Best Battery Heated Slippers

Do you find yourself freezing in the winter months because no matter how much you layer on clothing you just can’t get warm enough? The fastest way to lose body feet is through your head and your feet. Heated slippers are a great way to warm your feet up in the winter.

The best heated slippers use either rechargeable batteries or power banks that can be charged and then connected to the slippers to warm them up. Regardless of what type of battery heated slippers you choose they will be long lasting, extremely durable, and so soft and comfy. Below I have reviewed the best battery heated slippers on the market right now and I want you to take the time to find the right one for you!

Heated Slippers Gen 4 by Volt

The Volt company is an American made company that has a great reputation for making high quality heated clothing such as heated slippers and (heated socks). Their goal is to help people to feel good in the coldest of weather.

This Gen 4 heated slipper comes with two 3.7-volt batteries that are rechargeable. You can charge with through a USB cord and even with a power adaptor. Once the power banks are fully charged you will get many hours of continuous heat. Depending on what type of heat setting you choose will reflect how long your heat will last.

These slippers have a convenient zipper to help take the slippers on and off this is great because if you have a snug size you need a zipper to get them off. The slippers also have an awesome rubber sole which makes them perfect to be used outside because they won’t get ruined since they are not a plush bottom.

  • Zipper Feature: in the older Volt heated slipper models they did not have a zipper. So, for this new model they added a zipper which is great because now it is much easier to get the slippers on and off.
  • Rubber Soles: these slippers come with nylon rubber soles. This will allow you to be able to wear these slippers indoors as well as outdoors because of the hard soles.
  • Two Power Banks: you will get two 3.7-volt rechargeable battery power banks. Once the power banks are fully charged then you will get between four and seven hours of continuous heat.
  • Wireless Remote: these slippers come with a wireless remote that will allow you to change the temperature setting. You have three heat setting that you can choose from – high, medium, and low.

Overall, these slippers are quite expensive and they are also very high in because they offer a premium quality for people who live in severe cold. The price is totally worth having a product that can make the difference from freezing to keeping warm.

These slippers help people with hard medical conditions such as arthritis, Reynolds disease, blood flow problems, and even diabetes. The heat from these slippers will reduce pain and promote blood flow which keeps you warm.

Smoko Feline Rather Toasty Cat Foot Warmers

We are going to discuss a lot about the Smoko brand in this article because they make really high-quality battery heated slippers. This specific one has great character because the slippers look like the grumpy cat.

The best part about these slippers is that they are charged with a USB cord but they come with a power bank. So, once the power bank is charged up you will be able to walk freely where ever you want because the power bank will be powering the heat into your slippers.

  • Soft Plush Design: these slippers are very soft and comfy cozy. These slippers are overstuffed to provide you with extra cushion on your feet.
  • Wireless Slippers: once the heated slippers are fully charged, they become wireless because of the power bank. You will be able to walk around freely while the slippers heat your feet up.
  • One Size Fits All: these slippers come in a one size fits all so it will accommodate size ranging from size six to twelve.
  • Fits Your Personality: these are super cute heated slippers and if you love cats then this will match your personality. I love when you can buy clothing that matches your personality.

The price on these heated slippers is really nice because they are affordable yet not cheaply made so you will get the best quality of materials that will make these best heated slippers perfect for you.

Smoko Heated Corgi Slippers

The Smoko corgi slippers are not only perfect for adults who love dogs but also perfect for children. Obviously, the heated slippers will be bigger on children but they will still provide them with cozy comfy comfort.

Now for this Smoko heated slippers you have two options that you can choose from. You can choose a wireless version that can use a power bank so once it is charged you can walk freely around. There is also just an option that uses a USB cord and has to be plugged in the whole time to receive the heat.

  • Breathable Material: these slippers are made of a soft cotton and polyester material. This makes the slippers very breathable so you shouldn’t have sweaty feet wearing these slippers.
  • Two Different Heating Options: like we discussed above there are two different heating options to choose from – wireless by power bank or constantly plugged into the USB cord.
  • Slippers for A Queen: did you know the queen of England loves corgi’s? Well if you are a dog lover then I think you will really enjoy these dog slippers.
  • Affordable: These heated slippers are very affordable for everyone. If you need a pair of heated slippers than you will enjoy this brand because they are affordable yet high quality.

These slippers come in a one size fits all which means they will fit everyone and anyone. If you use them for children then they will be a little big but that is okay because they will have extra room to move their toes.

These slippers are very comfortable and made over stuffed that way you always feel like your walking on pillows. The heated these slippers generate will warm up cold feet quickly make them feel nice and toasty.

Smoko Adorable Narwhal Slippers

These are a super cute pair of heated slippers in the shape of whales. This whale design will have everyone smiling because it is so adorable and it features such a cute design for slippers. They also come overstuffed that way they feel very plushy when you step on them.

The slippers can be charged with a USB cord. This cord can be connected to a laptop or a power adaptor. You will be charging the power bank inside the slippers. This will allow you to be able to walk around freely once the slippers are fully charged. The charge should last you about four hours of warmth.

  • Long Warmth: these battery heated slippers are supposed to last four hours once they have been fully charged.
  • Non-Slip Soles: the soles of these slippers are actually nonstick and non-slip. This means you can walk around on tile or hard wood floors without taking a tumble.
  • Wireless Heater: once the power bank is fully charged you can walk around the house or take your slippers with you to work, outside, or just stay home feeling the intense warmth.
  • Affordable Price: it’s unbelievable how affordable the Smoko brand makes these heated slippers. If you need some warmth on your feet trust this popular brand.

These make a great gift for every member in your family. They are very affordable and warm and anyone would enjoy getting these as a gift. They work well for people who deal with foot pain because the heat helps relive the pain when applied.

How do battery heated slippers work?

Battery heated slippers work by either rechargeable batteries or power banks that have been charged and then can be put inside the slippers to make the slippers wireless. There are heating wires woven through the soles and bottom of the slippers to generate warmth. The insulation inside the slippers keep the hot coils away from your skin so you will not get burned.

When the coils heat up, they will generate heat throughout the slippers and they will make your feet feel warm and toasty. It is great to be able to walk around freely or take these slippers with you places while still being able to feel the warmth from the slippers. To learn more, check out the best battery heated slippers above.

What to Look for In Battery Heated Slippers?

When you are shopping for battery heated slippers there are some features that you will need to think over and decide if it is important for you to have that in your heated slippers.

Heat Retention

Heat retention is a huge factor because this is how hot the slippers will stay when the heating element is turned off. You want your slippers to stay warm even after their turned off and to have good insultation to keep your feet warm.

Price Point

Even the price point is a huge factor because on our list we have cheaper and more expensive brands of battery heated slippers. You need to decide what you feel comfortable speeding on these slippers. Remember that price also influences quality.


You also need to decide what type of design or look you want on your heated slippers. There are some brands that are my stylish and really let you show your personality. There are also heated slippers like the Volt four generation that are more traditional with a solid color look.

In Conclusion

The best battery heated slippers on my list are all affordable and will completely do the job that you need to warm up your feet. Being cold in the winter is hard so you need to have a reliable pair of heated slippers to do the job. Every single pair of heated slippers that I have reviewed will have you blown away with how amazing of a job that will do heating your feet. You cannot go wrong with nay of these options.

If you have any questions about any of the products you see above, do not hesitate to ask. I will get back to you as soon as I can to answer any of your concerns. Happy shopping.

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