heat

Users of heated blankets need to take a little more care with their home’s heating systems. If you want to use them to heat your bed, you need to pay careful attention to your home’s heating systems. You must make sure that the thermostat is turned down at night and when you’re using one during the day. If you don’t do that, you’re wasting electricity and heating a space that doesn’t need to be heated. You’re also using more electricity than you might when you’re relying on down comforters and knitted quits alone.

The Wires Can Break

Each heated blanket relies on delicate wires to make it work properly. These wires run through the blanket and make sure all parts are heated at the same time. Over time, they can get worn or frayed. As they do, the heated blanket can work less efficiently or not even work at all. The same is true of the blanket’s transformer. If the heated blanket doesn’t work, this makes it no different than a standard, unheated blanket of similar thickness and weight.

Hard to Wash

All bedding needs to be washed in order to make the bed feel comfortable and remove dirt. While most electric blankets can be washed, they’ll need very special care and handling. You’ll need to follow precise directions in order to make sure you’re properly washing them. Many heated blankets will not stand up over repeated washing. You may have to hand wash them rather than putting them in rough and tumble washer. It’s easy to make a mistake as you do this and accidentally disconnect or totally damage some of the wires. When you do that, you’ll ruin the blanket and need to discard it totally.

2) Question: What are heated blanket safety concerns?


Improper Care and Storage of the Blanket

Every electric blanket comes with the exact instructions necessary to safely clean and store the item. Wadding the blanket up and tossing it in the closet when not in use will damage the interior wiring. Not following the right instructions for washing can also lead to internal damage to the electrical system. If there are no instructions included, check with the manufacturer.

Fire and Electrocution Hazards

Running the electrical outlet plug under box springs, or between the bed and wall can cause wear that shorts out the blanket. It can cause fires or shock you when these wires are crimped and exposed. Keep pets away from the cords so that it is not damaged from chewing. Never plug in a blanket that has obvious signs of damage.

Never Use An Electric Blanket as a Primary Heat Source

As snuggly and warm as an electric blanket can make you feel, they are not designed to use as a primary source of heat in your home. Using the blanket all day and night during long periods of cold weather will begin to break down the electrical system. It’s designed for periodic use. The use of an electric blanket with another primary heating source will allow you to keep the temperature set at lower levels, which adds to the lifetime of the product. Premature aging and wear through constant use will pave the way for malfunctions and safety hazards.

Keep Items off the Electric Blanket During Operation

Adding a pile of covers on top of your electric blanket will not make it perform better. It can cause the blanket to begin to overheat. Try and keep pets from climbing on top while you are using the blanket. It will also cause heat to build from below and can cause burns to your pet. Turn the blanket off and unplug the unit if you will be away from it for a while. An unsupervised blanket can catch fire and you will not be aware of the problem right away.

The Dangers of Damaged and Moisture Exposed Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets that are near windows and doors are at risk for exposure to rain and snow. If a window or door frame feels drafty, it can allow water in as easily as air. Move the plug to a safer outlet. Never plug in an electric blanket to an outlet that is loose or in any other way damaged.

Electromagnetic Frequency Sensitivity

Electromagnetic frequency or EMF is a highly debated subject for many people. Constant exposure is said to increase your risk of cancerous tumors in the body. The science does back up claims to some extent in homes that are close to power lines, but will an electric blanket send out enough of this energy to make a negative impact on your health? It’s also a possibility that you or a family member is sensitive to EMF emissions. Sensitivity can bring about symptoms like a headache, dizziness, nausea, poor attention span, confusions, and sleep disorders.

Electric Blankets and Pregnancy

Increasing heat to a developing fetus, especially during the first months of pregnancy can presumably lead to miscarriage or birth defects. The debate is whether an electric blanket can produce enough heat to be a true risk factor. Fetuses are more sensitive to EMF radiation, which can cause health problems that are still not fully understood.

Overheating and Burns

Overheating and experiencing burns can happen if you fall asleep with the blanket and are unaware of the temperature creeping up to an uncomfortable level. You may experience burns before finally waking up to the feeling of uncomfortable levels of heat. People with nerve damage, diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, and Fibromyalgia may not be as aware of the heat. Loss of sensitivity due to certain health conditions will leave you vulnerable to overheating and burns.

