7 Best Battery Heated Glove Liners 2020

If you’re someone that loves the outdoors, even when it’s cold out, you’ll definitely want a pair of the best heated glove liners.

There’s plenty of these products to choose from below and you’ll find one that suits all needs and budgets too.

If you need help selecting one of these gloves, make sure to check out the FAQ section at the end of the article.

Let’s see my top picks now!

Venture Heat 7.4 Volt Liners *Top Choice*

Company: Venture Heat

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

The Venture Heart 7.4 Volt is a glove liner that’ll basically work for any person. It doesn’t matter if you’re skiing, hunting, hiking, walking your dog, or shoveling your driveway, you’ll really like what this product can do for you.

One thing you’re going to appreciate is this Venture Heat product comes with 3 different heat settings – high, medium and low. Because of this, you’ll always get the perfect amount of warmth, no matter how cold or warm it is.


  • 5 hours of heat: On the lowest heat setting you get 5 hours of heat. This is pretty good and should work for most activities. If you’re skiing just make sure to charge up at lunch.
  • Touchscreen fingers: If you have to use your phone you won’t have to take these gloves off and expose your fingers to the cold. You can text and call people with these gloves.
  • High of 131 degrees: One the highest heat setting you get a high amount of heat at 131 degrees. This ensures your hands will be nice and toasty, even if it’s freezing out.
  • Comfortable to wear: When you buy gloves you want to make sure you’ll enjoy wearing them for long periods of time. This glove is made from soft materials and you’ll like how they feel on your hands.

The price isn’t horrible on these either. They’re not too low or too high.

Volt Heated Glove Liners

Company: Volt

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 4.9/5

Volt is a brand that’s synonymous with heated gloves and they have many different ones for sale. Their heated liners are one of my favorite too.

One reason for this is you get 4 heat settings with this product and that’s one more than most. This gives you the most control possible over the heat you get and ensures you’re always comfortable.

  • Zero layer heat system: This heating system means you get top of the line heating without extra bulk or anything like that.
  • Waterproof: It doesn’t matter if you’re stuck in a rainstorm or snowstorm, this product prevents moisture and water from penetrating to your hands.
  • Breathable: You may be concerned that your hands may over sweat and overheat with these gloves on but you shouldn’t be.
  • All around heating: There won’t be one section of your hands that are cold either. If you decide on these gloves, you’ll feel warmth all over.

This glove is on the pricier side in terms of glove liners but it’s worth the extra. These gloves will make anyone that wears them happy.

Mobile Warming 7 Volt Heated Glove Liners

Company: Mobile Warming

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Mobile Warming is a company I like and they make a lot of different heated gear – heated gloves, heated jackets, heated pants and more. Their heated glove liners is another versatile product most people will want to  consider purchasing.

You’ll like how lightweight and thin this product is too. These liners truly can fit under any pair of gloves with ease. There won’t be any annoying bulk or anything like that. So if you plan on participating in an activity that requires movement and use of your hands, you’ll appreciate this.


  • Slim battery: When you purchase liners you need them to be lightweight. You don’t want a battery that’s bulky and that takes up space.
  • Touchscreen compatible: This is another pair of gloves that can be used with all smartphones. You’ll be able to stay in touch with whoever you want without being cold.
  • 4 different heat settings: Most products like this one only come with 3 heat settings and this one comes with an extra. You get more control over comfort because of this.
  • 10 hours of heat: On the lowest heat setting you get up to 10 hours of heat and on the highest heat setting you get 2.5 hours of heat.

Even though you get all these features this product won’t break the bank either. In fact, it’s actually one of the more affordable liners on this list.

First Gear Heated Glove Liners

Company: First Gear

Price: $$

Our Rating: 4.7/5

First Gear may not be the most well known company on earth but they still make quality gear. Their glove liners are a product most people will want to avoid, though.

I don’t mean to say these gloves won’t work or anything like that but they only work when you’re riding a motorcycle or any other power sports vehicle. They don’t run on batteries and need a power source to work.


  • Stretchy materials: The materials this glove is made from help you be as mobile as possible. Also, they won’t feel stifling or anything like that when you wear them.
  • Weatherproof: You won’t have to worry if you get caught up in a rainstorm either. These gloves will keep your hands perfectly dry.
  • Fits under any glove: This First Gear glove is made to be as thin as possible and this allows it to fit any glove over it.

If you decide on this product and don’t have a First Gear Jacket already, you’ll need to buy a few pieces to go along with this glove. This video below goes over everything:

As long as you get all the parts needed and use it the right way, you’ll enjoy this pair of gloves.

Thermo-Chip Heated Glove Liners

Company: Thermo-Chip

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 4.7/5

The last product you saw was made specifically for power sports enthusiasts and not much else. The Thermo-Chip heated glove liners, however, is a product you can wear no matter where you are.

The reason for this is this product runs on a rechargeable battery and doesn’t need to be plugged into an electrical system. This has many benefits and makes this glove extra versatile.


  • 3 heat settings: One thing everyone will enjoy is this product comes with 3 different heat settings. This ensures you have the best experience possible when you’re outdoors.
  • Long lasting battery: All rechargeable batteries need to be replaced in time and this one gives you 500 charges before you’ll have to. You’ll get many winters out of this glove.
  • Carbon fiber heating elements: Carbon fiber is safe and it heats up quickly. You won’t be waiting around to get your warmth because of this.

These gloves are a little more expensive than the last two you’ve seen. They aren’t too much, though, and even if you’re on a budget you should be able to afford this product.

Mobile Warming 12 Volt Heated Glove Liners

Company: Mobile Warming

Price: $$

Our Rating: 4.7/5

These Mobile Warming 12 Volt gloves are another product that’s designed to be worn when riding a motorcycle, ATV or snowmobile. The main reason for this is it doesn’t run on a battery.

Like the First Gear glove you saw up top you’ll need to plug this product into a Mobile Warming jacket or you’ll need to plug it into the power system of your motorcycle.


  • Touchscreen compatible: These gloves can work with your phone without having to take them off. This keeps you from having to get your fingers cold to send a text or make a call.
  • Quick heating: When you buy one of these products you want it to deliver warmth quickly and that’s exactly what it does.
  • All around heating: This is another feature you’re going to appreciate. Every part of your hands will get warmth because of this.

Because this glove doesn’t come with a battery it’s actually pretty affordable and is one of the few liners that cost under $100. As long as you don’t plan on using it away from a power source, you’ll like this glove a lot.

Venture Heat Motorcycle Liner

Company: Venture Heat

Price: $$

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Here we have another Venture heat product and while the first was made for all kinds of people, this one is built specifically for motorcycle riders. Like all gloves made for this sport, it doesn’t run on a battery and instead runs by getting plugged in.

This is definitely the superior choice for motorcycle gloves. You won’t have to worry about running out of battery and having cold hands. You’ll have heat as long as your motorcycle is turned on.


  • 3 heat settings: Like many of the products on this list, this one comes with 3 heat settings. This allows for maximum comfort.
  • Spandex materials: When you’re wearing gloves you don’t want them to be stiff or anything like that. This glove is made from stretch material so you’ll always have the best hand movements as possible.
  • Thin heating elements: This glove is also thin and not bulky either. This is definitely important when you’re riding a motorcycle.

You’ll like the price of this product too. It’s a good deal for what you’re getting and will make any power sports enthusiast happy.

How To Choose Heated Glove Liners

What are heated glove liners?

Heated glove liners are precisely what their name suggests—gloves that are electrically heated and generally worn as a lining underneath an outer, or ‘shell,’ glove. Heated glove liners are specifically made to fit more snugly against the hands and fingers in order to better accommodate a pair of outer gloves.

They contain special components that heat not just the hand itself, but also each finger separately. Heated glove liners can be worn as heated liners underneath your favorite gloves for added warmth on cold days, or they can be worn as standalone gloves on chilly days when lined or heavier outer gloves are too hot.