Uneven Heating and Burns to Exposed Skin

As the blanket gets used over time, small portions of the wiring will begin to fray and crack. It can begin to cause uneven heating. Parts of the blanket will get super-hot, while other portions stay cool. Any exposed skin next to the super-heated areas can become burned and painful to the touch.

Malfunction Due to Age and Wear

If you are a frequent user of your electric blanket, it’s wise to replace the unit every few years. As the blanket gets older, the damage is more likely to occur and the risk of malfunctions that cause fires and electrocution skyrocket. It’s not worth taking the risk. If it seems like the performance has slowed and you no longer feel an even heating, toss it out for a new one.

Steps You Can Take to Stay Safe When Using An Electric Blanket

Nearly any electrical item has risks associated with use. It’s possible to enjoy the benefits safely by using the product as designed, giving it great care, and knowing signs of problems. Here are some helpful tips for safe electric blanket operation:

  • Never use an electric blanket as a primary heat source.
  • Keep the temperature low to moderate if you are pregnant or suffer from any illness that makes you less sensitive to heat.
  • Visually inspect the blanket and cord each time it is used.
  • Never use the electric blanket when sleeping.
  • Place another blanket under the electric blanket to avoid direct contact with the skin.
  • Keep pets and other items off the blanket while in use.
  • Keep the temperature low if you have nerve sensitivity problems.
  • Keep the blanket and cord away from pets.
  • Store the blanket in an area that will ensure it stays in an unwrinkled condition.
  • Only plug the blanket into a secure socket, away from drafty windows and doors.
  • Never place objects over the blanket.
  • Run the electrical cord in an open area.
  • Replace the electric blanket if it begins to distribute uneven heat.

 3) Question: How to size a blanket? 


Tips on how to Size a Blanket

If you sat down with any two random horse lovers, they would probably agree on everything about caring for the magnificent animals except one, whether to blanket their horse or not. Bigger differences would probably emerge if you went into the details of how thick the blanket should be and when it is appropriate to cover a horse with a blanket. The truth is that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to blanketing horses. However, there are a few guidelines that can help you determine when to blanket your horse and the best size of a blanket to use.

Understanding equine thermal energy

The first rule about horses and the weather is that they stay warmer than humans. This means that even when you may be reaching out for a jacket because the weather feels cold, your horse will still be warm, which means that you cannot slap a blanket on your house just because you are feeling chilly. Horses get their energy from digestion, this means that when the weather is cold and you need to keep your equine friend warm, you need to reach out for a bale of hay and some water to help with the digestion process. Horse digestion is a fermentation process really and one of the products that come from the process is heat.

Then, note that your horse has a larger and more bulk body than the average human. This means that they are able to stay warm longer than humans. Besides, they usually have hair and an extensive deposit of fat under their skin which acts as insulators against the chilly weather. This means that if the weather is reasonably warm, your horse is not in the rain or wind and they have enough hay, you may not need to use the blanket. This, however, does not mean that there aren’t times when a blanket will be useful.

When to use a horse blanket

There are certain considerations that will help you determine whether your horse needs a blanket or not:

· If the weather is far from the ideal conditions that have been described here, it would be best to think about getting a good warm blanket.

· Some horses have a thick and warm natural hide while others have very thin skin. If your horse has thin skin, it would be best to consider a blanket.

· The thickness of the coat is not the only physical factor that comes into play, if your horse is underweight, you will need to supplement with a blanket to keep them warm.

· Horses generally adapt well to climate changes, however, if the change is drastic, they will need a blanket to keep their body temperature from dropping drastically.

· If your horse is sick, too young or too old, chances are that they will not be in a position to properly manage their own body heat and will need to be kept warm with an appropriate blanket.

· Last, any time there is rainfall or extreme wind, it is time to keep your horse warm with a blanket.