They afford you the opportunity to wear your favorite pair of gloves regardless of their ability to keep your hands warm.

Heated glove liners are a great way to remain active on freezing cold winter days. They are especially useful for those who enjoy winter sports such as snowboarding, hunting, skating, and skiing.

They can be used as an everyday tool for shoveling snow or scraping ice off cars. They also can be essential gear for those who ride their bicycles or motorcycles in winter because of the additional chill factor that can occur from freezing cold winds whipping over hands while riding.

Besides their thin heating elements, these glove liners typically come with batteries, chargers, and separate controls that permit users to adjust each hand’s temperature. Other features may include adjustable wrist enclosures that ensure a snug fit, touch-screen compatibility so they don’t need to be removed while using your favorite devices, and handy storage cases so extra care can be taken to keep them in ideal working order.

Who should buy heated glove liners?

Because they are an added heat source that keeps your hands warmer in the cold than outer gloves alone, heated glove liners are great for anyone who has to spend time outdoors in winter.

Whether you plan to be outdoors for an hour shoveling your sidewalks and driveways, or you intend to spend an entire day hiking or hunting, heated liners that accompany your favorite pair of gloves are a great means of keeping your hands warmer than gloves alone. They can help you stay outdoors longer because your hands aren’t freezing up or getting stiff too soon during outdoor activities due to ineffective protection.

They are especially useful for bikers whose hands get too cold during a winter ride. They also can help with circulation because hands stay warmer for longer periods of time. This is especially helpful for those who suffer from health conditions that tend to cause cold hands.

What are the pros and cons of using heated glove liners?

Like all products, heated glove liners can have both positive and negative consequences, often depending upon which product is purchased. Here are the most significant pros and cons of glove liners that are heated via electrical means.


 They keep your hands, which includes palms, fingers, and wrists, warmer than if you wear just gloves alone.
 Because their purpose is to add warmth to your hands, they can help with circulation.
 They afford you the opportunity to wear your favorite pair of gloves, even if those gloves do not warm your hands effectively.
 With heated glove liners that include touch-screen compatibility, your hands can stay warmer on cold days even while you’re using any of your favorite devices such as cell phone or iPad.
 On days when it’s not as freezing cold out but you still could use something to warm your hands, heated glove liners can be worn alone, without outer gloves, as a lightweight, less bulky, more comfortable means of warming your hands and fingers.
 If your hands are already cold with your favorite gloves, adding your heated glove liners underneath can warm your hands more quickly than if you switch to another pair of gloves. It can also save you time that you otherwise might have used going back inside to warm up.


 Depending upon the brand of glove you have purchased, heated glove liners may cause your hands to get sweatier than if you wear your favorite gloves alone.
 Because they include electrical elements, they can short circuit just like any other electrical device. This is why taking proper care of your heated glove liners is very important.
 If you’re a cyclist who opts to wear the liners as standalone gloves, you may not have as much protection from hand injuries such as pavement scrapes if you fall off your bike.
 If the heated glove liners you purchase are flimsy or don’t fit snugly enough, they can feel bulky and uncomfortable.
 A few liners on the market require an additional purchase in order to work properly, such as coat liner. Be sure to understand the product you’re purchasing to make certain your purchase includes everything.

How should I go about purchasing heated glove liners?

Because the selection of heated glove liners is plentiful, it’s important to do your homework before purchasing. Heated glove liners can run in price from $20 for a pair all the way up to several hundred dollars, with an array of features depending upon your needs and preferences. That’s why it’s best to answer these questions before embarking on a heated glove liner purchase:

1. What is your budget? Again, the price range of heated glove liners is wide. They can run you anywhere from $20 (or perhaps even lower, depending on discounts) up to $400 or $500.

2. What activities will you perform with them? If you plan on using your glove liners just a few times per year, you may be able to get away with a less expensive purchase. However, if you’re passionate about being outdoors in winter, a high-end purchase may be in order. Of course, a high price does not always equate to better quality. Additionally, if your new purchase will be used for hunting, you’ll likely want to buy camouflage. Or if you’re a cyclist, consider glove liners that are made especially for your needs. Check online customer reviews for added assurance you’re buying the best product for your needs.

3. What features are important to you? Do you need glove liners that are waterproof? Do you need them to be exceptionally functional for high-performance needs? Do you need touch-screen compatibility that will allow you to use your mobile devices without taking off your gloves? Whatever your needs and preferences, be sure to check all product descriptions beforehand in order to ensure your selection will suit your circumstances.

How do I determine my glove size?

Most people already know their glove sizes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they know their glove liner sizes. Because glove liners need to fit more snugly against your skin than your gloves, you may need to purchase them a bit smaller than your favorite pair of gloves.

However, the material used to make heated glove liners may, in itself, fit more snugly against your hands and fingers. For example, glove liners that include spandex will give a closer fit than outer gloves that do not include this type of snugly-fitting, stretchy fabric. Therefore, you may be able to get away with purchasing heated glove liners that are the same size as the pair of gloves you wear over them.

If you’re purchasing online, be sure to read the description thoroughly, since some glove liners are sized by length of hand while others may be sized by hand circumference. Many people will convey personal experiences about their purchases via online customer review sites.

For example, if a certain heated glove liner product tends to run small, reviews often will note this. By checking online reviews, you can save yourself time and shipping charges by buying right the first time. If you can, go to a sporting goods store where you can try on different products and sizes in order to find what suits you.

How to measure for glove size:

If you are unsure of your glove size, here are tips on how to measure. Your glove size is the measurement in inches around your hand. Are you left-handed or right-handed? Use your dominant hand to determine your glove size. Follow these steps:

1. Place the end of a flexible tape measure (fabric works best) at the middle of your dominant hand’s palm. While holding it there with your thumb, use your other hand to wrap the tape measure around your hand. Write down that measurement in inches or in millimeters, depending on your area’s measurement unit.

2. Next measure the longest part of your hand by holding the end of the tape measure at the tip of your middle finger. Bring it down to the base of your hand and hold it, making sure it’s taut against your hand. Write down the measurement.

3. Now round up the higher of these two measurements to the nearest whole number. This is your glove size.

4. Because gloves and glove liners typically are sized by small, medium, or large, you’ll have to check your size number against a sizing chart. Naturally, be sure you’re checking the correct column depending upon men’s, women’s, or children’s sizes.

You also may need to cross reference your size against a sizing chart used by the glove-liner manufacturer, or against a sizing chart with a different measurement unit, depending upon your area of the world.

For instance, if you live in an area that uses the metric system but you’re purchasing from the U.S., you may need to check your measurement against the sizing chart of the company from which you’re purchasing your heated glove liners.

Tips on caring for your heated glove liners:

Once you’ve made your purchase, you’ll want to care properly for your new heated glove liners. The most important thing to remember is to read and follow the instructions provided with your specific purchase. Items have brand- and product-specific directions that should be followed in order to care for them properly in order to maximize the life of the purchase. Aside from these instructions, consider these helpful these tips:

1. If your purchase includes lithium batteries: Be sure to charge these according to the instructions given by the manufacturer. Because lithium batteries are capable of not accepting a full charge when they’re not properly charged up, you’ll want to make sure you keep them charged as required. A good rule here is to charge the batteries a couple of times a year or when you store your gloves.

2. Turn off when not in use: If you’re not using your glove liners, turn off the power. No need to waste the battery life if you’ve decided to eat your lunch indoors today. Also, remember to shut off the power to your glove liners once your hands are fully warmed. If your glove liners have a temperature control, use it to determine your hands’ ideal temp and keep it there while in use.

3. Disconnect power when fully charged: As with all electrical merchandise, best practices include disconnecting from the power source once the batteries are fully charged.

4. How to store your glove liners: Store your glove liners in the storage bag or case that came with them. Typically, these liners should be stored in a cool, dry place. However, again, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions since they know their product best!

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