Sizing the blanket

A horse blanket needs to be well-fitted because it will not be comfortable if it is rubbing the withers or the shoulders. Secondly, the straps of the blanket should be fitted closely to the body because otherwise the horse will get their legs or neck tangled in the straps and they might end up harming themselves. When picking the material, make sure that it is correctly rated for the weather because when the blanket is too warm for the weather, the horse will sweat underneath it, which will make it uncomfortable. Also, waterproof materials are recommended for rainy weather, and the blanket needs to be taken off after every few days to check the condition of the horse’s skin and body weight.

1. Taking the right measurements

There are people who like blankets that are long enough to form some kind of tent over the tail of the animal while for others, material that just falls short of the tail is ideal; decide what works best for you. The first measurement that you should take is from the center of the horse’s chest to the point in the rear end where you want the blanket to end. This measurement should be taken from the center of the chest to the middle of the tail because it gives the most accurate length measurement. The measurement in inches is the length of blanket which you will buy.

2. How to put on and remove the blanket

If you want the blanket to last a long time, you need to learn the right way to put on and remove the blanket if you want it to last a long time. When putting it on, you start from the rear and work towards the front of the horse. Start by fastening the closure and surcingle and finally when the entire blanket is on the horse, fasten the leg straps. Whenever you are removing the blanket, you should also work from the rear to the front.

3. Caring for the blanket

As mentioned, the blanket needs to be removed every two days or so. This is the best way to check on the horse and ensure that it isn’t extremely warm under the blanket and also to make sure that there isn’t dirt and other particles collecting on the underside of the blanket. Note that if the blanket is not removed and the horse ends up being warm and sweaty constantly, it could encourage the growth of bacteria that will affect the animal’s coat. You also have to decide whether you want to clip your horse or not before you get the coat.

4. Choosing the material

The blanket material that you choose should first and foremost be smooth enough because it will be constantly rubbing against the natural coat of the horse. This means that when the material is wrong, the horse could end up with bruises. The material should also be waterproof in case the horse gets rained on. Note that even when the material is right, and the size is correct, with time and age, the blanket will start rubbing on the skin and making it sore. To prevent this from creating bruises on the horse, you need to think about getting an undergarment that the animal can wear before you put the blanket on them.

5. Blankets and the rain

As mentioned, blankets will get really wet when the weather is cold. If not checked and changed, it means that the horse will get soaked and cold. It is advisable to have more than one blanket such that when one is washing, the other can be used on the horse. It is also advisable to keep checking on the size of the blanket, especially when being used on a young horse because as the size of the horse increases, the blanket will keep shrinking in size.

As you can see, there is more to getting the right size of a horse blanket than just taking the plain measurements. When measured correctly and well maintained, the blanket will serve your equine friend well and keep them warm during the cold weather.

4) Question: What are the common features of a heated blanket? 


1. Automatic Timer
An automatic timer is responsible for automatically turning the electric blanket on and off according to the timed schedule that it has. This is not only a convienent feature, but it is also a safety feature. By having an automatic timer included in the heating blanket, it can provide the user with maximum comfort. The individual using the blanket will most likely fall asleep while using the product and may cause the device to get too hot, making the individual uncomfortable under the device. The automatic timer is a safety benefit because if the electric blanket gets too hot, then there are fire risks involved. Most electric blankets are set on a 10-hour operation period as their default time, but some other electric blankets have the option for the user to manually set the timer to a better time that works with their schedule. This all depends on the specific type of electric blanket that you purchase.

2. Heat Adjusting Features
Heat adjusting features are usually included in the purchase of an electric blanket because they help with both the convenience as well as the safety of the product. Some electric blankets automatically adjust to different factors in order to maintain the temperature of the blanket. Some blankets adjust to the temperature of your body, while others adjust to the temperature of the room that the device is located in. For example, if the electric blanket detects that either your body or the room it’s in has a temperature that is too high, then it will automatically either cool its temperature down, or it will shut off until the temperature of the electric blanket cools down enough to a safer temperature to use.

In addition to this, some blankets even have a heat adjusting feature that monitors the heat distribution of the blanket. For instance, if one portion of the electric blanket becomes too cold, then heat will be focused in that part of the blanket in order to distribute the heat proportionately. This is also the case for when one portion of the blanket becomes too hot; the heat will be taken away from that particular area of the blanket until the temperature cools down. Electric blankets are designed to stabilize and provide consistent heat levels at all times.

3. Pre-warming Feature
Most heated blankets have what is referred to as a pre-warming feature, and this means that the blanket has the ability to heat up quickly, and they usually heat up to their full temperature in no more than 5 minutes. Electric blankets also heat up the objects surrounding it quickly, too. For example, if you’re about to go to bed and turn your blanket on in order to give it time to warm itself up, then you’re pre-warming the blanket as well as the bed since the device continuously gives off heat quickly. Once you have the device set at a certain temperature, then the blanket is designed to remain at that temperature for the rest of the night.

4. Choice of Material
Electric blankets come in a variety of fabrics and materials, since there is such a variety of brands and products to choose from in the market. All of the different materials have their own benefits, so choosing the right material is solely based off of what your preferences are as an individual. For example, most electric blankets are made of either cotton, polyester, or fleece. Cotton is deemed the most popular because it is the softest and contains the most amount of heat out of all three choices. Polyester is more of a heavy material, providing the user with maximized support. And fleece is the lightest weight material, but it doesn’t contain the heat that it disperses as well as the other options. Each of these features can be seen as both advantages and disadvantages, but it depends on the individual using the product.

5. Safety Features
All electric blankets are required to pass safety precaution tests that ensure that the individual who purchased the product has the maximum amount of safety. However, if you’re purchasing a heated blanket from an online market or an unreliable source, then it can’t be guaranteed that this particular blanket passed all of the safety precautions as well as the safety tests recommended for use. Typically, if a heated blanket passes the required tests and meets the standards required for an electric blanket to be classified as safe, the tag will be market with either a UL or an ETL. UL stands for Universal Laboratories and ETL stands for Electrical Testing Laboratories. Both of these companies are well-respected, well-trusted, and widely recognized for their safety standards as well as their testing.

6. Multiple Heat Setting
Most electric blankets offer multiple heat settings that provide the individual using the product a variety of temperatures to choose from. Some heated blankets offer as much as 20 different heat settings, while other heated blankets only offer 3 heated settings that the blanket can differentiate from. The heated settings usually range from warm to super hot, and there are limits to low and high the temperatures can go. These limitations are included because of a safety hazard since having too high of a temperature on the blanket can cause a fire to form. On the other hand, some of the more expensive electric heated blankets offer an option for the user to manually type in their desired temperature of the blanket. This allows the user to have more flexibility and control over the heated options that they can receive. Although this is a great feature to consider having, the electric blankets that offer this feature can cost as much as several hundred dollars.

7. Low Voltage
Most heated blankets use around 120 volts of AC power. AC power is defined as an Alternating Current and this means that it is an electric current that periodically reverses its direction flow. It is different compared to DC, which is defined as a Direct Current because a direct current is an electric current that flows only in one direction. Alternating currents require more energy, since they involve moving in the opposite direction, and direct currents require less energy. Although traditional heated blankets use 120 volts of AC power, some of the electric blankets are starting to convert AC power into DC power. They do this by including a conversion box in the blanket’s wiring system. In doing so, the heated blanket goes from using around 120 volts of AC power to only using approximately 48 volts of DC power. This not only saves more energy and money, but it also makes the blanket safer because it’s less likely to be a fire hazard, considering the massive decrease in energy used to operate the blanket.

8. Your Choice of Sizes
The best electric heated blankets can come in a variety of sizes, just like any other comforter. They are sold in sizes from a twin size bed to a king size bed. Other than purchasing an electric blanket, it’s also possible to purchase an electric mattress cover that fits around your mattress and works the same as a heated blanket, only the mattress cover is designed to fit around your mattress instead of over your body, and it’s designed to offer maximum heat for the user.

9. Remote Controls
Most heated blankets now have the ability to be controlled by a remote controller. This allows the user to not have to get out of bed in order to change the settings or turn the blanket on or off. Most remote controls are also updated now so that they don’t make loud sounds when you click the buttons. Older electric blankets had an issue of containing loud switches that controlled the settings of the electric blanket, and it was a hassle to have to operate the blanket from the switches located on certain spots on the blanket.

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